The Bloodline System - Chapter 697 - Planetary Placement Dimensional Theory

Chapter 697 - Planetary Placement Dimensional Theory

Chapter 697 - Planetary Placement Dimensional Theory

The injury had already stopped bleeding and began closing up the moment he finished injecting the substance.

"I'll be seeing you tomorrow then," Sir ZiL said and extended a handshake.

Gustav received his handshake and nodded before leaving the office.

Sir ZiL stared at the syringe, which had Gustav's blood on it with a look of intrigue.

He proceeded to move towards the same wall that housed the entrance to his personal lab.


Getting back to the penthouse, Gustav began questioning the system.

'Why did you tell me to agree to his request?'

("You'll find out soon enough,") The system responded.

'What do you mean by that?' Gustav questioned again.

("Just hold on for a bit and you'll see,") The system's tone of mysticism didn't help Gustav get any less curious.

However, it wasn't that big of a deal to wait anyways, and since the system had told him specifically to agree, then it would have ways of protecting the secrets within Gustav's body.

Although he had taken the Arhkum, he didn't feel any different, so he wasn't worried that it was a malicious substance.

If there was any toxin within, his toxin Immunity would have acted up, but it would seem it was completely fine.


The day went by quickly, and the next one arrived. Gustav had spoken to Boss Danzo and Charisas the night before that he was planning on getting a private jet that would take them out of here.

If they wanted to leave using a public aircraft, they would be caught since everything went through inspection.

So, they had to wait for about a week more. He told Charisas that he may find a way for her to chat with Marshal before they left, but it wasn't certain, and she shouldn't hold her breath.

The main thing was survival at this point, and that would be impossible if any of them were caught.

Gustav visited Greyscale Pharmaceuticals once again today. Sir ZiL was already expecting him and instantly brought him to his personal lab.

Gustav looked around and could see racks of holographic computation of files stored in a way that made them look physical.

There were a ton of them with different names arranged by the side.

Opposite them was where Sir ZiL placed all sorts of laboratory equipment, and even artificial intelligent robots could be seen moving around.

Even though it was a mini lab, it could rival any lab in the world.

There was a stretcher platform in the middle where Sir ZiL directed Gustav to lay on.

Gustav did as he was told while also taking off his upper wears.

Sir ZiL grabbed a piece of scanning equipment hanging upwards and shifted it to point at Gustav's body.


It repeatedly scanned across his body and proceeded to display a holographic image of Gustav's internal structure.

"Closer outline of the cell area," Sir ZiL voiced out as he began the inspection.

Holographic images began appearing all around him, displaying different parts within Gustav's body.

"Hmm, this... Not this... No changes... A little derivation..." He mumbled as he began sorting through them.

After several minutes had gone by, he moved to the area where there was a holographic monitor and took his seat in front before beginning to compute some things.

Gustav just looked around the place in boredom as Sir ZiL examined his internal structure.

He didn't have to be asleep for this and didn't even want to.

He kept checking out different equipment with looks of fascination. Gustav was really interested in science even though he was in a combat-based type profession.

His eyes settled on the area where different files were outlined in holographic format.

'Kidney replacement terminology... Weight distribution...' Gustav read some of the titles placed on different files.

After checking them out for some time, he spotted one by the side which had the title, 'Planetary Placement Dimensional Theory,'

Gustav didn't know why but this title kind of struck a chord within him.

'I thought he only dealt with medical related practices... This is already diverting from his line of expertise,' Gustav thought.

"I need a sample of your blood," Gustav was brought out of his thoughts by Sir ZiL's statement.

Sir ZiL knew he'd be unable to extract Gustav's blood with any equipment available, so he had to ask for Gustav's help.

In a few moments, Sir ZiL was able to successfully get a sample of Gustav's blood with Gustav's help, of course.

He went back to doing some tests and coming to inspect Gustav's internal structure again.

After two hours, he ended today's examination session.

Gustav put his upper clothes back on and stood to his feet. Sir ZiL thought he was about to leave, but he saw Gustav suddenly walk towards the area where files were lined up in a holographic format.

"What are these?" Gustav asked.

"Oh those... Just research I have dropped or currently working on," Sir ZiL answered.

"Is this among the ones you've dropped?" Gustav asked while pointing to the one that piqued his interest earlier.

"The Planetary Placement Dimensional Theory... I dropped that over twenty years ago," Sir ZiL answered with a light chuckle.

"It looks pretty interesting... Why did you drop it?" Gustav questioned.

"So many reasons but the one that matters most is not wanting to get on the government's nerve. Those savages might have tried something crazy if I didn't listen to them," Sir ZiL responded.

"What does the government have to do with this?" Gustav asked with a tone of suspiciousness.

"They just didn't want me delving into this one... Maybe I'd have found something revolutionary, who knows? Well I did find something. but I just have to stop it at that point," Sir ZiL answered.

"What is the research about," Gustav's curiosity was peaked at this point.

"Just a theory... Which I was getting close to proving with all my findings..." Sir ZiL paused at this point, thinking twice about whether or not to reveal it to Gustav.

"Well I see planetary and Dimensional, so I know it has something to do with space.... You delved into those types of research back then?" Gustav voiced out.