The Bloodline System - Chapter 703 - No Holding Back

Chapter 703 - No Holding Back

Chapter 703 - No Holding Back

'Traveling would be easier if I could fly,' Gustav thought.

Leaping from building to building was pretty fun, especially when he was able to cross two or three streets in a single leap.

However, the downside to this was he would still have to land. What would happen when he had no platform to land on.

Thinking about this, Gustav felt he should do something about this later when he had finished dealing with the situation at hand.


He landed on a building opposite where he found Charisas earlier and activated God Eyes.

As his vision turned red, he scanned across the building first off and noticed that only a few officials were there.

The figures he saw earlier climbing upwards to meet Charisas were nowhere to be found in the vicinity.

The cops there were investigating the surroundings, but it was a waste of time since they wouldn't find anything.

Gustav proceeded to look downwards where he sensed boss Danzo to be earlier. The streets were crowded with people all around staring in a particular direction and speaking loudly.

Gustav scanned every single person on the streets around the vicinity but still couldn't find Boss Danzo.

He looked around the neighboring vicinities as well since God Eyes could now travel as far as ten thousand feet which was over three kilometers.

After looking around for some time and still not finding him around, Gustav deactivated God Eyes.

'Maybe he went back to the penthouse,' He thought and proceeded to stand to his feet.

Just as Gustav turned around and was about to leap away...





The massive holographic screens all across the city suddenly lit up with this announcement.

Gustav turned around the instant he heard that.

"What?" He voiced out as he stared at the holographic monitor positioned in the middle of the main highway.




Gustav felt his ears were playing tricks on him as he stared at the screen with wide eyes.


A static wave rang out before the footage changed.

The front of a police station that read BSPF PRECENT 3 was displayed, and several official hover cars arrived on the scene.

Everyone's eyes focused on the cars, and in the next instant, they watched the cops getting out of the car with someone in their midst.

"Boss Danzo," Gustav muttered underneath his breath as he saw the cuffs of restriction on his wrist.

Boss Danzo was pulled out of the hovercar and surrounded by more than seventeen cops, all pointing weapons at him as they moved towards the entrance of the precent.

He had his face hung low as he slowly walked towards the precent with a smile on his face. This smile made the cops even warier of him as they watched his every move, ready to open fire if he tried anything.

"Shit!" Gustav didn't usually curse, but this time he couldn't help it.

"Just when I was this close to getting them out of the city," Gustav clenched his fist with a look of frustration as he voiced out.

Now that Boss Danzo had been caught, the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

Gustav just couldn't show up like that or try anything silly since the authorities were now involved.

Although he didn't care that he was an MBO officer, he would throw away that title if it meant saving Boss Danzo, but he still had to think of his next action properly.

If he handled the situation anyhow, he would also be implicated, and that wouldn't help anyone, not boss Danzo and not himself.

'This child,' Gustav was about facepalming as he thought of Charisas.

'This is making me reconsider ever having children in the future,' He thought as he turned around.

"There you are," A figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

"I knew I sensed right," Just as the figure voiced out again, a fist appeared in front of his face.


A collision rang out as the figure got blasted backward and slammed into the building on the other side, breaking right through it.

"You caught me at a bad time," Gustav mumbled as he lowered his arm and squinted his eyes.

The figure whose dark mask had fallen off found himself laying amidst a pile of wood and rubble within the office he got blasted to after receiving a punch from Gustav.

Gustav took a few steps forward as he spotted two figures flying across the air from the top of the building he had just sent the first one flying into.


A low wave was suddenly blasted forth from the one on the left.

The wave was not visible, but it sounded quite violent. Spreading across the area, people on the streets suddenly started falling to their knees and holding their heads in pain.

As the two figures landed, they stared at each other in confusion.

Gustav was unaffected by the waves, which was clearly a mental attack.

"You use telepathy?" Gustav asked the one on the left.

"How are you not affected?" A deep voice was heard as the figure questioned with a confused tone.

"I take that as a yes... Which means you're responsible for the current predicament," Gustav instantly pieced everything together, and his face turned dark.

"Where is the girl? Hand her over and we might spare you!" The one on the right voiced out as golden glowing circles began to appear all around him.

"Originally, I would hold back but... Not this time," Gustav voiced out, causing them to look at each other in confusion again.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

[Mutated bull + Blood Wolf + Demonic Bunny + Kilapisole + Savrina Serpent]

This was the first time Gustav was combining five transformations all at the same time, and he had no idea what the final product would be.

He just wanted to one-shot this idiot due to the amount of anger he was feeling and get out of here to make plans and save Boss Danzo.