The Bloodline System - Chapter 701 - Sudden Disappearance

Chapter 701 - Sudden Disappearance

Chapter 701 - Sudden Disappearance

Anytime she wanted to assist someone with anything, she would freeze and be unable to help them due to this.

Angy didn't know what was wrong with her, but she didn't tell anyone and hoped daily that it would stop.

With the way things were going, she might never be able to render any help to anyone ever again.


She was brought out of her reverie by Glade's call.

"Yeah?" She answered.

"Why are you zoning out? Matilda just asked if we wanted to hang out in her room," Glade stated.

"Oh," A wry smile appeared on Angy's face as she stared at the both of them.

"Not today, I still have something to do," Angy responded.

"Alright, come join us if you're free later," Matilda stated as they arrived at their residence.

Angy went straight to her room while Matilda and Glade moved towards Matilda's room.

"Something's off with her," Glade spoke with a look of suspiciousness.

"Definitely... Maybe she hasn't completely recovered from the accident," Matilda said with an understanding look.

"*Sigh* I just wish the old Angy would come back," Glade voiced out with a worried tone.

"She will, we just have to give her time," Matilda said before they walked into her room.


-Burning Sands City

Several days had gone by in the blink of an eye. Gustav had been visiting Greyscale Pharmaceuticals daily, and Sir ZiL was still examining the state of his internal structure and was coming close to a breakthrough.

Gustav would engage him in talks after the examination session about the 'Planetary Placement Dimensional Theory.'

Sir ZiL would have no option but to spill out information after information, increasing Gustav's knowledge on these daily.

Gustav still didn't feel any different days after taking the serum. The system explained to him that it had analysed the foreign components in his body and isolated them, which is why Sir ZiL is able to study them.

Originally, Gustav's internal system would have swallowed it up and made it completely disappear, which would be a waste of time on Sir ZiL's side since he would be looking but wouldn't find them.

This was why the system handled things the way it did.

It might only take a session more or two for Sir ZiL to finally complete the amended version of the Arhkum serum.

Besides this, only about three days were left till the arrival of the private jet Gustav planned to use to get Boss Danzo and Charisas out of the city.

After the day's session and more discussion with Sir ZiL, Gustav headed back to the penthouse.

He got back to the penthouse around evening time.

The moment he walked in, he could sense that something was amiss. Spreading his senses around, he couldn't sense anyone within the penthouse.

"Where did they go," Gustav instantly became worried as he was unable to sense them within the penthouse.

He didn't bother trying to call out their names since his perception wouldn't fail him.

Gustav proceeded to move towards the balcony area.

Pah! Pah!

Stepping on the rails, he leaped upwards and slapped his hand on the edge of the roofing area, causing his body to spin repeatedly in the air as he ascended.


Gustav landed on the rooftop and proceeded to spread out his perception again.


It spread past several floors, allowing him to sense every life form within before extracting it. He still couldn't find them.

His perception wasn't powerful enough to cover the entire building, but Gustav could more or less assume that they weren't in the building at this point.

His eyes glowed a profound red light with green and gold in the middle.

[Activating Life Signs Tracking]

Unlike the last time where Gustav had to ask for help to find Boss Danzo, this time he had saved Boss Danzo's life sign to make for situations such as this.


His eyesight darkened as Boss Danzo's life sign appeared in his line of sight.


In the next instant, his vision was pulled to another place.

He could see the vision seemed unbalanced as it shook up and down, which meant Boss Danzo was currently running.

'This is...' Gustav noticed a sign up ahead along the streets where Boss Danzo was running towards.

'Darvy Delights...' He was instantly able to recognize the place as one of the restaurants in the Tokwan district.

Just as he wanted to retract his eyesight, he spotted a figure up ahead, standing atop the structure. Since he was seeing from boss Danzo's point of view, he was unable to properly define who the person was, but from the figure, he could tell it was Charisas.

The building was still hundreds of feet away from Boss Danzo's position.

'What is she doing?' Just as this thought came to Gustav's mind, Gustav could see the figure raise something up.


A bright light suddenly burst forth from the object the figure was holding.

At this point, Gustav retracted his sight and could see the bright light shooting into the sky from his position up here.

That place was close to the eastern edge of Tokwan district, which was over a hundred miles away, yet the light was bright enough to be seen from his position.

"That stupid girl," Gustav cussed underneath his breath as he charged forward.


A burst of wind blasted in every direction as he leaped from the edge of the rooftop, causing it to quake lightly.

Plap! Pah!

Gustav's jacket made slapping sounds across the air as his body travelled from the top of the skyscraper towards the next, which was over a thousand feet away.


He landed on it and proceeded to charge forward with immense speed again before leaping off once more.

Circular waves spread across the air as Gustav kept leaping from Skyscraper to Skyscraper, headed in the direction of the light, which was slowly dying down.

He spotted a chopper moving towards the source of the light from far away and sped up.


At this point, he was moving close to the speed of sound, jumping across multiple buildings in one go.