The Bloodline System - Chapter 693 - Father Figure

Chapter 693 - Father Figure

Chapter 693 - Father Figure

"If you had killed him too, it would be understandable since the situation warrants fast action, but I'm glad you didn't kill him. You found another way. This is one of the things I always try to tell you. Some acts don't need to be committed unless it's absolutely necessary.

You act like a robot devoid of human emotions most times, but we know this isn't true. You can act heartless to scare the monsters away but don't become the monster yourself, always try to find another way in situations like that and only go through with the hard decision if there is no other way," Boss Danzo voiced out lengthily.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded.

"Do you have a girlfriend now?" Boss Danzo suddenly asked.

"Huh... What? N... No... Yes... I mean I don't know..." Gustav stuttered as he tried responding.

"Hahaha your expression says it all," Boss Danzo laughed as Gustav displayed a very human side for the first time in a long time.

"No, no, she's not... I mean, we didn't... We only... Ki..." Gustav kept stuttering, picturing the face of a cute girl with silver and pink colored hair in his mind.

"So you do have a girlfriend eh? So much for marrying my granddaughter, you sneaky cheater," Boss Danzo smiled cheekily as he voiced out.


Boss Danzo and Gustav's relationship hadn't weakened in the slightest. There was nothing Gustav couldn't tell Boss Danzo.

Boss Danzo would give him advice, and they would laugh and crack jokes together. Boss Danzo was still Boss Danzo, and Gustav realized just how much he had missed having this man as a part of his life.

Boss Danzo to him was still the father he had never had, which was why secretly Gustav longed to always hear his raspy voice say, "My son,"

It would sound repressing to him if it was somebody else, but Boss Danzo's case was entirely different.

Days went by, turning to weeks as both Boss Danzo and Charisas remained indoors.

The city had turned crazy in the past few weeks. Boss Danzo and Charisas's pictures were everywhere.

A bounty of a million Ceros had been placed on both their heads, so at the moment, even normal civilians and tourists were searching for them.

This just meant Mr. Vanisher had re-engaged on his word now that Boss Danzo's face was everywhere. He was already popular from the underground fights, but now his face was even more popular due to the recent train of events.

Now there were law enforcement agencies and even powerful mixedbloods within the city trying to find him as well.

This increased the difficulty level of getting them out of here. Presently, Boss Danzo was being charged with three felonies.

One regarding the underground battles, another involving the death of Mr. Vanisher's child, and the third involving the kidnap of Charisas.

The whole situation had been twisted to look like Charisas was kidnapped by Boss Danzo and his accomplice Gustav.

Of course, the picture of Gustav circulating everywhere was the fake identity he used in getting them out of the underground battle arena, so no matter how much they tried, they could never find him.

That wasn't an issue in any way. Now Gustav was planning on getting a private jet to get both of them out of the city before anyone figured out where they were.

Even though staying indoors helped in preventing anyone from locating them, it wasn't full proof.

There were already people who had voiced out they saw Boss Danzo within the Tokwan District.

Since Mixedbloods were also involved, there was a possibility that, like him, someone could use an ability to scan all the buildings within the district.

Even if none of the mixedbloods trying to catch Boss Danzo had an ability similar to that, there were still advanced technologies.

He felt staying here for too long would be bad since it was unpredictable to tell how things would go.

Gustav got off a call and moved towards a part of the living room to take his Jacket off a stand.

"Looks like it will still delay for about a week more," Gustav muttered.

He had been in this city for about three weeks now. If his plans were moved back by another week, he would have spent a month here.

Weave~ Weave~ Weave~

The sound of slashing cut across the air from the far end of the main room.

A beautiful-looking sixteen-year-old clad in black shorts and a blue sweater kept swinging blades around.

About seven daggers floated around her as she swung two around.

"I'm going out. Make sure you remain indoors," Gustav voiced out.

"When do I get to see Marshall?" Charisas asked with a low tone before Boss Danzo, who was sitting on the sofa, could say anything.

"You might never get to meet him," Gustav blurted out, not sugarcoating his words in the slightest.

Charisas face turned dark as she heard that.

"You promised I would meet..." Before she could complete her sentence, Gustav interrupted her.

"He promised, not me," He stated.

Boss Danzo gulped down saliva as he saw Charisas turn to face him.

"He did it for your own good, so behave yourself," Gustav voiced out and proceeded to turn around to leave.

"You both are liars! I want to leave! I want to see Marshall! It's boring here!" Charisas voiced out in pain as tears slid down her face.


A force spread around her, causing the walls around her to vibrate as the daggers floated in front of her.

"Have you seen the city? Of course not you're inside. The moment you step out there, you will be caught," Gustav paused his steps and voiced out.

"I want to see Marshall!" She shouted out with a tone of rage and pain, causing the daggers in front of her to shoot out towards Gustav.

Gustav turned around and sensed the projectiles headed for him, but he didn't move out of the way.

Ckank! Clank! Clank! Clank!

All the seven daggers hit Gustav's chest and belly area.. They made a metallic sound after the collision and fell to the floor, unable to pierce through Gustav.