The Bloodline System - Chapter 704 - Ultimate Combination Form

Chapter 704 - Ultimate Combination Form

Chapter 704 - Ultimate Combination Form

He just wanted to one-shot these idiots due to the amount of anger he was feeling and get out of here to make plans and save Boss Danzo.

His skin turned purple with golden platted scales as a massive silver-colored horn grew out of his forehead, and he turned extremely muscular, reaching a height of eight feet.

Golden thorns grew out of his fist area as his face also transformed to ashen white color.

The figures could feel the immense amount of pressure and power coming from this being that hadn't even completely transformed yet.

They subconsciously shrank back and swallowed saliva.

"Attack him now you idiot!" The one with the golden circles surrounding him voiced out.

Thii~ Thii~ Thii~

Waves and golden beams shot towards Gustav in the midst of transformation.

However, to their disappointment, a weird forcefield appeared around Gustav, preventing the attacks from making contact.

[-5000 EP]

His transformation was completed at that point and what was standing in front of them was a menacing-looking creature with glowing white eyes, purplish and golden colored scales covering some parts of his body, and muscular looking nine feet tall physique.

"Oh shit," The second one voiced out as Gustav turned to face him.

'I will only be able to maintain this for a few seconds before running out of energy,' Gustav thought as he felt his body radiating with immense energy.


A blasting sound rang out as cracks spread across the entire rooftop.

The one using telepathy only blinked once, and the next thing he knew, he had a massive hole in his chest with Gustav's right hand within.

"What?" This was the last word he muttered before falling from the rooftop.

Blood splattered all across the place as a massive blast that seemed to have been delayed rang out again.

The falling body blasted into pieces, raining blood and body parts all across the windowpanes of the buildings by the side.

Screams of panic could be heard next down below as it rained blood and body parts.

The other one by the side who had witnessed this was about to turn around and run for his life when Gustav suddenly appeared behind him in an instant.


Gustav gripped his neck from behind and ran forward.


His body blasted forward with immense speed towards the opposite building, where he sent the other one flying earlier.

The other one, who had just finished stabilizing his body and was heading for the hole in the wall, suddenly heard a loud whooshing sound.


"Uh?" Next thing he, knew a familiar face bashed straight into his own, knocking them both flying backward.


Gustav was still holding onto the neck of the leader while blasting his face through the walls of this building.

He had unknowingly blasted the other dude's head off due to the immense speed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In nearly an instant, they had arrived on the other side of the building after he had bashed his face through every single solid barrier in their path.

A completely ruined face could be seen as Gustav landed on the rooftop of the next building.


He dropped the body right there since half of the leader's head was already gone. He was long dead, just like the rest of his subordinates.

Gustav felt like he was extremely light on his feet at this moment.

The instant he pushed himself forward...


A purplish streak cut across the air with immense speed, causing him to instantly disappear.

He was making use of so much combination right now. His speed felt like teleportation.

He crossed a distance of ten miles in an instant.

Arriving where he left, Charisas in a few seconds, contrary to how long it took him to get there initially.


The intense winds caused Charisas to be blown backward, and she nearly fell off the rooftop the instant Gustav arrived.


His feet made soft contact with the rooftop, causing her to shrink back even more with a fearful look.

The immense power radiating from Gustav's figure at this point was causing the entire place to tremble because so many abilities were currently computed inside this form he adopted.

"It's me," Gustav voiced out as he deactivated the combination.

The pressure in the vicinity began to decrease as he transformed back into his human form.

In a few seconds, he was back to looking normal.

He had long dealt with the issue of clothes, so all his clothes were specially made to expand and decrease based on whatever size he took.

If this wasn't so, he would have startled Charisas with his naked body after returning to normal.

"You have caused a lot of trouble this night," Gustav voiced with an intense glare.

Charisas looked down and kept quiet. She had seen the news from this position, so she already knew what had happened to Boss Danzo.

"You're lucky it's not your fault," Gustav said as he snapped his finger.


Different body parts, along with a decapitated head, appeared on the rooftop. The head rolled towards Charisas position.

She made a loud shriek in fear as she saw the crushed head that was half its original size with brain matter and blood oozing out.

The battered body parts looked like a person was nearly obliterated completely.

Limbs and internal organs could be seen all over the place, with a visible chest hole on what was left of the torso.

It painted the rooftop red as a nauseating smell spread across the place.

This was what was left of the person making use of telepathy the other time. Gustav had blasted his body nearly to pieces with a punch, letting his body parts rain down on the city.

However, while he dealt with the other one, he made the body parts disappear into his personal gravitational space even though they were thousands of feet away from him at the time.

He couldn't perform such a feat normally, which showed just how powerful the form he took on earlier was.