The Bloodline System - Chapter 698 - I Want To Know More

Chapter 698 - I Want To Know More

Chapter 698 - I Want To Know More

"Well, I see planetary and Dimensional so I know it has something to do with space... You delved into those types of reseachs back then?" Gustav voiced out.

"Yes I was interested in different kinds of research back then, not just medical related types," Sir ZiL responded.

Sir ZiL proceeded to tap onto the Planetary Placement Dimensional Theory file.


It began displaying multiple square-shaped holographic images which had words written, and some displayed certain parts of space.

These were the theories Sir ZiL had put into scientific terms and also computed his research to a certain level based on the subject.

Gustav's eyes darted across the multiple holographic squares floating in the air.

The processing speed of his brain was very fast, so he had already read through seventeen of these outlined theories in a span of five seconds.

Gustav's eyes widened as he figured out what the research was all about before Sir ZiL could explain anything.

"You think Planet Humbad was never destroyed as well?" Gustav voiced out as he kept scanning through the multiple theories.

"Yes, are you..." Before Sir ZiL could voice out his surprise, Gustav spoke again.

"A warp demolator... Hmm, what's your basis on this? Oh don't answer that, I see..." Gustav muttered as his eyeball darted around the white space in his eyes with immense speed.

Sir ZiL couldn't understand what was going on here, so he stared at Gustav for a few seconds with an astonished look before deciding to speak again.

"This is one quarter of my research, it took me around ten years to gather this much information," Sir ZiL stated.

"I have finished going through all of them," Gustav stated.

"What?" Sir ZiL felt his ears were playing tricks on him.

"Yes, I read them all and studied every single image as well... This is brilliant," Gustav praised.

"It hasn't even been more than a minute yet... It would take at least a week to go through all this and comprehension would take even longer for a scientist," Sir ZiL couldn't believe his ears as he voiced out.

"Well... I understand everything that I have read here and I think the research should be continued," Gustav answered.

"You're joking," Sir ZiL was still finding it difficult to believe.

"Test me, ask me any question," Gustav proposed.

"Okay, How large does the warp demolator have to be for a solar system to be swallowed?" Sir ZiL inquired.

"Quarter the size of neutron star," Gustav responded.

"Where does it take the solar system to?" Sir ZiL asked again.

"According to your theory, a different dimension," Gustav responded again.

"How big does a planet need to be to wisthand the force of the pull?" Sir ZiL once again questioned.

"Roughly the size of the earth... The bigger the planet, the higher the chances of it getting ripped apart during the pull," Gustav answered once more.

Sir ZiL's expression turned astonished more and more as he questioned Gustav.

He asked a few more questions, and Gustav answered them all.

'What sort of being is he?' Sir ZiL thought in his mind as his jaw hung loosely.

"Do you believe me now?" Gustav questioned.

"I have no more doubts... Only curiosity now," Sir ZiL responded, still astonished.

"Hmm, your research... If you're correct and planet Humbad truly got swallowed up by the warp demolator then where did the meteor showers from thousands of years ago come from?" This was a question that kept bugging Gustav's mind.

"Well, I came across the warp demolator by mistake in space and almost got swallowed up along with my team... But you already knew that since you read everything I computed..." Sir ZiL realized he didn't have to explain much since Gustav had already read everything.

"Whatever planet the meteor shower came from which changed the state of earth, it's definitely not planet Humbad. I am at least ninety percent sure Planet Humbad is still in existence, I just needed more time to prove it..." Sir ZiL added.

"The scientists back then declared that the meteors were pieces from planet Humbad based on the scientific effects they brought to the planet.

A lot of scientific breakthroughs and the creation of technologically advanced equipment were created because of the minerals that were found after the meteor shower.

Even some Slarkovs claimed that some of these minerals existed on their planet, which was more than enough to prove the meteors were part of their home planet. So how could it not be planet Humbad?" Gustav voiced out lengthily.

Everything still seemed kind of wavy for him.

"Hmm, true, but there could be another planet with similar minerals. It doesn't necessarily prove that it was planet Humbad. Also, it's just a small chunk that collided with earth.

If even half of the planet made contact with earth, the entire earth would be obliterated," Sir ZiL voiced out.

"This could mean maybe a small portion of planet Humbad sustained damage since according to your theory, the size of the planet should be roughly around the size of earth for it to safely be pulled by the warp demolator to another dimension.

The research books have revealed that Planet Humbad is indeed bigger than earth, so maybe it took sustainable damage that didn't cause its destruction," Gustav thought.

"Exactly as I stated in the second quarter of my research," Sir ZiL responded with a nod.

"Why did the government stop you from researching about this?" Gustav asked with a look of suspiciousness.

"Who knows? Maybe they also have an idea about this but don't want it to be revealed or maybe they're too scared of where this research might actually lead to and finding out that the history passed down for thousand of years was wrong... There could be a multitude of reasons," Sir ZiL shrugged as he spoke.

"Those idiots..." Gustav couldn't help but voice out because if this theory happened to be correct, that placed the earth at risk as well.

Instead of assisting Sir ZiL in completing the research, they decided to kill it and pretend like this wasn't a threat.

"I want to know more," Gustav voiced out.