The Bloodline System - Chapter 70 - Assurance

Chapter 70 - Assurance

Chapter 70 - Assurance

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"Hmm, Did you discover the place?" Gustav asked while sitting on the couch.

Miss Aimee also sat opposite him.

"Did your Abductor look like this?" Miss Aimee brought out a rectangular device and tapped on the screen.

A holographic image of Edan wearing his half-green mask was displayed.

"Yes that's him but he wasn't alone, there was also another..." Before Gustav could complete his sentence another holographic image was shown.

This time another face was displayed.

It was a man sporting yellow hair and beards.

Gustav recognized this man as the second person within the room who also happened to be inside the car that they used in transporting him to the underground facility.

"Yes he's also one of them," Gustav stated as he pointed at the projected image.

"Good, looks like the hospital didn't receive the wrong guests,"

On hearing that Gustav could already sense that something must have gone down.

"Miss Aimee what did you do?" Gustav asked.

"Nothing much... Just put a group of people in a state where they'll never be able to bother anyone again," While miss Aimee was speaking more projections were displayed one after the other.

Gustav was only able to recognize three earlier, the rest of the seven were unknown to him.

'Looks like miss Aimee went on a full raiding session... That's probably why she came so late,' Gustav was gobsmacked as he came to this realization.

"Uh, miss Aimee did they say anything about who sent them?" Gustav inquired.

"Hmm, about that, it's a very tricky person... This person happens to be the brother of Hung Jo, your former classmate... His name is, Yung Jo!" Miss Aimee revealed.

"Also the first son of the Jo technological industry that helps the MBO create their weapons, armors, and other tools," Miss Aimee added.

Gustav's eyes slightly widened in realization, "Is it because of that...?" Gustav asked.

"No far from it... He has no idea about what you did to Hung Jo. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," miss Aimee responded.

Gustav sighed in relief after hearing that, 'But if I wasn't there I'll probably not receive this power,' Gustav shrugged internally.

There was no way he would change his decision of going to that mountainside to experience the same thing all over again if he traveled back in time.

"He's the type that is very shrewd, cunning, and meticulous... Even though I've found out that he's responsible for this, there is no way to deal with him on the surface but I have managed to place the MBO on his tail so he will have to lay low for now," Miss Aimee said.

She noticed the slight look of distraught on Gustav's face and added,

"You don't have to worry about it, such people won't come after you again I can guarantee that... You just have to focus on your path, I won't deal with your peers for you but when it comes to big bullies like these old bastards that are beyond you, I'll step in!" Miss Aimee assured Gustav.

"Hnm, thanks Miss Aimee," Gustav smiled while replying.

Miss Aimee returned the smile for a few seconds before her face became solemn again.

"I found what you were referring to... And just as you said, it was truly something dangerous," Miss Aimee stated.

"What is it, Miss Aimee?" Gustav asked with an intrigued look.

"Hmm, that facility has been experimenting on mixture of energies..." Miss Aimee replied.

"Mixture of energies?" Gustav asked with a confused look.

"Are you aware of the different energy crystals mined underground?" Miss Aimee asked.

"Yes, my fa... The man who biologically brought me into this world works as a miner so I know a bit about it," Gustav said with a contemplative look.

"There are several hundred mines all over the world but only seven different energy crystals exist which can be used for different technological purposes. According to a ton of research, due to their diversity..." Gustav eyes suddenly widened when he got to this point, "Mixing them can cause a catastrophic disaster since they happen to be unstable together,"

Miss Aimee nodded in affirmation.

"It is against the law to mix them... A crime punishable by death because experiments like that have been performed in the past which led to the destruction of an entire city..." Miss Aimee said with a dark look.

Gustav gasped in shock upon hearing that.

'Destruction of an entire city?' It was nearly unbelievable for him but he had to believe it since it was coming from miss Aimee's mouth.

In this age, destroying an entire city was practically an impossible feat because different technological security protocols are put in place.

If an alien race tried to invade in this age, they would find out that the earth is not an easy target.

This made Gustav believe it to be impossible for a city to be destroyed no matter how powerful the cause was supposed to be but now his beliefs were being overthrown again.

"The amount of energy that is created from mixing the power contained within the energy crystals is capable of causing extinction to all races living on earth and according to the Slarkovs, this was one of the reasons for the destruction of their planet thousands of years ago," Miss Aimee explained with a slightly worried tone.

Gustav couldn't imagine how powerful such energies were after hearing this but it made him wonder why anyone would try mixing them since they have been proven to be dangerous.

"This is his doing, but the reasons for him mixing those energies are unknown... It might be a little hard to tackle him since he's very good at hiding his tracks, even this incident cannot be connected to him..." Miss Aimee said.

"Then what do we do now?" Gustav asked.

"Not we, this matter is none of your business anymore, it's up to the MBO to investigate now. I'm only telling you about it because you kind of got involved... He's probably forgotten about you now since you have nothing to do with whatever he's planning," Miss Aimee said.

Gustav nodded in understanding to her response.

"You did well in quickly informing me about the location... Now those people will owe me a favor, I should take you out on a date again," Miss Aimee voiced with a smile, "But I'll probably be busy for a while,"

"I don't mind, whenever you're ready miss Aimee," Gustav was now feeling slightly relieved but there was still a nagging feeling deep down like he could sense that this still had a kind of connection to him.

He decided to place that feeling behind him.