The Bloodline System - Chapter 69 - Gustav's Ploy

Chapter 69 - Gustav's Ploy

Chapter 69 - Gustav's Ploy

When Gustav saw the notification he was extremely shocked but he was quick-witted enough not to show the expression of surprise on his face.

He decided to act like his mind was actually being manipulated.

Gustav pretended to be mind-controlled by the brain tweak helmet.

The information he gave them about the mountain phenomenon was the same as what the locals around there gave.

He only added more details to it than they did.

He mentioned that there was an outburst of purplish electricity that sent destructive charges across the body of the mountain after the star slammed into it.

Since he happened to be closer to the mountain than others, Edan didn't have a shred of doubt in Gustav's words.

Gustav was able to easily deceive them with his actions due to the fact that they were in a hurry to get the information out of him and return him to his apartment.

If they had studied him a bit more, they may have figured it out, alas they didn't.

He could tell that they were tensed but he didn't know why.

Gustav also faked brain damage so they wouldn't feel cautious towards him.

It would have been weird if he wasn't affected since the brain tweak helmet could even turn adults as old as twenty-two years into vegetables.

He was able to get a proper outline of the Facility and the routes that led him there when he was being taken back to his apartment.

He also sensed a destructive force within the facility that made him feel really suspicious towards the abductors.

They were already suspicious for trying to abduct him in the first place and successfully doing that now.

He could already sense that they probably worked for a big shot in the city since they could go around abducting people however they wanted.

Gustav was afraid they knew about the system earlier, whenever he recalled almost beIng abducted three months back but now he had confirmed that they didn't know anything about it.

They were only suspicious about the energy that radiated from the mountain after the impact of the blast that led to it being halved.

Gustav knew the energy probably came from the system which was now inside him so it would definitely be a disaster if he revealed that.

Gustav thanked his stars that he stuck with even distribution, if not his mind would have probably been taken over.

The destructive force he sensed within the facility made him feel more suspicious about these unknown people.

Immediately he was returned to his apartment, he contacted miss Aimee.

He was surprised that she already knew that he was abducted since it happened only about two hours ago.

He explained the situation to her and where the facility was located.

He had been returned to his apartment an hour ago which was also when he spoke to her.

Gustav had tried contacting miss Aimee again after this but he couldn't connect to her device.

Gustav decided to open the system interface to check on his attributes.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav

-Level: 5

-Class: ?

-Exp: 18500/25000

-Hp: 320/320

-Energy: 150/150


»Strength: 34

»Perception: 34

»Mental Fortitude: 34

»Agility: 34

»Speed: 34

»Bravery: 34

»Intelligence: 34

»Charm: 34

{Attributes points: 24}


He had evenly distributed all the points and kept stored some for emergencies so even if his mental fortitude wasn't up enough, he would have been able to add more points to it in that situation to save himself.

'Doesn't this mean mental fortitude can protect from anything that has to do with mind control?' This made Gustav see mental Fortitude in a new light.

He didn't see it as a necessary stat beforehand yet he placed points in it like the others.

Now that he understood what it could do, he realized that it could turn out to be a very useful attribute.

Protection for the mind was absolutely necessary.

His perception and intelligence had also helped him today. He was able to properly analyzed the routes taken to get to the facility due to his perception while his intelligence helped him in memorizing every single turn and swerve.

He was even able to calculate the distance from the street he was abducted down to the facility.

The facility happened to be an underground laboratory located towards the east of the city. That particular area wasn't too far from the mountain he usually visited when he tried committing suicide.

He was able to easily describe how to get there to Miss Aimee.

Gustav checked some other things before he stood up and walked towards the door.

He was tired of sitting around.

The suspense was already killing him. He wanted to know what was happening and if miss Aimee had checked out the facility like she said she would.

He had decided he would visit that mountain region again.

His apartment door slid open and he walked out.

Immediately he arrived in the corridor he saw Angy approaching his apartment from the other end.

"Gu-stav?" Angy voiced out in confusion as she stood in place with a surprised look.

"Hey Angy," Gustav kept walking forward with a smile on his face.

Angy ran forward and grabbed hold of Gustav.

"Are you okay? Did they harm you?" She asked while checking Gustav's body for injuries.

"I'm okay," Gustav smiled warmly while answering.

"Thanks for informing my teacher, Angy," he added with a look of gratitude.

Angy was smitten by his charming smile which was very rare.

She stared at him for a few seconds before turning her head towards the side in embarrassment.

"It's nothing," She replied.

"How did you know I was abducted?"

"How did you escape from there?"

Both of them asked at the same time with Gustav being the former and Angy being the latter.

"Hehe," Angy smiled sheepishly, "I'll Answer first then,"

Gustav was about to reply to her when he sensed something and stared at the stair area.

Kom! Kom! Kom! Kom!

The sound of heels colliding with the ground could be heard.

A female in black top and blue jeans entered into the corridor from the stairways.

She noticed the duo and started walking towards them.

Angy also heard the sound of footsteps and turned around to see who was approaching.

"Miss Aimee!" Gustav and Angy voiced out together.

Miss Aimee arrived before them and also stared at Gustav in a similar way to how Angy did.

"Are you okay?" She asked with a worried tone.

"I'm fine miss Aimee, nothing of consequence happened," Gustav answered.

Miss Aimee nodded with a relieved look.

"Did Miss Aimee go shopping?" Angy voiced out with a look of bewilderment as she stared at Miss Aimee's wear which was different from what she saw her clothed in earlier.

"Oh, I couldn't help it since my wears had stains... Although the color of the stains has certain similarities with the color of my initial clothing, it won't be sensible to keep wearing it," Miss Aimee explained.

Gustav didn't have an idea of what miss Aimee was putting on earlier so he didn't make much of her words.

"Gustav let's go, we have to talk," miss Aimee said and walked forward.

"Angy I'll see you later," Gustav turned around and walked towards miss Aimee.

"Hmm, bye Gustav," Angy waved at Gustav as she spoke.

Miss Aimee got to Gustav's door and it slid open for her without having to use keys.

Gustav's mouth hung wide open as he saw that. His jaw was nearly falling to the floor.

"How did you get it to open without a key?" Gustav asked miss Aimee after entering his apartment.

"Your security details suck over here... A burglar could easily break into your home," Miss Aimee answered bluntly.

'Looks like the installments of security protocols are really needed,' Gustav sighed internally.

"By the way miss Aimee, how did you know that this was my apartment... You've never been to my apartment," Gustav asked with a dumbfounded look.

"Are you sure about that?" Miss Aimee smiled with a playful look.

"Ugh?" Gustav exclaimed with a look of confusion.

"Anyways, we have other important things to discuss," miss Aimee's voice suddenly became solemn when she said this.