The Bloodline System - Chapter 688 - Leaving A Tool Of Destruction Behind

Chapter 688 - Leaving A Tool Of Destruction Behind

Chapter 688 - Leaving A Tool Of Destruction Behind

Gustav had instantly made use of his dimensional bracelet when he landed back on the ground and set the coordinates to his room within the hotel.

Just as Garou managed to pull his head out of the ground and Biden decided to make use of a special shadow attack, a bright blue light surrounded Gustav.


In the next moment, he disappeared into thin air along with the flash of bright blue light.

Garou and Biden stood in place with a look of surprise on their faces.

The dark spikes initially protruding out of different parts of Biden's body retracted. Garou still had blood all over his body as well. They both couldn't believe that a Falcon ranked mixedblood managed to get away from them.

The blueish flames in the surroundings retreated into a corner and eventually got snuffed out.

Garou and Biden turned around to face the wall Gustav created to tear it down written all over their faces.

As they took a step forward, a dark purplish orb with reddish snake-like sparks swimming around it, suddenly appeared in their front.

It was radiating with so much energy, the whole place began to slowly tremble.

"What is this?" Both of them voiced out just before...


A massive purplish and red wave of destruction instantly blasted forth across the place.

The walls and ceiling areas of the tunnelway shattered like glass, all falling apart as the blast continuously spread across the place.

Up above the surface of the tunnelway area, it could be seen that the burning sands were sinking into a hole that kept increasing in size.

The hole spread from a radius of hundred feet to over five thousand feet in a manner of seconds.

The phenomenon was a crazy one that even when it was quite distant from Burning Sands city, the outline of the massive sinkhole could still be seen from the tallest buildings close to the edge of the west area.

Within the underground battle facility, the place quaked forcefully causing intense panic within.

The ceiling cracked along with the walls. For a few, it looked like the walls wouldn't be able to hold.

"What is going on?" This was the question on everyone's lips.

The higher-ups within the facility were worried about this as well since the blast from the orb explosion had reached their ears too.

They felt only the guards which they sent out could be responsible for such an occurrence, but it made them worry that whoever was involved in the escape was a powerful entity as well.

After a few, the vibration stopped but what they didn't know now was, all the tunnelway that led out of here had collapsed due to the explosion and the burning sands and caved in occupying the space within.

The higher-ups were later involved in the situation and they finally disrupted the communication within the underground battle facility, telling the online viewers that a speech would be issued out on a later date.

Ending the event for the night, their next step was appeasing the hearts of the spectators who were the rich and powerful within the city.

They also had to improvise to get the spectator out of here since the tunnelways had been destroyed.

Even if the two trying to escape were caught, they wouldn't be able to make up for the losses that had been incurred today.

The emergency exit was activated to get the spectators out of there. Sir ZiL and Damien were among the first to get out of the facility back to the city.

Their hovercar had been destroyed since it was parked along with many orders outside the entrance to the facility.

This was no issue for them since they were very rich. Sir ZiL had called on another of his drivers to come to pick them up and they took a ride back to their home within the city.

"Try contacting Big brother Gustav," Damien voiced out within the hovercar.

"I have tried several times but the call isn't connecting," Sir ZiL answered.

"I hope he's okay," Damien stated with a sigh.

"Hopefully... First thing tomorrow, I'll try contacting him again and if it doesn't go through I'll send some subordinates to check his place within Faviola Relaxation Palace," Sir ZiL said while placing his hand on Damien's shoulder to comfort him.

He was also worried but the situation had blown beyond proportion and there was no doubt that the ring Lords would do everything in their power to find Boss Danzo and Charisas.

He just hoped that if Gustav was truly involved, he would be smart enough to handle the situation in a way that wouldn't lead to anyone's death.


"Has anyone heard from Garou and Biden yet?" Within the underground battle facility, a loud tone was heard within a group of guards.

"No sir," One of the guards responded.

"You are all useless. Not even one of you could catch the perpetrator," The lady in red hat voiced out as she arrived within their midst from down the hallway.

They all bowed their heads in respect as she walked in.

"Ma'am I believe the blast was caused by Garou and Biden. They asked to use any means at their discretion and I gave the go-ahead," The person who spoke earlier voiced out.

This was the same person who met up with Garou and Biden earlier to give them the assignment.

"That would mean the perpetrator was very powerful," The lady voiced out with a tone of suspiciousness.

"Where are th..." Just as she was about to voice out again, two figures phased out of the shadows at the entry point.


Both figures fell to the ground, looking extremely battered. The group of guards in the vicinity move towards them with caution.

"Garou, Biden?" One of them voiced out as he arrived in front of the figures.

Everyone's eyes widened as they saw the state of the two most powerful guards in their midst.

The left half of Garou's face had been blasted apart along with his left horn.