The Bloodline System - Chapter 705 - Damaged Bloodline

Chapter 705 - Damaged Bloodline

Chapter 705 - Damaged Bloodline

He could only maintain that form for fifteen seconds. Anything beyond that would lead to danger for him since his energy points would be depleted.

"That's the person who controlled your mind... At least what's what left of them," Gustav voiced out while gesturing at the scattered body parts.

Fear gripped Charisas heart as she realized just how brutal and merciless Gustav was. No one would be willing to commit such acts in Burning Sands City since everything was being monitored from above.

But not only did Gustav commit these acts in broad daylight, but he was also able to escape and not leave traces of himself behind.

Although he didn't care about all those, the cops had currently arrived at the scene where he devastated those three.

They were conducting investigations to find out exactly what happened because even the witnesses said they couldn't see anything.

Gustav moved to the torso area of the body and squatted in front of it.

Charisas wondered what he was trying to do, and in the next moment, she saw him dig his fingers into it the bloody neck area of the torso.


This was the last straw that broke the camel's back as she turned around and vomited out her stomach contents.

She was trying to be strong before, but her weak stomach couldn't take it anymore.

She wondered how Gustav was able to do such without even batting an eyelid.


[Bloodline Acquisition Has Been Activated]

[Searching For Bloodline]

[Damaged Bloodline Found: Mental Manipulation]

[Potency at 60% Might not be compatible with host]


This was the first time Gustav was getting such notifications. He guessed it had to do with the fact that the body parts were incomplete, and this body part nearly had any blood left within.


[Does Host Still Wish To Acquire This Bloodline]



'Mental Manipulation eh... Would have been a good bloodline at it's normal state. Wouldn't it be a waste of time to go on with the acquisition process now that it's damaged?' Gustav thought.

This was his fault anyway; he wanted to deal with things as quickly as possible and get out of there, so he couldn't really blame anyone for this.

"Yes," Gustav voiced out.

[Bloodline Acquisition Process Will Now Begin]

Gustav was interested in knowing how it would turn out since the bloodline had something to do with mind control.


Minutes later, Gustav and Charisas were back in the penthouse. Charisas sat on the sofa with a dejected look while Gustav stood in front of the massive windowpane, staring at the city ahead.

A loud silence reigned within the living room.

Even though they had determined that Charisas was mind-controlled and made to come out of the penthouse, she still blamed herself for the incident.

Another pain that struck her heart was the fact that Marshall never showed up even though he was supposed to.

Now Boss Danzo was in police custody which meant he was already in the hands of the enemy since the ring Lords practically controlled part of the city authorities from the shadows.

Gustav's gaze was fixated on the city, but multiple thoughts were flowing through his mind.

His brain was processing multiple ways to handle the situation like it was a computer, but he wasn't picking any method yet.

He wanted to come up with the best solution where he'd be able to get Boss Danzo out of the situation without Boss Danzo suffering any consequences.


Within Sir ZiL's household, he had a worried look on his face as he stared at the holographic screen.

He had just finished watching the news as well, so he knew what had happened.

However, he was confused as to how Boss Danzo was caught in the first place.

'Didn't Gustav say he was keeping them in hiding? Why was he out in the open?' He wondered.

Besides this, another breaking News was broadcasted again.

A footage displayed the blasts occurring atop the roof of a skyscraper opposite the scene where Boss Danzo had been caught.

Showers of blood and body parts could be seen as well as the appearance of a massive hole on the side of the next building.

As the person broadcasting the news voiced out, several pauses were made during the display of the footage.

All that could be seen were two dark figures and a purplish blur.


The voice of the reporter rang out at the scene of the incident.

It looked immensely brutal as there was blood all over, and the recovered body corpses had incomplete.

This situation struck fear in the hearts of the citizens even with the cops saying they would investigate and catch whoever was responsible.

Several officers in MBO uniforms could be seen arriving on the scene at the same moment where a police officer was reassuring the citizens.

"This is a Mixedblood case, it has now been taken over by us," One of them voiced out with a strong tone.

It was only after seeing the arrival of MBO officers that the citizens began to calm down a little.

This was done by a powerful mixedblood, so everyone felt the MBO should be handling this instead of the police, who were clearly weaker.

'This happened minutes after I finished examining Gustav,' Sir ZiL began to piece things together.

Seeing the state of the buildings where these incidents took place, he was a bit skeptical about whether Gustav was capable of causing such damage.

But just as he was thinking, a call rang out.

-"I'm sure you saw the news,"

The instant he picked it, he heard a familiar voice from the other end.

"I did. What's going on? How did he get caught?" Sir ZiL questioned.

-"Charisas was mind controlled, he came out looking for her and was caught instead,"

"That is truly unfortunate," Sir ZiL felt sorry as he heard this explanation.

"The incident on the rooftop, was that you?" He proceeded to ask.

-"Yes, those were the people responsible. I had to deal with them,"