The Bloodline System - Chapter 692 - A Clue?

Chapter 692 - A Clue?

Chapter 692 - A Clue?

"Oh that... I learned," Boss Danzo responded with a look that depicted he was hiding something else.

"Hmm? When? The time frame between when you started the underground battle and when you were released is quite short. It's too little time for you to become this good in battle," Gustav voiced out with a tone of suspiciousness.

"Well, you see... I learned these fight moves decades ago, and now that I had no choice but to fight, I had to recall everything, haha," Boss Danzo stated with a burst of light laughter.

Gustav felt it made more sense now. So it turned out Boss Danzo was a good fighter in the past, but then he was only known as a good cook, not as a pro fighter.

Mr. Vanisher must have also been surprised to see that Boss Danzo didn't have the countenance of a weak cook in the battle ring.

This revelation had shocked him as well as the others since almost no one bet on him during his first fight, thinking he was going to lose.

Those who bet on him in his debut racked up many wins.

"So Boss Danzo, there was a time in your life where you engaged in a lot of battles?" Gustav asked.

"Hnm, but all that is a story for another day. We all need to freshen up and get some rest," Boss Danzo responded.

"There are over four rooms here, you guys can pick anyone of them. The room service will bring in some breakfast soon," Gustav said as he moved towards the balcony area.

Charisas stood to her feet from the sofa area and moved towards the corridor by the right.

"Are you not gonna rest too?" Boss Danzo asked as he watched Gustav move towards the balcony area.

"I'm fine," Gustav said while pulling off his sweater and placing it on the railing at the balcony.

The bandaids on his body looked reddish due to having soaked up some of his blood from the injuries he suffered during the last battle.

Grabbing onto one side of the bandaids, Gustav proceeded to unwrap his body.

In a few moments, his entire upper body was bare. The bandaids were lying on the floor by the side, and Gustav's well-chiseled muscular upper body glistened underneath the glow of the sunlight.

There was not a single scratch or sign of injury to be found on any part of his body.

Boss Danzo, who was worried earlier, became astonished as he saw that Gustav was completely fine now compared to last night.

This was expected since Gustav had regained all his lost energy points, and his regeneration was reactivated.

All his injuries, including internal ones, we're good now.

Right now, he was glad he had managed to save boss Danzo within the first week he arrived here. If he had been a little slower, he had no idea how the match last night would have ended for them.

Now the next plans would be the most difficult one since he couldn't let any of the both of them out in public.

[Quest Successful]

Gustav checked his notification bar that had been blinking with blue light since last night since he ignored this message after escaping here.


[Emergency Quest Successfully Escape From Guards: Garou and Biden]


<+4,000,000 EXP>

<+1 clue>

<Hover Level up>


[Host Has Leveled Up]

After claiming his rewards, he was notified that he had once again leveled up, increasing his strength. This brought him another level closer to fifty, so now he only needed to level up one more time to reach 50.

What baffled Gustav, however, was the +1 clue. He had never received something like this from the system.

'Hey system what's up with the clue?' Gustav asked.

("If you're interested in knowing what it entails just say the words, 'open clue',") The system responded.

"Okay... Open clue," Gustav voiced out.


A rectangular blue panel appeared in Gustav's line of sight, which displayed a few words.

Talk to Scientist Zil

"That's it?" Gustav voiced out with a slightly confused expression.

"What is going on?" Boss Danzo asked from behind as he arrived in the main room with a towel.

"Nothing," Gustav responded to him while still staring at the rectangular holographic display.

Boss Danzo looked in his direction for a bit and couldn't see anything, so he moved towards the side to grab what he came to the main room for.

Gustav was the only one who could see this panel.

'What type of clue is this, and what is it supposed to help me with?' Gustav wondered internally, but unlike the last time, there was no response from the system.

Talking to Scientist ZiL, who was Damien's grandfather, seemed too crude since the subject of discussion wasn't even mentioned.

However, Gustav was not about to back out because of this right now. He knew how tight-lipped the system was, so beyond this, no other information would be revealed.

Even though Sir ZiL helped with getting Gustav to Boss Danzo, Gustav was still wary of him.

Every time they met, Gustav could feel this sense of uneasiness. He didn't understand why but he just felt something was off about Sir ZiL, and it wasn't his twelve feet height.

The next plan for him at this point was to study the pattern of the ring Lords now and watch their next move so he could use it to his advantage.

The days went by quickly, and Gustav kept Boss Danzo and Charisas inside, still planning the right next course of action.

Boss Danzo and Gustav spent a lot of time catching up with stories on how things had been going for Gustav during his absence.

He wanted to hear all about and also determine the current mental state of Gustav and if he had let go of his past trauma.


"Did you kill him? Boss Danzo asked.

"No. I pretended to and managed to fool everyone, but he's somewhere out there alive," Gustav responded.

"So you were able to stop the war and also save a good soul.. That's a lot of improvement right there," Boss Danzo voiced out with a smile.