The Bloodline System - Chapter 706 - Visiting Rel Family Residence

Chapter 706 - Visiting Rel Family Residence

Chapter 706 - Visiting Rel Family Residence

"The incident on the rooftop, was that you?" He proceeded to ask.

-"Yes, those were the people responsible. I had to deal with them,"

"That's a lot of damage, luckily they can't trace the incident back to you," Sir ZiL couldn't express just how shocked he was right now.

It turned out Gustav was responsible for that, like he thought, even though he wasn't too sure.

This level of strength wasn't supposed to be displayed by a nineteen-year-old mixedblood.

'How?' This question kept ringing in his mind.

-"The reason I called you is because I need your help with something,"

He heard Gustav speak again.

"Sure, if it is within my power I will help... So what is it?" Sir ZiL asked.

-"I need you to find out for me what Vanisher next plans are for Boss Danzo now that he has him in police custody,"

"Hmm, this is something I can do. I will contact him and give you feedback by tomorrow, how about that?" Sir ZiL stated.

-"Fine by me. Thanks in advance,"

The call ended with this.

Sir ZiL could tell that Gustav probably needed this information to plan his next steps and save Boss Danzo.

He only just needed to act like he was concerned about the welfare of the illegal underground battle arena and use that to draw information about their plans for Boss Danzo.

He might not be as influential as the three Ring Lords, but he was still one of the most respected figures in the city, so Ring Lord Vanisher would not have any reason to put him on hold if he wanted to hold a meeting with him.

After getting off the call with Sir ZiL, Gustav turned to face Charisas.

"This location is compromised, we're moving," He said before moving towards her.

"Where will we go?" She asked.

"Anywhere but here," Gustav answered and grabbed her hand before pulling her towards the balcony area.

"Put this on," Gustav passed her dark shades and a scarf which she proceeded to wrap around her face.


Leaping off the balcony area, Gustav blasted across the city with Charisas in his grip.

Even though Gustav had performed such acts before, she still hadn't gotten used to moving at such a high speed across the air.

As the winds blew across her face, she felt nauseous.

Minutes later, they arrived at a new hotel which seemed one step lower than the other one in terms of standards.

Gustav never cared about things like this anyways. He lodged into the hotel using another identity with Charisas.

During their time there, some figures came snooping around the previous lodge just as Gustav had expected.

These two figures were able to infiltrate the penthouse, and they were dressed just like the three Gustav killed this night.

"No one's here," One of them voiced out.

"You saw his face, right?" The other one asked.

"I did but I only spotted it once, I could be wrong," The first one responded.

"Let's get back and make our report,"


Throughout the entire night, Gustav didn't get a wink of sleep. He had been meditating and recovering his energy after nearly spending all the previous night.

Although it looked like daytime in the city, it was currently night.

'Only two days are left till the private aircraft arrives... I must get boss Danzo out before we're out of time,' Gustav decided.

Charisas was still cooked up in her room even when morning came due to the whole incident the previous night.

Gustav later called her out to take breakfast. She ate in silence while Gustav prepared to go out.

"Do I need to tell you that you shouldn't step out?" He asked.

She shook her head in disagreement.

"Good," Gustav voiced out.

"Let me know the address of the Rel Family," Gustav said with a glint in his eyes.

Charisas wondered why he would want to know that but decided to pass the information along anyways.

After getting the address, Gustav donned a red jacket and moved towards the balcony area.

Charisas could only hope that Gustav wouldn't wreak havoc. She didn't care about the rest of the Rel family, but she hoped for Marshall to not be harmed.


Gustav traveled across the city with speed as he activated Sprint. The farther towards the north he travelled, the better and shorter the buildings became.

He arrived at a residential area that looked like a rich neighborhood. This place was secluded from other areas and had private guards patrolling around.

In a few more seconds of running and avoiding them all, he arrived at a massive residence that looked like the combination of three duplexes.

It was gold and green in color, and a silver statue of a man holding a walking cane could be seen on the premises.

This place was heavily guarded, and Gustav checked the surroundings to confirm that this was where he was headed.

He paused his steps a few feet away from the gate.

The guards in the vicinity stared at him with a suspicious look, and one of them approached him.

Gustav was currently adopting a form with white hair and an oblong-shaped face. He looked more mature, but his body structure was pretty much the same.

"I'm just doing my morning routine," Gustav voiced out with a smile.

"This premises is off limits, you can do it somewhere else," The guard stated.

"Alright, I'll be leaving," Gustav said with a smile.

He proceeded to bring out a purplish glowing orb radiating with reddish electric-like arcs.

The guards became alarmed the instant they saw that. A crazy pressure descended upon the vicinity as the light in the area reduced.

They could feel immense energy coming from this orb.

"What is that?" The one beside him shouted out and prepared for battle.

The others in the area did the same and started moving over, seeing Gustav as a threat.

"Calm down, hear me out, hear me out," Gustav chuckled as he voiced out like the guards were behaving ridiculous.