The Bloodline System - Chapter 696 - Coming To An Agreement

Chapter 696 - Coming To An Agreement

Chapter 696 - Coming To An Agreement

"Precisely. I hope you can help me with this, your body would negate the side effects others displayed since you're more powerful and I only need to examine you for some time to figure out what to do next," Sir ZiL said with a tone of confirmation.

"So, you want me to be your Lab rat?" Gustav out with a surprisingly non-incessant look.

"Putting it that way makes things look a bit crude but you are right, I want you to be my lab rat," Sir Zil answered.

"What if I say no?" Gustav inquired.

"Well, I wouldn't be able to do anything. It all falls on your decision, yes or no, I will respect whatever you pick," Sir Zil responded with a smile.

'He's smart He knows better than to cross me, so he's being respectful instead.' Gustav thought, but even with this, the situation seemed a bit tricky.

His body was a whole lot different from normal mixedbloods, so he wouldn't want his body to be examined by anyone just to make sure his secrets were kept safe.

"You're quite influential in this city, from what I've noticed. You can easily afford a mixedblood on my level of strength or higher and try the serum on them instead," Gustav stated.

"Well the thing is... It would be a lot preferable if the subject had the ability to regenerate. I know you can regenerate but it would be extremely tasking or borderline impossible to find a mixedblood with the ability to regenerate in this city," Sir Zil explained.

"I'm sure it can't be that hard, use your connections to get one," Gustav responded and was about to get up at this point.

"Is that a no then?" Sir ZiL voiced out with a tone of defeat.

("Agree to his request,") The system suddenly voiced in Gustav's head before he responded.

'What? Why?' Gustav questioned internally.

("Just agree to it dumbo,") The system insisted.

'Alright...' Gustav decided not to argue about it too much and finally responded to Sir ZiL.

"Will you be the one conducting the tests yourself? I want privacy," Gustav asked.

"Yes. Although having my team with me would make things faster it is of no big effect if I do it myself," Sir ZiL responded.

"Alright then, I'll let you," Gustav stated.

"Is that a yes?" Sir ZiL voiced out excitedly.

"Hnm," Gustav responded with a slight nod.

"Great. You're making an old man like myself get so excited," Sir ZiL laughed lightly as he voiced out.

"Feel free to ask me for help with whatever issues you have in the future, so long as it is within my power, I will do it," He added with a tone of gratitude.

"Cool can we get it over and done with, I need to get back to the penthouse," Gustav responded.

"Can you take a shot right now and come in tomorrow for your first test?" Sir ZiL asked.

"Sure," Gustav answered.

Sir ZiL proceeded to move towards the left side of his office and tapped the surface of the wall in a rhythmic pattern.

Ghhiii~ Vhiuisshh~

The wall shifted inside, revealing an entrance to a well-developed lab.

The lab was not too large or too big. It seemed more like a personal laboratory.

Sir ZiL wasted no time in picking up a palm-sized syringe where a greenish liquid content could be seen within.

In a few seconds, he moved out of the lab, and the entrance closed up. Arriving in front of Gustav, he spoke, "I'll need to inject this into you,"

"Alright," Gustav proceeded to take off his jacket and roll his right sleeve up.

Sir ZiL moved the syringe closer to his bicep area and poked at his skin with the tip of the syringe.

"Hmm?" He mouthed in confusion.

He tried slowly poking Gustav's arm again and with the syringe, but it felt like the sharp tip was being pressed upon an iron plate.

Seeing as it didn't pierce through Gustav's skin after a few tries, he tapped the side of the palm-sized syringe.

The needle area of the syringe suddenly turned red and began making sizzling sounds, depicting it had increased in temperature.

Sir ZiL proceeded to push the syringe forward again, trying to poke Gustav's arm with it, but to his utmost surprise, he was met with resistance once again.

'With the increased temperature, it should be stabbing through like it's going through butter... What is going on?' He had an internal conflict seeing as it didn't go through.

"Looks like there is no standard medical equipment that can cut through my skin," Gustav voiced out.

'How is this possible? The Mixedbloods with this type of thick skins never have a human look and they are only a few of them,' Sir ZiL was astonished as he held the syringe up.

"Does how I consume it matter?" Gustav asked while reaching out to take the syringe from Sir ZiL.

"Well I would say no and yes at the same time... It's less dangerous to have it and more faster to have it injected straight into your blood stream," Sir ZiL voiced out in response.

"I see," Gustav mumbled as he raised he moved his right hand close to his left biceps area.

His index fingernail grew in length, turning black and pointy at the tip.


He proceeded to stab himself straight in the arm, causing blood to dribble down his finger and arm.

The moment he pulled his fingernail out of the wound he created, he stabbed the syringe into it and released the greenish content into his bloodstream.

Sir ZiL was astonished watching Gustav do this to himself. It took a high level of conviction to hurt yourself and even higher without showing any form of expression of pain.

He wondered if Gustav was a robot with the way his facial expression never changed while he did this. After he was done, he handed over the empty syringe back to Sir ZiL.

"Is that all?" He asked.

"Yes that's it. You just have to come in tomorrow for the first examination," Sir ZiL responded.

"Alright, I'm leaving now," Gustav said and proceeded to stand to his feet while rolling down his sleeves.