The Bloodline System - Chapter 702 - Stay Here

Chapter 702 - Stay Here

Chapter 702 - Stay Here


At this point, he was moving close to the speed of sound, jumping across multiple buildings in one go.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

His figure turned super blurry as he blasted across rooftops and then activated Super Jump.


The top of a building cracked and came to the brink of crumbling as his body soared across the air like a shooting rocket.

The chopper flying only felt immense wind suddenly blow it aside, and the next thing that happened was some rotors suddenly crumbled apart, and they began falling.

Luckily, they weren't too distant from the rooftop of a skyscraper. They ended up landing right atop a skyscraper without any real accidents.

However, this ended up making the cops get stranded on the rooftop, unable to attain their goal of reaching the source of light.


Gustav landed on a mast structure in a few seconds and spotted the area where the light had come from a few thousand feet ahead.

He activated Super Jump again, ascending thousands of feet into the air as his body traveled forward like an arc cutting through the sky.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

While his body was traveling across the air, he used God Eyes to zoom in on the building.

He could see several figures headed for the rooftop, and one was even close to arriving there while Charisas stood in place looking down at the city.

Gustav was incensed at this moment, but he still had to save her.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

His right arm extended forward while enlarging massively.

Charisas heard the sound of something tearing through the air and looked up, only to see a massive hand extending towards her.

The hand was so massive that it covered a quarter of the rooftop, and before she could react, her entire body was snatched.


Gustav's body blasted past the rooftop and kept soaring ahead with Charisas in his grip.

He deactivated Size Manipulation, causing his arm to return to its normal length.

Charisas looked upwards and saw scrutinized the family-looking person holding onto her as the heavy winds blew across her face.

"Gustav?" She voiced out with a tone of confusion.

The instant they disappeared into the distance, several figures arrived on the rooftops dressed in dark outfits.

One of them, putting on purplish shades googles, stared at a part of the sky and pointed there.

"They went in that direction,"

However, the instant he said that, his face shone confusion.

"I can't sense them anymore," He voiced out.

"Do we give chase or not?" The third figure by the right voiced out.

"Let's head in that direction," He voiced out and shot out some weird whitish tubes from his hand.

The tubes connected with the windowpane of the skyscraper up ahead and pulled the figure forward.


He travelled across the air while being pulled by the tubes. The others made use of different means to also fly travel the air towards the next skyscraper.


Gustav was still holding onto Charisas with one arm as he travelled across the air.

But he has made use of the last two invisibility chips he had. He stamped one to his forehead and the other on Charisas forehead while leaping from building to building.

During the period of their invisibility, he changed directions several times to avoid being traced.

After changing directions repeatedly, he finally picked a direction to head in.

[Super Jump Has Been Activated]

He activated Super Jump again and leaped forward with intensity.

Gustav landed on a building rooftop after twenty seconds of soaring across the air.


He proceeded to leap away again, crossing several thousand feet once more.

Repeating this a few times, they arrived close to the southern edge of the city.


Gustav landed on another rooftop.

The instant he landed, Charisas fell to her butt and looked up to see the dark look on Gustav's face.

She subconsciously crawled backward till her back hit the pillar in the middle of the skyscraper.

"You idiot," Gustav voiced out with a tone of anguish.

"I don't know why I did that... I swear one moment I was in the apartment and the next I woke up to find myself on that rooftop," She voiced out with a tone of confusion.

"Don't lie to me. Is that a secret signal you were supposed to use to contact someone?" Gustav asked.

"Yes. I and Thomas each have a pair but I was never going to use it," She voiced out hurriedly.

"You little..." Gustav couldn't express how disgusted he was feeling at the moment staring at her.

"But I didn't..." She was about to voice out again when Gustav leaped off the building.


The last words he voiced out echoed across the air as his body blasted forward with immense speed.

Charisas held her head with her hand, "Why did I do that?" She wondered.

But at the same time, she wondered if Thomas actually came like they planned he would if she ever made use of the light sticks.

Gustav was headed back to the initial location as fast as possible because of Boss Danzo.

Charisas was close to being caught by the forces that were rushing up towards the rooftop, so Gustav had no choice but to get her first.

Since there was practically no time, he just had to keep going till they were a safe distance away.

He had taken precautions to make sure they weren't caught earlier, but now he had to get back for Boss Danzo.

He felt Boss Danzo was in a much safer situation, so he wasn't too worried.

Leaping across several rooftops and from window panes to window panes, Gustav traveled very fast.

The number of buildings he had left cracks on this night was unknown.. If he could be caught, he'd have to pay for a lot of collateral damage, wh the force of his legs slamming onto buildings every few seconds.