The Bloodline System - Chapter 713 - Successful Abduction

Chapter 713 - Successful Abduction

Chapter 713 - Successful Abduction

"Let's go," The moment Gustav grabbed hold of Marshall, he dashed forward.


The guards in the vicinity were astonished as they saw the speed at which Charisas moved while dragging Marshall along with her.

They quickly attacked before Charisas could get away, but all their attacks were dodged with ease as Charisas blurred out of the sports center.

"Stop! There are kids here,"

One of the teachers shouted out as most of the attacks slammed into the football pitch, destroying several parts and leaving craters in it.

The students playing the match had been scared stiff, and some of them even fell to their knees.

Luckily, none of the blasts touched anyone since the teacher, who had a sound bloodline, could get his voice echoing across the place.

The guards attacking paused their attacks to stop themselves from hitting one of the kids by mistake.

All the guards were very powerful, so just a single attack could send any of these kids to the afterlife even though they were mixedbloods too.

"She took my son away. Go after her right now!" Mrs. Triss Rel screamed out like a depraved lunatic.

The six guards nodded and charged out of the sports center to give chase.

Mrs. Triss Rel proceeded to make a call at that instant.

"Charisas is here, send stronger forces now,"


Meanwhile, Charisas sped towards the closest class block in the area with Marshall, who was just as surprised to see her performing such a feat.

Gustav felt like facepalming right now. This was the situation he was trying to avoid by doing things in a subtle way.

He could have destroyed the barrier with his strength from the onset, but he didn't want to be seen.

Now that he was, he had no other option than to grab Marshall and get out of sight.

He initially didn't spot the madam of the Rel household until she screamed out for her guards to give a chase.

'How did they even spot me?' Gustav wondered since he was practically on their blind spot with where he was situated.

He had no idea that he was only spotted because of the corrupt nature of Mrs. Triss Rel, who wanted to rig the match in her son's favor.


A blast of wind instantly blasted the tree by his right to smithereens, causing Gustav to be wary.

He turned to the side and could see a guard riding on a tornado-like wind, moving forward with speed.

He was amongst the two who were able to give a proper chase as Gustav ran across the school grounds.

"Exploding wind," The guard pointed his finger in Gustav's direction as he voiced out.

Gustav suddenly felt the rupturing of air around him and swerved towards the side as he kept running.


A burst of wind blasted forth from the side, sending everything in the vicinity flying due to the amount of force it emitted.

Some students in the vicinity were sent flying even though they were several ten feet away.

Gustav had already run past the range of effect, so he was unaffected.

The other guard, who was also managing to keep up, shot a yellow blast towards Gustav, which he managed to dodge as well.

"How are you doing this?" Marshall voiced out as he found himself unable to keep up.

He knew these guards well, so he knew just how powerful they were.

Compared to how Charisas had a weak bloodline, these guards were really strong and could even be said to be amongst the strongest mixedbloods in the city.

His family was rich enough to afford them.

"You will find out later," Gustav stated in Charisas voice as he kept charging forward.

He finally spotted a class block up ahead and leaped upwards while carrying Marshall.


Both of them blasted through the window on the last floor.

The attacks stopped the instant both of them got into one of the buildings.

The two guards giving chase could not send their attacks hurling towards the building. Even though they had toned down the strength of their attacks to prevent harming the students, it would still be powerful enough to topple the building if they attacked, which would harm the young master of the Rel family.

Gustav began tapping on the device strapped to his left wrist while running along the corridors with Marshall.

Now that the attacks had stopped for a brief period, he had the chance to set coordinates with his dimensional bracelet.

The guards riding on the mini-tornado flew straight towards the window Gustav blasted through.

The circulating winds around him widened the gap even more as he arrived in the corridor and shrunk the mini-tornado even more.


He spotted Charisas up ahead, who stopped to set the coordinates. But at this time, Gustav was already done with that, so he grabbed hold of Marshall again and dashed across the corridor.

The guard gave chase while he sped along and made a turn towards the left.

"Where are we going?" Marshall asked, getting speed sick with the way Gustav was yanking him around.

"We'll be out of here soon," Gustav responded and dashed into one of the bathrooms.

The guard arrived in front of the bathroom as well a few seconds later and blasted through the entrance.

Gustav was counting down as he stayed in one of the cubicles with Marshall.

Marshall's breathing had turned hurried at this point as his face planted into Charisas boobs. His face turned reddish.

Gustav didn't even notice this; instead, he stared at his dimensional bracelet and smiled.


The guard blasted the walls of the cubicle apart.

"Got you," Just as he voiced out, a bright light was emitted from both Gustav's and Marshall's figure.

The last thing the guard saw as he charged forward to grab Gustav was the evil smirk on Charisas face and an outstretched middle finger.

"No!" He shouted out as his hand phased through particles of light.


Gustav and Marshall had disappeared.


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