The Bloodline System - Chapter 711 - Getting Marshall's Attention

Chapter 711 - Getting Marshall's Attention

Chapter 711 - Getting Marshall's Attention

There was a barrier surrounding the spectator area to prevent the ball from injuring anyone so, Gustav began looking for a way to bypass that and find his way to the pitch.

At the same moment Gustav was looking for a way to enter, Marshall's mother had arrived on the scene with many guards following her.

The students in the vicinity all stared with looks of awe as she made her way into the premises.

She was drawing a lot of attention to herself, and most of them recognized her to be the Madam of the house of Rel.

Some of the teachers, on spotting her, came over to welcome her. She was a huge donator, so she was respected by all of the staff, which was also one of the reasons why Marshall got special treatment in school, and other students did not like to mess with him.

However, Damien was different since he was also from an affluent family. Sir ZiL was the head of the Gemine family, which was known as the family of great scientists.

Sir ZiL was one of the greatest scientists not just in the city but in different fields of science all across the world. His children were also well-known scientists but mostly versed in different cities, just like Damien's father, who was never around because he was based in a different city.

As Mrs. Triss Rel found a place to sit, the students in the vicinity dispersed from that area while her guards were stationed behind and around her. They distanced themselves well enough so as not to obstruct her view.

At the moment, Marshall could be seen with the ball.

Another student whose legs were covered in lizard-like scales came running over with speed, but Marshall's body glowed with a greenish aura as he jumped upwards and somersaulted several feet with the balls lodged in between his legs.

Landing in front, he began kicking the ball forward and dodging other players as well using his bloodline ability.

Damien suddenly came running over from the other side.

"Phantom charge!" He voiced out as he suddenly split into multiple persons.

Marshall became confused as he tried dodging the multiple Damiens in front of him while joggling the ball forward.

They were becoming too many for him to handle, so he kicked the ball upwards, trying to pass to another teammate up ahead.

Three Damiens grabbed the original Damien and slingshotted him upwards.

Doing a flip in the air, Damien kicked the ball in the opposite direction.


It travelled swiftly across the air towards the opponents' area.


A teammate who had been waiting for this shot charged forward as rocket-like ignitors shot out from his leg.

Another opponent was moving towards him in a bid to tackle, but he was faster. The moment the ball landed on the pitch, he swung his engine, igniting his leg forward with force.


It sounded like a distant explosion as the ball traveled forward with speed, slammed into the keeper, and sent him flying into the goalpost along with the ball.

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

Loud cheers could be heard coming from the spectator area after the second goal.

It had only been around ten minutes since the game started, and class A was already dominating class B with two goals to none.

Damien had scored the first goal, and now he assisted with the second. Mixedblood Football matches were intense due to the fact that mixedbloods could use their abilities at will.

Anyone could get seriously injured if they were normal people trying to participate.

As the match resumed, Damien smiled at Marshall's frustrated look, "Told you, y'all were gonna lose," He voiced out.

"The match isn't over yet," Marshall responded with a fierce glare.

Marshall's mother watched from her sitting position with a scornful look.

"Malta," She voiced out.

One of the guards with a face full of red tattoos walked up to her as he heard his name.

"It would be disgraceful of my son to lose this match, do something," She said in a nearly whispering voice.

"Ma'am the opposing side has Sir ZiL's grandson, Damien on their team. Are you sure you want me to mess with them?" He asked.

"Don't be stupid I'm not asking you to kill anyone, just work something out... My son's team has to come out on top," She voiced out with nearly a snarl.

"As you wish ma'am," Malta stated before turning around to move forward.

He reached down further the path in the middle of the spectator seat and stared at the pitch with a more intense look.

His eyes focused on the ball as it was being passed around...


Meanwhile, Gustav was somewhere around the east side of the pitch. He still hadn't found a way to get through the forcefield placed around the pitch to prevent accidents.

He had moved around and couldn't find any openings, so now, his next plan was to get Marshall's attention.

This was also proving difficult since Marshall was so frustrated about the losing match that he didn't even look anywhere else.

Even though it was difficult, it wasn't impossible for Gustav. He just wanted to make sure that he wouldn't attract anyone else attention when trying to do this.

Gustav tried calling out to him, changing the pitch of his voice with his shape-shifting ability and allowing it to be louder, but the barrier proved effective, and he wasn't able to get his attention.

He tried using light frame refraction to reflect light onto Marshall's face and cause him to stare in this direction, but even though this managed to penetrate the barrier, the rays of light spread out instead of converging to one point.

Gustav tried different methods, but all were coming up with one fault or the other.

Just when he was about to try another method, he recalled something that might work.

'I didn't even try to use it earlier.... This is an opportunity to put it into practice,' Gustav thought as he closed his eyes.