The Bloodline System - Chapter 690 - Unclear With Reality

Chapter 690 - Unclear With Reality

Chapter 690 - Unclear With Reality

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"Wait... Your face looks a lot familiar... Are you Gustav Crimson?" Her eyes widened further as she asked.

"Who wants to know?" Gustav voiced out with a dismissive expression.

"Ah, you used to be the number one MBO test candidate. I can't believe you're the real deal," She looked astonished as she voiced out.

Charisas recalled that back then she would watch the competition with Marshal Rel.

The way her admiration for Gustav increased could be seen in her eyes. Initially, she had thanked him for the rescue, but right now she looked more grateful than before.

Gustav looked a lot more mature and handsome compared to the last time his identity was rampant across the media.

It was not impossible to identify him at the moment if one looked closely, but the shapeshifting was a different case entirely.

No one was aware that Gustav possessed such ability.

"Keep this to yourself or you'll die," Gustav's eyes squinted as he voiced out.

"I won't spill I promise," Charisas said with an excited expression.

"Right now, they must be out there looking for you two. There is a possibility that these rotten people in charge might make use of law enforcement as well even though they're doing illegal activities. So long as you two remain here, no one will be able to find you," Gustav stated.

"How long are we going to hide in here? Mr. Eldorado promised I'll meet Marshal soon," Charisas asked.

Gustav now understood why Charisas agreed to cooperate with Boss Danzo.

It turned out that he explained to her that the parents were the type to not uphold their bargain and would try to kill her even if she won which was also impossible.

Boss Danzo was able to convince her eventually, telling her that she could still meet up with her lover if she cooperated with him because if not she'd die.

The first one minute of their battle was actually serious according to Boss Danzo's plans.

He wanted to show her that she truly wouldn't be able to defeat him no matter how hard she tried which also made her have no choice other than cooperation.

The rest of the battle was just them faking it and waiting for Gustav's signal from the window side.

Gustav understood that Boss Danzo had lied to the girl about meeting Marshal since that was impossible with the current state of things.

"You two will stay here until things blow over. I'll try to find a way to get you both out of the city later," Gustav stated his plans.

"What of your family?" Gustav asked Charisas.

"I don't know. I've been with the Rel family for as long as I can remember. My colleagues are like family to me," Charisas answered with a crestfallen expression.

"I knew madam would never allow a lowlife like me to be with her son, so I tried to hide our relationship for as long as possible," she sighed while speak and sat on a chair behind.

"Marshal never treated any of us badly no matter how low in status we were compared to him, which is one of the reasons I love him," She added.

"As a kid, you seem to not have grasped the reality of how powerless you truly are in a situation where people of high status are involved," Gustav spoke with a profound tone.

"I'm sure Marshal would have done something to prevent the situation if he could, but you two forget that you are just kids. The ones who truly have the power and can change the narrative however they feel are his parents," Gustav added.

Charisas opened her mouth like she wanted to voice something out but she stopped halfway and swallowed her words, letting Gustav's statements sink in first.

Gustav turned towards the side where Boss Danzo was seated and spoke.

"You have to tell me everything. Why are you in the midst of these types of people in the first place, Boss Danzo?"

"Hmm? Boss Danzo?" Charisas voiced out while turning to the side to stare at Boss Danzo.

"Wasn't it Mr. Eldorado? Everyone knows you as that," Charisas voiced out with a surprised tone.

But after not receiving a response she came to understand that it was another fake identity.

'Just how many secrets do these two have?' She wondered internally.

Boss Danzo sighed as he leaned forward and placed both his hands together.

"It all started moths after my arrival within this city a year ago," Boss Danzo began narrating.

"Remember I told you I had some connections here so I made use of that to get a cooking job. At that time, I was given the position of a chef within the Vanisher second household. I take care of their meals and requests concerning foods..."

Boss Danzo went on to continue explaining how Mr. Vanisher's sixth mistress lived in that household with two of her children who belonged to Mr. Vanisher.

They were living a very luxurious lifestyle, but Mr. Vanisher barely showed up in the household, even though Boss Danzo's employment sort of came through him.

Boss Danzo only saw him once in three months of working there.

The sixth mistress was young and well behaved, but her kids were spoilt. Knowing their father was one of the most powerful and influential people in the city, they misbehaved a lot and treated the staff like shit.

Boss Danzo would often try to correct some of their bad attitudes sometimes, but he would be met with deaf ears and he also wasn't exclusive to their insults sometimes.

However, Boss Danzo was liked by the two kids better than the rest of the staff. They admitted his meals were better than the former chef and Boss Danzo just happened to have his way around kids.

He was a grandfather, after all, so he made use of the wisdom he had built up from parenting over the years and was slowly getting through to the kids, teaching them basic etiquette.

The mistress appreciated Boss Danzo's input and came to a realization.