The Bloodline System - Chapter 709 - The Mixedblood Football Match

Chapter 709 - The Mixedblood Football Match

Chapter 709 - The Mixedblood Football Match

'I won't... Logic over emotions but if they touch a strand of hair on his head I won't care about Logic anymore... I will raze this city to the ground if I have to,' Gustav thought with an intense glare as he stared at the gate of the City's High School up ahead.

"Time to put phase three into action," He muttered.

The sign above the school gate of the high school read, 'Burning Sands High,'

This was the city high school, and a lot of kids from influential households attended this school.

This happened to be the same school Damien and Marshall attended, but they were in different classes. Damien's little sister, Ciri, also attended this school as well.

While Gustav was standing atop the roof, school ended for the day.

From his position atop the roof of the building a few hundred feet away, he could hear the loud chattering of students.

Gustav leaped down from the rooftop and began walking towards the school gate.

The security stopped him as he arrived in front, questioning his reason for his visit.

Gustav told them he was here for Damien and even showed them a tag from Greyscale Pharmaceuticals as proof.

They respectfully let him in, knowing that not just anyone could work at Greyscale Pharmaceuticals.

"Doesn't he look a bit familiar?"

"No, I don't think I've seen him before,"

The guards at the entrance spoke amongst themselves after Gustav had gotten in.

'I can sense the energy from my orb...' Gustav said internally as he traced the orb he passed to Marshall in the morning.

He walked on the massive school grounds in the direction where he could sense the energy of his orb. The school was just as well constructed as Echelon high.

Gustav could see similarities like several football pitches, other sports centers, library structures, and so on. The school grounds were massive.

He would get lost if he wasn't tracing the direction in which his orb was located. Gustav came into contact with a few school students who stared at him with looks of curiosity.

Gustav always did attract a lot of attention, and in this case, his face was unfamiliar, so it was way worse.

Students dressed in colorful blue and white school uniforms moved around the premises, most of them looking extravagant.

He finally arrived at the block area where class three was located. He stared at one of the five-story buildings on the left and could sense that his orb was on the last floor.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

His eyesight zoomed into the building as he focused it on a particular spot on the last floor.

In one of the classes, a boy with a mixture of blonde and black hair sat on his desk with a dark purplish glowing orb on his table.

Two male students stood around him, and they seemed to be engaged in a conversation.

Gustav retracted his sight and was about to move forward when he heard a familiar voice call out to him.

"Big brother Gustav,"

Gustav turned to the side and spotted Damien headed for him.

"Now is not the time Damien, I'm busy with something," Gustav voiced out in preparation to leave.

The other students in the vicinity turned to stare at him at this point.

"Did Damien just say Gustav? Could he be the one?" Most of them voiced out questions similar to this.

"Oh... what are you doing here anyways?" Damien asked as he arrived in front of him.

"Something confidential... Shouldn't you be headed home?" Gustav asked as he proceeded to start moving forward.

"I would but I have a mixedblood football match with some dweebs from class B," Damien voiced out.

"I was just about to go call them out now since they haven't stepped out of their class," Damien's confident tone rang out as he stepped forward.

"Cool, enjoy your game then," Gustav said as he continued walking forward.

They both arrived in front of the building and proceeded to walk in.

"You're headed this way as well?" Damien asked.

"It would seem so..." Gustav initially thought Damien was still following him, but it looked like Damien was headed for one of the classes up.

They took an elevator up, and Gustav decided to stop on the fourth floor.

"See you later Big brother Gustav," Damien shouted out as Gustav left the elevator.

"Looks like he's headed to the fifth floor as well," Gustav muttered as he walked along the corridor of the fourth floor.

He approached the bathroom, and he activated his storage device.

An average-sized blue gown could be seen projecting from the top of the storage device.

'I'll lure him with this,' Gustav thought as he headed into the bathroom.


Meanwhile, Damien arrived at the last floor and got into the same class Gustav was checking out earlier.

"Having cold feet?" Damien shouted out the moment he got into the class.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The place instantly turned noisy as Damien walked in.

"It's Damien,"

"Did he come to cause trouble again?"

Whispers could be heard in the background from other students.

"Hmph who said we are having cold feet, we might just have to postpone today's match for personal reasons," One of the students standing beside Marshall voiced out.

"Oh, that sounds to me like chickening out," Damien scoffed after saying.

"Just because you guys are class A doesn't mean we're scared of you. Tone your ego down," The other male student standing beside Marshall voiced out as well.

"Ay ay... I'll be sure to tell everyone Class B were too show up to the match," Damien said and turned around to leave.

The others in the vicinity kept staring at Marshall, waiting for him to speak.

Meanwhile, Marshall kept staring at the orb he placed on his desk.

"Can we reschedule the match for another day?" Marshall finally spoke while standing.

Damien paused his footsteps before he got to the door and slowly turned around.

"Oh? The great Marshall is also scared of sticking to plans?" Damien said with a smirk.