The Bloodline System - Chapter 700 - How Time Flies

Chapter 700 - How Time Flies

Chapter 700 - How Time Flies

Gustav knew it would take longer if he had to infiltrate a government-based facility and steal confiscated research.

He would have to make good plans, so he could get away without any consequences. The mission to get the third and fourth quarter of Sir ZiL's confiscated research would be based on intelligent planning and no brawl.

The newly issued quest had a year duration, so he just had to make sure his plans were pushed forward in a year.

'The warp demolator huh... Probably a space anomaly,' Gustav thought.

'To think an entire planet could be shifted away from it's position within the solar system... Not just that, to another dimension too,' Gustav thought.

Initially, he could barely piece together what could have happened to planet Humbad if it wasn't destroyed.

However, after reading Sir Zil's research theories, it made sense how the planet remained unfound.

The government had also sent teams to check for it in space, and even though space was endless, due to the upgrade in technology, they'd still be able to find it eventually since thousands of years had gone by already.

Unless the planet was in another dimension. The theory of dimensions was in existence but unproven because there was still no known method of traveling through dimensions.

Sir ZiL might have figured it out if he was allowed to keep researching since he was already tracing the residue matter of the warp demolator back then.

But now, it would be way harder for Gustav to continue it since all traces might have disappeared by the time he continued from the same point Sir ZiL stopped.

'Dimension six eh... Another issue would be getting the right order of numbers when I figure out how to travel in between them,' Gustav thought.

The system was a universal entity, so it wasn't surprising to him that it was aware of the numbers when earthlings hadn't even figured out how to travel in between anyone yet.

Gustav decided he would figure it out when the time came.


-The MBO Camp

"Sheesh, the advanced weapons training was crazy today,"

"Not being able to use our bloodline abilities and just relying on the mechs we were given was an unfair rule,"

"Ahh, not even the special class cadets were able to defeat the seniors,"

The voices of first-year students walking along a path that led back to their residential areas could be heard.

They were coming from a valley-like area where they had just finished advanced weapons training.

Not everyone signed up for this particular one, but the special class candidates had to participate in every single battle class.

This particular advanced weapons training was done using Mechanical humanoid-looking bots.

The mechs ran on internal energy sources as well as the bloodline energy from a mixedblood.

If a mixedblood was strong enough, they would be able to dish out attacks that were ten times more powerful using the mechs.

They had a mock battle with some seniors, and all lost. Some were even unable to control the mech properly when within.

It was the most difficult training out of anyone they had undergone since they began training almost a year ago.

Elevora was the only first-year who was able to tie with a senior, every other mixedblood, special classes included lost.

Some mixedbloods even managed to deplete their bloodline energy completely during the training.

"Damn that was tough... I lost an arm," E.E voiced out as he walked in the middle of the group.

"The Mech is good for increasing battle strength, but mobility is greatly reduced and it wears out the user quickly... In a battle of attrition, the force whose troops make use of only Mechs would lose even if their opposition are just mixedbloods without any weapons," Falco analysed.

The others also brought forth their points, Glade, Matilda, Ria, and Teemee. Only Angy and Aildris didn't speak yet.

"You all had your energy depleted quickly because you guys don't try to control the amount of bloodline energy being absorbed from your body," Aildris finally spoke.

"Although, I also lost, I was able to last as long because I regulated the amount of energy being drawn from me to feed the mech. The mech also has its internal energy core, balancing the energy withdrawal for both will make things smoother," He added, causing all of them to show looks of contemplation.

They decided that during the next training, they would put this into trial.

"Angy, are you okay?" E.E voiced out from the side.

"Yeah, I'm good. Just taking notes," She responded with a smile.

"Okay," E.E raised his thumb up in response with a smile as well.

"Y'all remember only about a month is left before we embark on our first mission," Teemee voiced out with a tone of excitement.

"It's been a year since we arrived here already? How time flies," Matilda said with a tone of astonishment.

"Does that mean my rival will soon be back haha I must prepare a proper welcome for him... Defeat," Ria started with a burst of light laughter.

They kept discussing till they arrived at the crossroad, which led to separate residences. They had to pathways here.

Angy was silent throughout the journey back with Matilda and Glade, which normally would be unlike her.

However, ever since the incident with Endric, Angy had turned quieter. They all felt it was a phase, and she'd get out of it soon.

Meanwhile, in Angy's head, she recalled an incident that happened recently.

A cadet on her team got blasted backward during training. His body traveling across the air was slow to Angy due to her speed, but just when she was about to help her teammate, she froze.

Unpleasant memories plagued her mind as a loud voice rang out in her head, 'Help others and get betrayed!'

Her teammate ended up breaking his spine after hitting a pillar, but fortunately, it wasn't something regeneration pills couldn't fix.

This wasn't the first time such an occurrence was taking place.