The Bloodline System - Chapter 715 - Abduction Charges Dropped

Chapter 715 - Abduction Charges Dropped

Chapter 715 - Abduction Charges Dropped

"Quiet woman! Did you see those eyes? Those eyes are the eyes of a cold and merciless killer who has ended the lives of many," Marshall's father said with a tone of annoyance and wariness.

"Only a stupid person would call the bluff off someone like that," Marshall's father added with a sigh.

Even though Gustav was using a different identity, nothing could hide the eyes of a killer from him.

There was no bluff to be called because Gustav would truly do as he had said.

They called in experts immediately to try tracing the call. It would have been easier to do that if they were expecting such a call at first, but the whole situation came as a surprise to them.

They didn't know Marshall was abducted since he willingly went with Charisas, so they weren't expecting a call from anyone making demands.

Unfortunately, they were unable to trace the call no matter how much they tried. From his own end, Gustav had done the necessary requirements to make sure the call couldn't be traced.

The head of the family began to think about Gustav's demands and how he could fulfill them.

He remembered the floating purplish orb in front of his son during the video and investigated what it was.

Since Gustav had mentioned the name of the two guards who had a clue about it, all he had to do was speak to them.

The whole household was struck with fear after they confirmed what it was.


"Did you say it was dark purple? Red lightning was swimming around it?"

"It was the explosion of that same item that destroyed the entire underground tunnelway and caused the burning sands on the surface to cave in,"

"We almost lost our lives,"


Marshall's father recalled his conversation with the two. They remembered just how much destruction was caused after the explosion, especially when the underground battle facility was also trembling immensely from the impact.

If that explosion had gone off in the city, at the very least, three streets would be obliterated.

They now understood why Gustav said they would not be able to collect their son's remains because there would be nothing to collect after that.

"We have to meet his demands," At this point, Marshall's father became decisive.


The next day arrived, and only one more day was left for Gustav to get Boss Danzo out of the cell.

Within the new place Gustav booked along with Charisas, he stared at Marshall sitting stiffly in the living room beside Charisas, who looked cheerful.

Every time Marshall sneakily looked in Gustav's direction from the side of his eyes, he would freeze even more because Gustav was staring directly at him.

"Don't be so afraid, Big brother Gus..."

"Do not reveal my identity to a stranger. I still don't trust him," Gustav voiced out before Charisas could complete her sentence.

"But he helped you with the video call. The Rel family dropped the charges on Sir Danzo because of him. I'm sure we can trust him," Charisas said while holding onto Marshall's hand.

Marshall forced a smile, but it was obvious that he was still scared stiff of Gustav.

"He didn't have a choice," Gustav responded while standing up.

"This was an abduction. With or without you here, I would still get him to do as I wanted," Gustav added while walking towards the kitchen.

"Does that mean you would have truly sent his body parts if his parents didn't cooperate?" Charisas asked before Gustav disappeared into the kitchen.


Gustav's voice echoed from within.

"Eekk, he's so scary," Marshall voiced out with a lone tone.

"Don't worry he's actually nicer than he shows. He just likes to hide it," Charisas said in a comforting manner.

She also found Gustav scary but remembering everything that had happened in the last month, she knew there was more to him than just someone who acts like they have no emotions.

He had every reason to leave her behind or cast her out after she had misbehaved several times, but he still tolerated her and even saved her before going back for Boss Danzo.

Even though Boss Danzo was caught because of her, he continued to cater for her, and just as he promised, he let her see Marshall before leaving the city.

Even though there were other motives surrounding this, it was still a fact that he kept to his promise.

The night before, when she was questioning Marshall about not appearing when she used the light signal, he explained that he wasn't allowed to leave home.

Charisas was finding it hard to come to terms with that answer because she felt betrayed even though she wasn't in control of her actions at the time.

Gustav was the one who reassured her that Marshall was truly in love with her.

He had noticed this from trying to get Marshall away from the school the day before.

Gustav was very good at reading others, so he knew that with the way Marshall acted, Charisas would not have to suffer anything if he was in control.

Unfortunately, he was still young, so he currently had little to no control over his life or power in his family.

Marshall had his romantic charms, and originally he and Charisas would be engaging in some mushy activities right now, but with Gustav around, all thoughts of romance with Charisas flew out the window.

He remembered his face was planted to Gustav's boobs the day before, where he took Charisas form. He was actually getting excited from that even though they were on the run at the moment.

"Ah," Marshall exclaimed as he understood why Charisas smelled so manly at the time.

Everything now made sense to him, especially how Charisas was able to move that fast in the first place.

"What's wrong?" Charisas asked with a look of worry as she held his face affectionately.

He turned to stare at her with a painful expression while picturing what happened yesterday.

"Could I be ga...."