The Bloodline System - Chapter 695 - The Arhkum Serum

Chapter 695 - The Arhkum Serum

Chapter 695 - The Arhkum Serum

There was no trace of an underground tunnelway; every single solid structure was reduced to nothing.

"Hmm, what does it matter anyway. I was able to get away, and that's what matters. Sorry for putting you guys in a tough position," Gustav voiced out in response.

"It's alright. We were able to get out without a scratch," Sir ZiL smiled while speaking.

'He wasn't even close to being as powerful as this a year ago... Just what type of training do they undergo in the MBO?' Sir ZiL was actually very astonished internally.

Even though Gustav didn't outright admit to being the cause of the explosion, it was obvious that he was.

Sir ZiL also heard about how the two Kilo ranked guards sent after him were decimated by the blast, receiving a lot of damage.

Kilo ranked Mixedbloods all across the world were seen as powerful big shots, and only around thirty percent of mixedbloods across the world achieved this rank.

Mixedbloods who achieved this level were always given respect across the world since it was only three levels away from the ultimate Alpha level.

Although the difference in strength between both levels was astronomical, it was still a rank most mixedbloods struggled to attain.

To have the ability to damage mixedbloods on the Kilo rank level was no small feat.

'Maybe I should suggest that to him,' Sir ZiL thought as they arrived at the last floor.


A few moments later, they arrived in Sir ZiL's office.

"Big brother Gustav," Damien voiced out in excitement the moment they got in.

"Damien," Gustav greeted him back and proceeded to sit up ahead.

"It's truly him," A girl sitting by Damien's side voiced out. She had long black hair, a cute teen face, and eyes similar to that of Sir ZiL.

"Hey Ciri, where are your manners," Damien voiced out.

"Oh sorry I was just... Thanks for the other day, Big brother Gustav," She said while standing to her feet and bowing slightly.

"It's fine, you don't have to..." Gustav paused there, recalling that no one ever listened anyways.

These days people showed him a lot of respect when he preferred them being casual, but no matter how much he voiced for them to just act normal, they wouldn't.

Damien was one of the few that didn't overdo it.

"Kids go have fun outside. Me and Gustav have important things to discuss," Sir ZiL commanded as he sat on the sofa opposite Gustav's.

Ciri stood to her feet to comply with the command while Damien disagreed.

"But grandfather, I am already a part of whatever you two wanna discuss. Only Ciri should leave," He voiced out.

"You have been involved enough, what is to come is not any business of yours. Now leave," Sir ZiL didn't leave room for disagreement.

Damien still wanted to disagree, but he saw Gustav do a right side nod which meant behave, so he decided to listen and left with Ciri.

"You know the current situation keeps blowing out of proportion. What if they find them, how do you intend on handling it?" Sir ZiL asked after both grandkids left.

"I'm handling it... I will have it all sorted out soon," Gustav responded.

"But this isn't why you wanted to see me is it?" Gustav added while squinting his eyes.

"Hmm it's part of it. I was a bit worried as well but anyways let's go to the main reason why I want to see you," Sir ZiL stated.

"Do you remember the first day you arrived here, I mentioned something about a serum," Sir ZiL added.

"Yes... You called it the Arkham serum if I remember correctly," Gustav replied.

"Exactly." Sir ZiL said before pausing for a bit.

"I need your help with the serum," He added.

"My help... How?" Gustav questioned.

Sir ZiL explained that the other day, the people on a line were voluntary test subjects. The serum was not yet official, and they needed life subjects to test it on and affirm its safeness as well as prove that it did what it was meant to do.

The people who volunteered would get a large sum of money if anything went wrong, or it would be passed to their immediate family members if they died.

This wasn't against the law since no one was forced to try it out.

"The Arhkum serum helps strengthen the D.N.A of normal people, Slakovs and humans. Generally, mixedbloods live a very long life. Most live up to three or five hundred years of age, and some even live longer based on their strength. However, humans and Slarkovs still don't live beyond a hundred to one hundred and twenty years of age.

The Mixedbloods born to the normal human or Slarkov parents or those who have loved ones who are normal always wish to see their loved ones live for a longer time frame since they have no choice but to live for centuries, a privilege the normal people don't have.

I created this Arhkum serum to help counter that so they live as long as possible. The Mixedbloods won't have to watch their loved ones die of old age as well as the next generation after that too. They can grow old together," Sir ZiL explained lengthily.

"Okay... So why do you need my help?" Gustav asked.

"I stumbled into a problem while testing it with the subjects who volunteered... The desired effect on the D.N.A has not been achieved because humans and Slarkovs are generally weaker," Sir ZiL voiced out.

"I already knew this and did what I could to make sure it wouldn't be a problem but I still couldn't counter it... I need to test the serum with a stronger person and subject them to examination to determine what the factor I need to work on," Sir ZiL added.

"You want to try it on me," Gustav pieced the rest together at this point.

"Precisely. I hope you can help me with this.. Your body would negate the side effects others displayed since you're more powerful and I only need to examine you for some time to figure out what to do next," Sir ZiL said with a tone of confirmation.