The Bloodline System - Chapter 691 - Boss Danzo's Narration

Chapter 691 - Boss Danzo's Narration

Chapter 691 - Boss Danzo's Narration

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A father figure was truly necessary for every household and one of the reasons her kids were too spoilt was due to Mr. Vanisher never being available to do his fatherly duties.

Mr. Vanisher only provided materialistic support but besides that, he was never there to watch and guide his kids in their acts.

But she was glad Boss Danzo was in the picture and the kids listened to him.

Everything was all going well until a certain day.

"Tanya was poisoned... She died in her sleep," Tears began gathering in Boss Danzo's eyes as he paused at this point.

Tanya was the name of one of the two kids the sixth mistress bore for Mr. Vanisher. The other was a boy named Lucas.

"How did she get poisoned?" Gustav asked.

"The dinner they took that night had a variant from an ingredient she was allergic to. I was told about her allergy and made sure never to add any ingredient containing that to any of their foods but I wasn't informed about this one," Boss Danzo voiced out.

"No one knew about this one... And she went to bed just fine too but never woke up the next morning," He added.

Gustav could already guess that this was where everything went to hell.

He knew Boss Danzo would never make the mistake of still serving a food laced with the allergy of his consumers. So it turned out this was totally an innocent mistake.

Boss Danzo continued explaining and mentioned how he was taken into police custody.

The sixth mistress totally ran mad and put all the blame on Boss Danzo claiming he poisoned her kid. Mr. Vanisher had to eventually show up as well.

Boss Danzo couldn't even get a word in because he was dealing with the rich and powerful here. Even the connections he had would not want to cross paths with Mr. Vanisher.

With the direction in which things were headed, it looked like Boss Danzo would not even get a court sentence before getting sent to life imprisonment for murder or getting killed himself.

He couldn't blame the sixth mistress. Her grief had taken over her sense of judgment, which blinded her to the truth.

Lucas was the only one still on Boss Danzo's side and even tried to make his mother see that it wasn't his fault, but she didn't listen.

Even the staff within the household didn't take Boss Danzo's side. They all blamed him for not properly taking care of his duties.

Most of them were jealous of him since he was favored by the young mistress and even Mr. Vanisher's kids. They knew that when these kids grew to be rich and powerful like their father one day, Boss Danzo would be remembered and he would gain a lot of benefits.

Boss Danzo resigned himself to fate within the cells and didn't even bother trying to call anyone. He neither lamented about his misfortune or blamed anyone for it, including himself.

He just didn't want to drag anyone into the big mess, since one of the most powerful people in the city was involved.

Spending about a month behind bars without getting a trial, Boss Danzo was finally visited by someone on a fateful day.

"He came dressed in all black to hand me a way out," Boss Danzo voiced out with a recalling expression.


"You don't look like someone who would plot such a mishap. I can see it in your eyes. You're a father too aren't you?" Mr, Vanisher voiced out while standing within Boss Danzo's cell.

Boss Danzo nodded in response, too tired to talk.

He had already been questioned so many times.

"I believe it was truly as you said, but I cannot just let you go," Mr. Vanisher said and turned around, making his back face Boss Danzo.

"I lost a daughter. Imagine the number of resources I have spent on her so far... Wasted," He added.

Boss Danzo was confused when he heard this because it sounded like Mr. Vanisher was more disappointed about spending resources on her rather than her death.

"I have a proposal to help you help me gain my resources back. You can have your freedom back afterward," Mr. Vanisher stated.

"What is it?" Boss Danzo asked.


This scenario was what prompted the creation of Mr. Eldorado, which was meant to protect Boss Danzo's original identity after he regained his freedom back.

Boss Danzo agreed to fight in the underground battle facility a particular number of times, according to their contract, before he would be freed.

Mr. Vanisher dropped the charges on him in the meantime and took him under his wing. Boss Danzo did his research and found out he'd be fighting criminals, so he wasn't so sad about it.

To Mr. Vanisher's surprise, Boss Danzo turned out to be a sensation among viewers and made even more money than he expected for him.


The next morning arrived and Boss Danzo already finished narrating.

Gustav understood everything up to this point, and saw how Boss Danzo had been exploited so far.

Looking at things from a more logical angle, he shouldn't be blamed in any way since he was not informed about this allergy.

The situation just happened to be so unfortunate that the meal was dinner and not breakfast or lunch. The girl would have survived if it was during the day since they would have noticed her being unusual but it just had to be night.

"This means he will bring back the charges," Gustav muttered.

He will make use of every force available trying to get me back, so yes the cops will be a part of it," Boss Danzo responded.

Gustav sighed, realizing the situation was truly a complicated one, but there was no way he'd let Boss Danzo handle it on his own now that he was here.

"How did you learn how to fight like that, though?" Gustav asked another question that had been bugging him for some time.

"Oh that.... I learned," Boss Danzo responded with a look that depicted he was hiding something else.