The Bloodline System - Chapter 689 - Aftermath

Chapter 689 - Aftermath

Chapter 689 - Aftermath

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


His right horn was broken in half and completely charred black. His entire body was soaked in blood and the whole of his left leg was missing.

Biden on the other hand, only had his torso left. The other half of his body was gone and he also had injuries all over, however both of them were still very much alive.

The both of them were quickly taken away for medical treatment.

'Who put them in such a state?' This was the question in everyone minds as they realized that the blast earlier must have been from the opponent and not the both of them.

The lady was a little stunned but this situation just made her face turn harder as she began to make plans in her head about how the culprit was going to be caught.

"We the three Ring Lords will not take this lightly," She voiced out before turning around to leave.


-Faviola Relaxation Palace

Within Gustav's room he sat on a sofa with Boss Danzo putting some band aids on his abdomen area, his chest and neck.

"There's no need for this, my regeneration will kick in again once my energy points are restored," Gustav voiced out.

"No, it is important to keep the injuries disinfected," Boss Danzo responded.

"When your body finishes regenerating you can take them off," He added with a smile.

Gustav nearly face palmed. He still had regeneration pills in his storage device as well.

Even though he currently had lots of internal injuries and it would take longer for him to heal up even after using a regeneration pill, he still wouldn't need the bandaids because all scars would be cleared.

Only the insta regeneration pill could instantly heal him up and it would be a waste to use it in this situation.

Surprisingly Gustav had brought his energy points down to 1 for the first time. He used so many powerful attacks and abilities since he was trying to fend off more powerful opponents.

He still had normal energy from the bloodlines within him but if he had consumed all his system energy, his body would have entered an automatic sleep mode till his energy points were restored to a certain extent.

A trail of blood leaked out the side of Gustav's mouth and he proceeded to clean it with an expressionless look.

"You don't have to act so tough everytime. It's okay to show pain, being a mixedblood doesn't mean you're not part human," Boss Danzo voiced out as he finished wrapping the bandaids around Gustav's body.

The truth was, Gustav was feeling immense pain from within at the moment.

His body was regenerating after he regained consciousness after receiving Garou's continuous hits but the moment his energy points reduced to one, his regeneration deactivated again.

He was fortunate to escape when he did or he might have truly died this time.

He had once again brushed with the face of death after so long. Gustav was the first Falcon ranked that would live to tell the tale of clashing with Kilo ranked mixedbloods.

He recalled the orb he left there before he got teleported out of there and knew it must have exploded in a few seconds as per his commands.

'It should slow them down a bit,' Gustav thought.

He didn't believe the explosion that consumed everything within a space of over five thousand feet which was equivalent to the size of five hundred football pitches would actually cause a lot of damage to two Kilo Ranked Mixedbloods.

He thought they would still find a way to escape before it could properly harm them, however he was mistaken because they were in the heart of the explosion.

Although they didn't die, it left them with a lot of damage.

Gustav had no idea how powerful the energy container orbs in his possession was after mixing them with the crystalized energy he found in the MBO Camp.

Even when he kept a safe distance from it the last time he detonated one of them, he was still nearly obliterated.

If it had been any weaker opponent, not even a piece of fabric from them would be left.

The instant he arrived back in his room within the hotel, he got a call from the reception area where he was informed of two people asking to see him.

This of course were Boss Danzo and Charisas. They arrived here seconds before he teleported to his room.

Right now no one would be able to find them no matter how they searched unless both of them left the room.

Charisas stared at the city view from the massive window pane on the left side of the main room.

"You sure are rich to be able to afford this," She voiced out while turning around to face Gustav on the sofa.

"It's not my money," He responded while standing to his feet.

However he could still afford it if he wanted to.

Gustav moved towards the room area to pick up a black hoodie sweater and proceeded to start wearing it.

"Hmm, makes me wonder what type of connections you have," Charisas squinted her eyes as she stared at Gustav wearing the sweater.

Gustav's facial muscles relaxed and his hair turned from whitish back to it's original dirty blonde color while he wore the sweater.

The instant his face poked out of the top, Charisas spotted a different face.

"Who..? What..? How..?" Her eyes widened in astonishment as she stuttered seeing the demonically charming young face.

Gustav ignored her startled expression and moved back towards the sofa to take a seat.

"Who are you? How did you do that?" She shouted out as she turned to face his direction again.

"I already told you this kiddo. He is Gustav my very own boy from Plankton city," Boss Danzo responded proudly.

"Yes but how did he do that?" She questioned.

"It's one of his bloodline abilities. The initial was a fake identity," Boss Danzo explained.

"Wait... Your face looks a lot familiar... Are you Gustav Crimson?" Her eyes widened further as she asked.

"Who wants to know?"