The Bloodline System - Chapter 687 - Spatial Gateway Activating

Chapter 687 - Spatial Gateway Activating

Chapter 687 - Spatial Gateway Activating

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

Garou's arms were still crossed in an 'X' format, as he was unable to follow Gustav's frame due to his immense speed at the moment.

Cuts appeared all across his body as Gustav continuously slashed out with immense speed, making it look like hundreds of atomic blades were descending upon Garou every second.

Even though Garou was not heavily damaged by the multiple attacks landing on him, he knew if this continued Gustav might eventually find a way to land a very damaging attack on him.


While screaming out he swung his fist, trying to catch Gustav but Gustav was just too fast at the moment. Garou's was not even as fast as he was when using sprint. Making use of combination made Garou look even slower to him.

He repeatedly dodged the attack and kept striking out but he knew none of his slashes were causing any damage beyond flesh wounds.

Garou's body was a lot tougher than Gustav's. Atomic disintegration was having a hard time cutting through even though he repeatedly sliced Garou with it.

By now he would have killed lots of mixedbloods with these attacks but he couldn't even cause high damage for a mixedblood on the Kilo level.

'How can someone be so thick-skinned?' Gustav thought as he continuously kept at this while still oozing with flames that burnt across a radius of more than seven hundred feet.

Garou was within the flames, but it practically had no effect on him except for minor stings on the areas where Gustav already managed to make him bleed.

"Garou, it would seem that you're in a bit of a pinch here! How could you let a mere Falcon ranked make a fool out of you," Biden's loud voice echoed across the vicinity again.

Garou's face twitched with anger as he heard that.

He had repeatedly tried hitting Gustav but it was to no avail. Gustav knew he couldn't keep this up, since combination consumed a lot of energy points.

He was only doing this to stall them so Boss Danzo and Charisas could get further away.

"Enough!" Garou screamed out as he slammed both his fists together.


Shockwaves instantly spread out, slamming into Gustav and sending him flying.


He spat out black blood as he felt his insides turn before slamming into the wall on the other side.

At this point, Combination was deactivated, returning him to his normal speed as the atomic blade also disappeared from his hand.

Garou had cuts all over his body as he breathed in and out profusely, with small droplets of blood leaking out of the cuts.

"How dare you!" He shouted out and blasted forward with speed.


His fist slammed into Gustav's gut before he could move out of the wall, burying him further within the hole created after the collision.

Gustav spat out more blood as his vision turned a bit blurry.

The force from the punch was higher than anything he had taken so far.

Even though his body had become extremely tough over time, it was unable to withstand this amount of force.

Gustav gritted his teeth as he bore the numbing pain and crossed his arms before the next attack arrived.

A diamond-like hardening covered his arms as Garou's fist once again descended upon him, sending him further into the wall.

He heard the sounds of his shoulder blades creaking after that hit and before he could realize what was happening, another one was headed for him again.


His arms spread apart as the fist slammed into them, hitting him straight in the face.

Gustav's entire vision turned whitish as he heard a strange buzzing sound in his ears.


("Hey snap out of it!") The system's voice brought him back to consciousness as he opened his eyes to see his face covered up.

His body was being moved. Garou's entire palm was covering his face, and he had pulled Gustav's bleeding body out of the hole.

("Your regeneration has gotten rid of the toxin... You should begin healing up faster now,") The system announced in his head.

Gustav realized that the reason he had passed out was due to his regeneration not working as fast. Although he wouldn't heal instantly it would prevent the injuries from the attack from wearing him out.

Gustav felt a cool force where he could sense his injuries and began gaining energy again.

Garou was about to end him at this point with his legs dangling and Garou's left arm arched backward.

The flames had been put out completely at this point but Biden didn't feel the need to do anything anymore.

Instead, he began walking towards the wall Gustav created, ready to phase past it with his shadow travel ability.

'They should have gotten far away by now... it's time,' Gustav thought internally.

Just as Garou threw his fist forward...


Blueish flames instantly blasted forth from Gustav's frame as he raised his lower body with speed and wrapped both his legs around Garou's neck.

As the flames spread across the place, Gustav recalled his training with miss Aimee and smiled, 'Still recall how to use an opponent strength against them,'


He spun around with intensity and speed while his legs were wrapped around Garou's neck in a deathlock.


Garou only saw his vision spinning before his head slammed into the ground below, creating a small pit.

Biden, who was up ahead got razed by the flames and sped backward to distance himself from them.

'This little... Does he know that flames are my weakness?' Biden voiced internally as he tried putting out the flames on his body.

Gustav had managed to release himself from Garou's grip at this point. Even though his attack only caused little damage for Garou, he had managed to trap him in the ground for a few moments.

Garou ram horns had pierced deep into the ground, hooking him there for a bit while Biden couldn't get closer at this time.


Spatial Gateway Activating in...




Gustav had instantly made use of his dimensional bracelet when he landed back on the ground and set the coordinates to his room within the hotel.