The Bloodline System - Chapter 686 - Successful Escape?

Chapter 686 - Successful Escape?

Chapter 686 - Successful Escape?


Massive shockwaves instantly spread across the place as the tunnelway violently trembled once again.

Gustav found himself being pushed back as the force happened to be as powerful as he expected.

He flipped backward twice in the air and landed on the wall he created behind.


He jumped forward still blazing with fire, dodging a slash attack that came an instant after the collision from Garou.

Garou was barely moved by the clash between them earlier.

The slash he sent out in the next instant, slammed into the wall Gustav created causing a mild trembling but it didn't come crashing down.

Garou was surprised seeing how sturdy the wall was, withstanding his attack without taking any damage but at the moment he was focused on dealing with Gustav.

He felt it was insulting that a Falcon ranked had lasted this long against both of them.

Chasing after Gustav's frame within the blazing blue flames, Garou slashed repeatedly clearing a lot of flames from the area.

However, it only took a moment for the flames to spread across the place again covering everywhere.

Gustav conjured a five feet long atomic blade in his right hand, making it wider and longer than normal.

Fwwhii~ Fwwhii~

He swerved across the place dodging Garou's repeated attacks knowing he wouldn't be able to tank them due to the explosiveness of the force on each collision.

Dashing forward and sliding downwards, Gustav dodged another attack from him and swung the Atomic blade towards his right knee area.


A shallow mark was left on the surface of his knee cap, allowing just one drop of blood to roll down.

Garou turned right around with speed and swung out again.

Gustav was able to dodge by a few inches but the fist landed on the ground which caused another shockwave to spread out, sending him flying once again.


His back slammed into the side of the wall as his blazing body burnt partly through it.

Black blood flowed out of his left abdominal side which was cut open earlier.

'Am I going regenerate completely anytime soon?' Gustav questioned internally as he noticed that the state of the previous injury from Biden's dark attack was still the same.

("Your regeneration is already active but slow due to the toxin in the previous attack,") The system responded.

("The more you strain yourself, the harder it will get to regenerate,") It added.

'Well, I don't have much of a choice now do I?' Gustav screamed inwardly as he quickly jumped out of the hole.


The sound of a collision rang out as Garou's fist slammed straight into the hole where Gustav found himself earlier.

Leaping away after missing, he chased Gustav around again while Biden watched from the background staying a safe distance away from the igniting flames.

A dark spike protruded from his palm area as he watched.

'If the opportunity presents itself I will end this mixedblood myself,' He said inwardly with a dissatisfied look.

The longer they stayed here, the higher the chances of Boss Danzo and Charisas getting away.


"It worked," Charisas voiced out as the purplish portal opened up in front of them.

The card Gustav passed to them was glowing with bright blood-colored light.

Charisas stepped forward while Boss Danzo turned around to face the direction where the sounds of blasts were coming from.

He stood with a worried expression for a bit.

"Let's go," Charisas shouted out to him while pulling his hand.

"Stay safe my boy," Boss Danzo voiced out as he followed Charisas into the portal.


They disappeared into it a moment later and it closed up.

They found themselves in a small wasteland in the next instant. Boss Danzo looked up ahead and could see the road that led back to the city as well as the tall and luxurious-looking buildings in the distance.

"We're back in Burning Sands City," Boss Danzo voiced out.

"This way, let's go," He added while pulling Charisas with him while pushing his hat further downwards to hide his face.

It was currently around 9:30 pm in the night but the skies were still bright since Burning Sands City never experienced nightfall.

Even though it looked like daytime, people still had to sleep so the streets and road wouldn't be as active as actual mornings and afternoons.

Lots of people were in their homes sleeping by now but there would still be movement in some areas.

Boss Danzo and Charisas ran towards the roadside that led out of this deserted area and began heading for the closest public road so they could get a ride.

'Faviola Relaxation Palace... Kid's got taste,' Even though the situation was worrisome Boss Danzo couldn't help but compliment Gustav for picking one of the best places to stay in the city.

Gustav had thought out lots of possible scenarios and told Boss Danzo that if they ever got separated this was the place to meet up.

Boss Danzo couldn't just help but admire Gustav's smartness. Using the room he was staying within as a means of escape was brilliant since it was closer to the exit.

If they had made a run for it when he met up with him earlier, the possibility of them getting trapped in there was close to a hundred percent.

He also seemed to have thought this out and told him where to head to if they ever got separated. Now he only hoped Gustav was smart enough to escape the two powerful mixedbloods pursuing.


Bang! Bang! Boom!

The sounds of collision occasionally rang out causing the tunnelway to weaken more and more due to the powerful attacks from Garou and Gustav.


A sonic wave blasted out from with a cloud of dust and flames blasting Garou backward as his back slammed into a part of the wall again.

He gritted his teeth as his arms were raised and crossed out in front of himself to block the attack.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Dash + Sprint]


Speeding forward, Gustav arrived instantly before Garou, while slashing out with his atomic blade.

Hundreds of milky-colored blade-like energy appeared in front of him slamming into different parts of his body repeatedly.