The Bloodline System - Chapter 68 - Torturing The Abductor

Chapter 68 - Torturing The Abductor

Chapter 68 - Torturing The Abductor


Edan's face crashed through the wall causing debris to scatter across the place.

Miss Aimee dragged him by the hair again and dashed towards the wall on the other side.


She slammed his face into the wall again causing it to collapse entirely but she still wasn't done yet.

Swoooshhh! Bang! Swoooshhh! Bang! Swoooshhh! Bang! Swoooshhh! Bang! Swoooshhh! Bang!

She repeated the same actions severally until there were no walls left within the vicinity.

Only corridors that led to different places within the facility could be seen.

But it would seem miss Aimee wasn't satisfied with the pain she had inflicted on him.

She clenched his hair tight and used it to lift him.

Edan's face was practically crushed again. His teeth were missing, his nose completely caved into his face, both eyes were swollen and bleeding.

Miss Aimee brought out another pill and placed it in his mouth.

He started healing up once again.

Immediately he regained consciousness he started pleading for mercy but Miss Aimee acted like she couldn't hear him.

There were no longer walls but the ground was available.

She lifted him high before slamming his face down with intensity.


This time it sounded like an earthquake as the ground split open.

Cracks covered a radius of over five hundred feet from the point of impact.

Miss Aimee lifted Edan by the head again and raised him high up before slamming his face back onto the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom Boom!

The entire structure shook like it was going to come crashing down as miss Aimee slammed Edan's face into the ground repeatedly.

A small pool of blood was already forming within the three feet wide hole that Edan's face had created from being slammed on the ground repeatedly.

Miss Aimee raised Edan by his hair again and placed another healing pill in his mouth.

"Ple-ase, ju-st ki-ll m-e," Edan voiced out hoarsely.

"Kill?" Miss Aimee said rhetorically.

"It's too early for that... I haven't even started," Miss Aimee as she dragged him across the ground towards the bed-like chair on the left side of the room.

"You strapped him on this chair didn't you?" Miss Aimee asked another rhetorical question before she lifted him again and placed him on the chair.

Edan was like a weak and defenseless chicken before her.

Miss Aimee strapped him to the mechanical chair that was glued to the hard ground.

She held onto Edan's head again and stared into his eyes with a devilish smile on her face.

"How do you think it would feel to lose a body part and have it regenerated only for you to lose it again and have it regenerated once again? Wouldn't the repetition of this procedure be magnificent?"

Edan's eyes widened in fear as he heard that.

"N-o pplease n-o!" He started begging once again.

Miss Aimee acted like she wasn't listening and moved towards his right.

She grabbed his right arm and released it from being strapped.

"Why don't we start with this one?" Miss Aimee said with a smirk.

"Nu-o pplease do-n't..." Edan tried pulling his arm back as he begged.

Miss Aimee smiled once again while her grip on his arm became stronger.

"N-o pple-ase do-n't d-o..." Edan was still trying to plead with her when Miss Aimee pulled his arm with force.


The sound of tendons and cartilage forcefully being ripped apart reverberated across the room.

"Kiiaarrrrhhh!" He screamed out in pain like a pig being slaughtered as he stared at his right shoulder which was spraying out a fountain of blood.

His shoulder was missing an arm.

Miss Aimee raised the arm she tore off his shoulder and threw it towards the side.

"Kiiaarrhh!" Edan was still screaming in pain.

He had never felt such pain since his arm had never been ripped off his shoulder before.

Snot and tears filled his face. It was obvious that he was going through indescribable pain at this moment.

He wanted to pass out to escape from feeling such pain but he couldn't. He could only keep screaming out as he watched his shoulder squirt out more and more blood.

"Oh, this is just the beginning... There's more to come," Miss Aimee said as she walked over to Edan's left side.

Edan who was still in pain slowly turned his head towards the side as he felt his left arm being gripped.

His eyes were filled with dread as he saw miss Aimee holding onto his left arm.

He wanted to plead again but before he could miss Aimee pulled his left arm with force again.

Muscles and ligaments disconnected as his left arm was pulled out of its sockets.


Edan screamed out again after losing his second arm.

Blood squirted out of the left side of his shoulder.

Miss Aimee threw the second arm away and moved towards his legs.


In Gustav's apartment, he sat on his bed with a small triangular-looking device in his hand.

"Why is miss Aimee taking so long?" Gustav questioned no one in particular with a low tone.

"If she plans to check the place out, it should only take a few minutes... It's been almost an hour now," Gustav muttered.

He looked around with a contemplative expression.

"To think I'd actually be taken because of the mountain phenomenon..." Gustav's mind recalled the last day's event.


After his head was slammed to the ground by Edan, he pretended to have passed out.

The man was stronger than him so trying to escape by using more power or transforming would only reveal more of his secrets which would end up in disaster for him.

Since he would still be taken either way he decided to pretend that he had passed out and made use of that opportunity to observe where he would be taken to using his perception.

His perception granted him the ability to see his surroundings with his senses even if his eyes were closed.

He memorized the path that the car took, the turning, and movements. None of them escape his senses.

When he was strapped on the chair and noticed the brain tweak helmet, he thought that would be the end for him since he might end up spewing the truth about everything.

To his surprise, something happened when the helmet was placed on his head.


[Host Brain Functions are being hijacked by external forces]

[Mental Fortitude needed for blocking mind invasion: 25]

[Host has acquired enough mental fortitude to block mind invasion]

[Mind Invasion has been successfully blocked]