The Bloodline System - Chapter 707 - Phase One, Complete

Chapter 707 - Phase One, Complete

Chapter 707 - Phase One, Complete

The guards wondered what this was all about, so they decided to hear him out.

"This is a gift for the young master of the house, Marshall," Gustav stated.

"A gift? Our young master doesn't collect gifts from anyone," The guard said with a strong tone of disapproval.

"I'm not anyone, he knows me," Gustav responded.

"Show proof of identity, or we cannot pass this along to young master,"

Just as they began arguing with Gustav, a hovercar could be seen heading out of the premises.

It was a yellowish sporty-looking hovercar. It looked really expensive.

The gate opened up as the hovercar drove out and stopped beside the scene.

"What is going on?" One of the glasses slid down as a young masculine voice was heard from within.

"Young master," The guards saw Marshall in his school wears and greeted him.

Marshall was currently headed to school since it was early in the morning, but he asked the driver to stop the car when he spotted the ruckus.

"This fellow says he has a gift for you," The guards voiced out while gesturing at Gustav.

Gustav suddenly turned around at this point with a smile on his face.

"It's a gift from your beloved," He said while stretching out the orb in his hand.

Marshall instantly froze the moment he saw this face.

'Isn't this the culprit responsible for taking them both away?' He said Internally, but as soon as this thought appeared, Gustav's face tweaked a bit.

His nose became fatter and his chin wider, giving him a slightly different look, but he was still smiling.

"It's from your beloved. You only need to hold onto it through out today if you want to meet her," Gustav kept speaking.

Seeing as there was no reaction from Marshall, the guards were about to drag Gustav away from the premises.

"Leave him be," Marshall voiced out as he came down from the hovercar.

"She asked you to give this to me?" He questioned while reaching out to grab the head-sized orb.

"Shhsshh, if you wish to see her you will hold on to this through out today," Gustav said while speaking in a low tone, almost like he was whispering.

Marshall had a myriad of expressions displayed on his face at the moment. It was a mixture of confusion, guilt, and happiness.

He stared at the orb again before finally collecting it. His eyes shone awe as the reddish electric snakes circled round the dark purplish colored orb.

Although it was obvious that this orb contained immense energy, it also seemed to be well sealed, so Marshall didn't think much and moved back into the car.

He felt there was no way Charisas could harm him.

"Thank you," He said with a grateful tone.

"No, you thank you," Gustav was grinning mischievousness in his mind as he voiced out.

"I hope she's okay... Yesterday I..." Gustav interrupted him before he completed the statement.

"Save your explanation for when you meet her. It's her you need to tell all that, not me," Gustav said before turning around to leave.

"Thank you," Marshall shouted out once again as he watched Gustav leave the premises.

The guards around wondered what all that was about, but they couldn't say a thing since Marshall allowed it.

"Not a word about what happened here to anyone, you hear me?" He voiced out to the guards.

"Yes young master," They answered in unison.

"Not even my mother or my father. If any of this gets out, all of you will lose your jobs," Marshall threatened before the window closed up, and the hovercar proceeded to zoom out of the premises.

"Phase one complete," Gustav muttered as he transformed back into his original look before leaping across the air.



Minutes later, Gustav arrived back in the penthouse and looked around.

[Energy Signature Exposure Has Been Activated]

A weird white light suddenly burst forth from Gustav's being surrounding the entire place.

The whole penthouse was instantly dyed in white. The walls, sofas, tables, gadgets, every single thing.

Greenish footsteps began to appear all around the place, and from the looks of things, it came from the balcony area.

A red footprint also appeared and a red palm print on one side of the wall, as well as the doors within the penthouse.

"As expected," Gustav muttered as he deactivated the ability.

The ability he had just used happened to be from Sahil's bloodline.

Sahil's bloodline was actually a very good supportive one that dealt with every form of energy, and since everyone exuded a kind of signature energy, this ability helped in investigative situations.

"For them to easily get into this place, they must at least be Falcon ranked," Gustav analysed.

The trio he had dealt with the other day also happened to be Falcon ranked mixedbloods just like him. He was only able to defeat them so easily and quickly due to the combination he used.

On a normal day, he wouldn't even want to try combining all those transformations.

Just as Gustav was making an analysis, he got a call from Sir ZiL.

-"I have the information you want can you come over to my lab?"

"Sure, but I won't be staying for too long," Gustav responded and ended the communication.

He was already used to taking the balcony, so he ignored the normal exit and leaped out of the building.

The craziest part was this building was at least six thousand feet high up in the air to the point that the clouds gathered around it. Some were even beneath, and he could look down on them from above, which proved just how high up this was.

Yet Gustav leaped from the top of such a building onto the next one was, which was like three streets away.

Gustav could drop straight down from the top of the building without making use of hover before he arrived at the bottom, but it would cause destruction.

The shockwaves from his drop were bound to destroy a few things in sight.

Knowing this, he played things safe and always made use of hover before he landed on the ground.


"I'm here,"