The Bloodline System - Chapter 694 - I Was Lucky

Chapter 694 - I Was Lucky

Chapter 694 - I Was Lucky

Ckank! Clank! Clank! Clank!

All the seven daggers hit Gustav's chest and belly area. They made a metallic sound after collision with his chest and fell to the floor, unable to pierce through Gustav.

Gustav stared at his upper clothes and could see the holes created from the daggers. Even though his body defense was very tough, the same couldn't be said for his clothes.

At this point, Charisas snapped out of it as her eyes widened.

"I... I... Didn't mean to," She took a step backward as she stuttered.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

Gustav began stepping forward towards Charisas position.

His face didn't show any expression as he walked forward while maintaining eye contact.

Charisas found herself stepping back subconsciously till her back was placed against the massive windowpane in front.

Gustav arrived in front of her and looked down to stare at her.

"I... I... I'm sorry," She blurted out with an apologetic gaze.

"I will let it slide this time. Next time control yourself, if your bloodline was more powerful you might have hurt someone," Gustav voiced out with a calm tone.

Charisas was a mixedblood all this time, and her ability was related to telekinesis, just that it was weaker and couldn't be compared to that of Endric's.

In fact, no other mixedblood who had a telekinesis-related bloodline could be compared to that of Endric's. His bloodline was just too unique.

Gustav's eyes glowed red as he stared into Charisas eyes like he was staring into her soul.

"If you know me well enough, you'll choose not to misbehave. If I have to choose between saving you and saving Boss Danzo, I will not hesitate to choose him. We're only doing you a favor," Gustav added, causing Charisas to subconsciously tremble in fright.

"Don't be too harsh on her. She's just a kid. Kids don't think before they do things," Boss Danzo voiced out from behind, trying to plead on her behalf.

Gustav turned around at this point and proceeded to go change his top. In a few seconds, he left the penthouse.

"Yeah, I'm coming over now," He voiced out through his communication device as he arrived at the ground floor and proceeded to move towards the parking lot.

"Good day sir, where to?" Fumar was already waiting for him with the hover limo.

"Greyscale Pharmaceuticals," Gustav responded as he moved into the car.

He didn't bother trying to correct Fumar with, "Don't call me sir, Gustav is okay," Since Fumar never listened anyway.

"Right away sir," Fumar said with a smile and proceeded to move to the driver's seat.


In a few seconds, they were out of the parking lot, moving towards the area where Greyscale Pharmaceuticals was located.

"It's been some time sir, how have you been doing?" Fumar began engaging Gustav in small talks again as they glided across the streets.


In a few minutes, they arrived in front of Greyscale Pharmaceuticals, and Gustav stepped out of the vehicle.

The building was still as magnificent looking as ever, an upside-down silver pipette.

The moment Gustav went through the entry point, he could see the twelve feet tall grandpa waiting for him already.

It was still fascinating that someone who looked like a thirty-year-old giant was actually a grandfather.

Sir ZiL was over seventy years of age, and he could go out to pick chicks with his looks and height and definitely wouldn't get turned down.

"Gustav, you are welcome once again," Sir ZiL voiced out and stretched out his hand for a handshake.

Gustav received it with a nod, "You know why I'm here,"

"Let's head to my office," Sir ZiL proposed without wasting any more time.

While they headed for the last floor, Sir ZiL asked some questions.

"I sent people over but they were unable to get through to you," Sir ZiL stated.

"Yeah, I know about those. I can't entertain visitors in the meantime, I was busy," Gustav responded.

"Hmm... Does being busy involve tending to Mr Eldorado and Charisas?" Sir ZiL asked bluntly.

"Hmm, who knows? Maybe it was a part of it," Gustav responded calmly.

"Your disappearance in the underground battle facility and the fact that you were not spotted by anyone all through leaves room for a lot of imagination," Sir ZiL stated.

Gustav wasn't even trying to hide anything. Since he went with Sir ZiL and Damien, it would be easy for both of them to piece things together and figure out that he had something to do with both of them escape.

He had shown interest in Boss Danzo and even mentioned how he was family, and he only attended the event because of Boss Danzo in the first place, so only a stupid person wouldn't be able to tell he was involved.

Going awol for over three weeks was just an additional piece. The only thing that left room for doubt was the identity used which was different from Gustav's original identity.

Gustav wasn't worried about Sir ZiL and Damien knowing the truth because Sir ZiL would suffer negative consequences if he ever revealed that the perpetrator was able to infiltrate due to his help.

It would cause more harm than good.

"Y'all were able to get out safely, that's good," Gustav voiced out.

"How did you manage to pull it off? I'm curious," Sir ZiL mumbled.

There were lots of guards in the facility, and some of them even had the same bloodline rank as Gustav, yet he was able to evade them easily.

He also heard about the two powerful guards sent after him, who were among the most powerful mixedbloods in the city.

"I was lucky," Gustav responded.

"The destruction of the tunnelways... Was that you?" Sir ZiL inquired while recalling how it made the news.

The caving in of the burning sands that covered a radius of over five thousand feet was a wild sensation that was featured all over the news.

The authorities were still trying to find out what was responsible for such an occurrence, but no matter how much they inspected, it was impossible to trace the origin.