The Bloodline System - Chapter 710 - Disaster Brews

Chapter 710 - Disaster Brews

Chapter 710 - Disaster Brews

"No, it's due to personal reasons. I'm supposed to meet someone today," Marshall stated.

"Sounds to me like excuses. I'll be sure to tell everyone you guys chickened up," Damien said and turned around again to open the glass door.

Marshall gritted his teeth at this point and stared at Damien as he slowly walked through the entrance.

"Stop!" Marshall shouted out.

"We'll play,"

A grin appeared on Damien's face as he heard that and turned around.

"This will be our last competition together and after winning this, class A would have finally crushed class B in every sport known to man," Damien stated while turning to the side.

"So cocky,"

"Now I remember why I don't like him,"

"His confidence makes him hot tho,"

The male and female students in the class all mumbled out their opinions after hearing this.

"Remember if we win this one, Class A must have a rematch in other sport competitions with us," Marshall stated.

"Sure sure, but there's no point in reminding me since you lots will be losing," Damien smiled after voicing out.

"Let's go," He added before walking out of the class.

The other two beside Marshall stared at him, waiting for his action.


Gustav came out of the bathroom minutes later, but this was no longer Gustav; he was taking the form of Charisas.

Charisas' mean eyes and long black hair, along with her short 5'3 frame, were all copied. Gustav was wearing a blue gown at the moment with a light shade of makeup on the face he had adopted.

'That took longer than I expected,' He said internally as he walked towards the stairway.

It turned out it wasn't easy dressing as a girl.

It was not his first time trying it, but since it wasn't something he did often, it still took him time to complete the dressing.

Gustav arrived at the stairway and headed to the class, where he could sense the energy of his orb coming from.

In a few seconds, he arrived in front of the entrance to the class, which had '3B' placed right above in bold format.

Walking into the class, he gathered attention from the few students left as they stared at the beautiful yet familiar feminine figure that had just shown up.

"Hey isn't that..?" One of them voiced out as they recognized the face.

"Wasn't she supposed to be abducted? What is she doing here?"

Gustav ignored all their looks of confusion and astonishment as he walked forward while squinting his eyes.

Luckily there are only four of them in the class at the moment. Three girls and a boy.

"Why is it with you?" He voiced out as he arrived in front of one girl sitting in the middle of the third row.

"Uh?" The blue-haired girl voiced out with confusion.

She followed Charisas line of sight and noticed she was staring at the purplish glowing orb sparking with red electric arcs.

"Marshall asked me to hold this," She explained.

"Where is he?" Gustav asked with a tone of urgency.

"There's a mixedblood football match between class A and B in the third sport center," She responded.

Gustav then recalled Damien mentioning something about a football match and instantly linked them.

'It's the same match,' He nearly facepalmed as he figured this out.

He wished he had stopped Damien then, as this would make things more difficult for him.

"Where is the third sport center?" Gustav asked.

She proceeded to explain how Gustav would get there, and he turned around the Instant she was done.

"By the way aren't you supposed to be missing?"

"Should we call the cops?"

Two of the four in the class voiced out with tones of concern.

"Mind your business," Gustav voiced out as he walked out of the class.

The girl holding onto the orb gasped as it flew out of her hand, through the window by the side, following after Gustav, who was walking through the corridor.

"What is going on?"


'I have to make sure I am not spotted by a lot of people,' Gustav walked quickly across the school premises, following the paths that were directed to him by the girl earlier.

His plans had been based on meeting Marshall in class. He didn't expect that he would have to leave the building while still maintaining Charisas form.

Based on his initial plan, he was supposed to lure Marshall to somewhere secluded while transforming into Charisas.

Now he had to go meet Marshall wherever he was, which garnered more risks of being seen by a lot of people who would most likely call the cops.

Gustav knew he couldn't waste time, so he activated Dash, moving even faster than before as he headed for the third sports center.

Meanwhile, the match had started between the two classes on a massive football pitch.

Other students had gathered to watch, including a few teachers, one of which was acting as the referee.


"Young master asked to pick him up late today,"

Within a hovercar, dashing through the school entrance, the driver voiced out.

"Didn't he mention something about a match today? I want to be in attendance," A blonde-haired woman sitting at the back of the hovercar voiced out.

"Yes ma'am," The driver responded respectfully.

This hovercar was escorted by three black ones in which there were mixedblood guards.

"Ask the students for direction. He said the third sport center," The woman voiced out with a commanding tone.


In a few minutes, Gustav arrived at the third sports center and could hear the sounds of blasts.

These weren't actual blasts. Instead, they were the sounds of the ball being kicked. Since it was mixedbloods playing such a match, it sounds like this were expected since they were more powerful than normal humans or Slarkovs.

Gustav moved in and could see a large number of students gathered around.

Some of them spotted him, and some did not.. There was a barrier surrounding the spectator area to prevent the ball from injuring anyone so, Gustav began looking for a way to bypass that and find his way to the pitch.