The Bloodline System - Chapter 708 - Taking A Bite

Chapter 708 - Taking A Bite

Chapter 708 - Taking A Bite

Knowing this, he played things safe and always made use of hover before he landed on the ground.


"I'm here," Gustav voiced out through a communication device as he landed in front of Greyscale Pharmaceuticals.

-"I'm in the lab," Sir ZiL responded from the other side.

Gustav proceeded to walk into the place without wasting time. The workers in the vicinity didn't stop him as he made his way to the executive elevator area.

In about two minutes, he arrived in front of Sir ZiL's office and moved towards the side of the wall where the entrance to his personal lab was situated.

The wall parted ways, and he walked in to find Sir ZiL working on some chemical compounds placed in different containers on a lab table.

"You're here," Sir ZiL voiced out as he pulled off the red glass on his face, which he was making use of to analyze these chemical compounds.

"What do you have for me?" Gustav asked as he walked in.

"I spoke to Ring Lord Vanisher," Sir ZiL began speaking as he dropped the equipment in his grasp.

He turned around to face Gustav before continuing.

"They plan to offer him a deal to come back and resume fighting in the underground arena... Forever or suffer the charges for murder and kidnapping of an underaged female which would most likely lead to life imprisonment," Sir ZiL voiced out.

"Resume fighting forever?" Gustav scoffed.

"Both options lack freewill... As expected from a bunch of inhumane douchebags," He added with a tone of annoyance.

"But there's something else," Sir ZiL suddenly voiced out.

"Hmm?" Gustav had an expression of intrigue as he heard that.

"They want to know who you are... So their first demand would be for him to tell them everything he knows about you and where they can find Charisas," Sir ZiL revealed.

"Hmm looks like they're hell bent on having revenge for what happened during the last battle," Gustav sensed that they bore a grudge.

After all, he made them lose a lot. The event ended earlier than it was supposed to. They were having a lot of complaints from millions of viewers all across the world and also receiving threats from them due to matches that didn't hold, causing people to waste money on betting.

The underground battle facility was nearly obliterated, and they lost the tunnelways, which cost a fortune to construct in the first place.

Thinking about it now, Gustav understood that they had a lot of reasons to bear a grudge after that huge loss.

"What will happen if he chooses to refrain from telling them anything about me?" Gustav asked.

"He only said, they'd have to use force to get the information out of him," Sir ZiL stated.

"What kind of force?" Gustav asked as his eyes squinted in suspiciousness.

"The lethal type..."


Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!


Within a secluded and enclosed space, the sounds of fists colliding with flesh rang out multiple times.

Strapped to a chair, a middle-aged man who gave off a stout feeling was being beaten up by a group of men dressed in skintight yellow outfits.

This was the dressing of interrogators in the police force within Burning Sands city.

"Tell us, Danzo, where is the girl? How did she suddenly disappear off the rooftop?" One of them with a long ponytail and slanted-looking eyes asked while squatting in front of the man.

"How do you expect me to know where the girl is? I am here and they are wherever they are... Do you think anyone is so stupid as to remain in a place after almost getting caught?" Boss Danzo blurted out before spitting blood from his mouth.

The other two in the enclosed space were about to move closer and attack again when the man stopped them with a hand sign.

"Then tell us who this ally of yours is that helped you two get escape the other time," The man voiced out.

"It was just a good Samaritan, I don't know who he is," Boss Danzo responded.

"Cut the crap. A good Samaritan my arse, reveal who he is now before you lose more blood," The slanted eyes man with the ponytail voiced out with a threatening glare.

"He must be Santa, he came bearing Christmas gifts early," Boss Danzo chuckled in response.


The man threw a punch straight at Boss Danzo's face causing a tooth to fly out of his mouth.

Blood drizzled from his mouth as his face fell to the side.

"Don't mess with me!"

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Not minding that he was dealing with a normal middle-aged-looking man, the interrogator with a ponytail kept punching Boss Danzo in his face and gut, causing him to bleed more.

He then brought out some glowing pegs sparking with blue light. Tearing Boss Danzo's shirt off, he proceeded to clip the pegs to different parts of his body.

His nipples, gut area, close to his neck, both arms, and even his back.

The interrogator picked up a controller and tapped a button.


Multiple volts of electricity were instantly released into Boss Danzo's body, causing him to vibrate in pain.


He kept vibrating violently as the pegs were activated for many seconds.

"Sir Borsh, you'll kill him," One of them voiced out from the side.

"This is not nearly enough to kill the great Mr. Eldorado," The interrogator said with a chuckle before tapping the controller and turning it up.


Boss Danzo began trembling even more violently as the voltage increased.

His skin was already getting cooked up, and scorch marks appeared around the parts of his body where the pegs were placed.

After a few more seconds, the interrogator deactivated the pegs and moved closer to Boss Danzo again.

At this point, Boss Danzo was seated with an almost lifeless look as his eyes twitched repeatedly.

Smoke drifted from the top of his head, signifying just how intense the electrocution session was.

"Do you have something to tell me now?" Borsh voiced out with a threatening glare as he squatted in front of Boss Danzo once again.

Boss Danzo remained silent for some time. His bloodshot eyes also proved that the electrocution was no small thing.

"Who is your ally?" Borsh asked once again.

"Korh! Korh!" Boss Danzo coughed painfully for some time before speaking.

"Co... come closer... I c..c... can't speak loud," Boss Danzo said weakly.

Borsh could barely hear what Boss Danzo said, but he read his lips and understood.

In response, he moved his face closer to Boss Danzo's.

"The person is..." As Boss Danzo spoke weakly, Borsh's curiosity increased, and he moved further closer.

Suddenly Boss Danzo's weak look transformed into a devious one as he pushed his face forward while opening his mouth fiercely.



A scream of pain resounded within the enclosed space as Boss Danzo's teeth pierced into Borsh's nose.

Boss Danzo clenched his teeth together with intense force and pulled his head backward.

Borsh's entire nose was torn off his face gruesomely, causing blood to spill out in all directions.

Boss Danzo spat the disgusting piece of flesh to the side after ripping the nose off with his teeth.

He proceeded to raise his head up and stared at the other two interrogators in the room with a gentle gaze like he didn't just finish performing a gruesome act.

Borsh fell to the ground, writhing in pain as he tried covering his face, but the blood kept spilling out non-stop.

"My nose! Arrrggghhh! You bastard old man! I'll kill you!" He shouted out in pain, losing his composure as an interrogator.

"Sir Borsh," The other two shouted in unison as they helped him up.

Borsh tried to run towards Boss Danzo, but the two held him back and pulled him out of the room so he could get treatment.

Within another room, a holographic image showed Boss Danzo sitting in place with blood-stained teeth.

"Interesting... I really don't want to lose such a precious fighter but I want information gotten out of him latest by tomorrow," A man dressed in a black business suit voiced out as he stared at the projection.

"Yes Sir Vanisher," Two other men in suits as well voiced out from behind with respectful gazes.

"Bring in a better interrogator. Let them do whatever it takes to get the information out of him. The Ring Lords will not take this loss lying down," Vanisher voiced out with a smirk before suddenly vanishing from his standpoint.


Atop the rooftop of a skyscraper around the west side of the city, Gustav recalled Sir Zil's statement.


"Don't act stupid... If you suddenly reveal yourself they could link everything to you,"


'I won't... Logic over emotions but if they touch a strand of hair on his head I won't care about Logic anymore... I will raze this city to the ground if I have to,' Gustav thought with an intense glare as he stared at the gate of the City's High School up ahead.

"Time to put phase three into action," He muttered.