The Bloodline System - Chapter 712 - Get That Vermin!

Chapter 712 - Get That Vermin!

Chapter 712 - Get That Vermin!

[Mental Manipulation Bloodline Has Been Activated]

Blue lines appeared in Gustav's eyes the moment he opened them. He could hear a slight static noise in his head and occasionally scattered voices.

It was hard to make out the words since the voices were very scattered.

'Looks like it's truly damaged just as the system pointed out,' Gustav thought.

However, this wouldn't stop him from trying out what he wanted to do.

He stared at Marshall, who was running across the field trying to tackle the person with the ball.


Gustav said in his mind, but Marshall kept running.

He tried increasing his focus and maintaining his gaze on Marshall.

'Don't move,' He said in his mind once again, but nothing happened.

'Stay right there,'

Gustav kept trying but was still being met with the same result. At this point, he realized he might never be able to control anyone's mind with this bloodline since it was damaged.

Originally, a mental type bloodline would suit Gustav since his mental capabilities were high, but this one just happened to be defective.

Just as Gustav was thinking of deactivating it, a thought appeared in his mind.

'I'll try this instead,' He decided.

He focused on Marshall once again. At this point, Marshall was with the ball moving forward and trying to score when suddenly he heard a voice in his head.

'Marshall look over here,' The sudden masculine voice caused him to stop in his tracks with an expression of confusion on his face.

"Huh?" He voiced out while looking around.

The ball was suddenly tackled from him due to this causing his other teammates to display disgruntled looks.

"What is wrong with you?" One of them voiced while running past him to go tackle the person who had just gotten the ball.

Marshall shook his head and turned around to go after them as well.

Malta, who was watching from another angle, cursed lightly under his breath, 'Too bad he lost the ball... I would have to wait till it's in his possession again,' He said as his left eye emitted a red glow.

'Or I could mess it up for the opposing team before they score another goal... The madam wouldn't let me hear the end of it if her son loses,' Malta thought as he followed the ball with his eyes.


'I think it worked just now... Let me try it again,' Gustav thought and proceeded to stare at Marshall again.

'Marshall look here!' He said internally while staring at Marshall.

Marshall paused his footsteps again as he heard that and looked around with confusion.

'I must be out of my mind or something... Why am I hearing voices?' Marshall wondered.

'Marshall look over here,' He heard the masculine voice again.

'Your left you idiot,' The voice cussed.

Marshall stared at his right as he heard that.

'Your other left... 8' o clock,' Gustav had to give an accurate description of where to look.

Marshall turned around, looking for where his 8'o clock was, and finally spotted the beautiful feminine figure right outside the barrier surrounding the pitch.

His eyes widened in surprise as he saw Charisas standing there staring in his direction.

"I can't believe it," He totally forgot that it was a masculine voice in his head earlier and ran towards her.

The players were having a heated tackling moment over on the west side of the field, so they didn't notice Marshall's actions at first.

"What are you doing here?" He voiced out with a shocked expression the moment he arrived in front of the barrier.

"Get over here," Charisas voiced out while placing her hand on the barrier.

"I'm in the middle of a game," He shouted loudly so she could hear him on the other side.

"I don't have time and I can't be seen. Get over here now," Charisas voiced out once again.

Marshall instantly lost reasoning and nodded before turning around.


"Oh boy oh boy, what am I seeing?" Malta muttered with a look of interest as he spotted Charisas figure.

He was initially looking for Marshall after not seeing him on the pitch trying to tackle the ball away like the others.

Then he spotted both of them speaking to each other by the side.

"Jackpot... I'll have to report this to madam right away. I'm sure this is more important than the game," While muttering these words underneath his breath, Marshall turned around and began heading towards Mrs. Triss Rel seating position.

Meanwhile, Marshall was currently speaking with the referee, telling him to deactivate the barrier so he could leave.

"You can't leave in the middle of a game," The referee stated with a look of disapproval.

"It's an emergency," Marshall voiced out.

"It is against the rules. You have to complete the match," The referee said, refusing to budge.

"Let me out now or you will regret it," Marshall wasn't used to threatening others, so his gaze was a little shaky as he voiced out.

But he was determined to get out of here and meet his beloved.

Just as the referee was about to speak again, a loud feminine voice was heard.

"Get that vermin!"

Everyone turned to stare in the direction where it came from and saw that it was Mrs. Triss Rel.

The guards around her could be seen charging in a particular direction which everyone once again focused on, and noticed a girl in a blue gown standing close to the pitch on the east side.

"Mum?" It was at this moment that Marshall knew his mom was present.

"That means..." He turned towards the side and noticed they were all headed in Charisas' direction as they activated their bloodlines.

"Charisas run!!!" Marshall screamed out.


"Isn't that the abducted maid?" It was at this moment that everyone properly noticed Charisas.

Contrary to everyone's expectations, she placed her hand on the barrier.


Cracks began to appear all over the barrier, and all of a sudden...


The barrier shattered like glass, and she charged forward.

"Let's go," The moment Gustav grabbed hold of Marshall, he dashed forward.