The Bloodline System - Chapter 685 - Toxin Immunity Has Been Overridden

Chapter 685 - Toxin Immunity Has Been Overridden

Chapter 685 - Toxin Immunity Has Been Overridden

This slowed Gustav down once again, causing Garou to catch up.


Gustav leaped upwards to dodge another slash which landed by the side and blasted chunks of the ground into the air.


Gustav was thrown forward by the shockwaves from the attack and made use of that to keep running once again.

'I can't use my flames. It would affect both of them,' This was Gustav's only counter to stop his shadow from getting used, but he couldn't use it.

'The only other option is making use of the Dimensional bracelet which I'm not sure would work underground and there's three of us this time,' He thought.

Gustav just knew he had to try regardless of how things were. He wouldn't want to get out of here and still be chased down by these two, it would be quite problematic.

He placed boss Danzo on his right shoulder and began operating his dimensional bracelet as he kept running forward.

All of a sudden he sensed the figure again and due to dealing with trying to pick a teleportation coordinate he was a little slower to react than the last time.


A dark strike aimed at his lower back, pierced into his left side sending Gustav flying forward.

As both Boss Danzo and Charisas were flung away from his grasp due to the force of the attack, he slammed into the wall


A loud blast echoed as his figure created a small hole in the wall.

Blood leaked out his sides and down the wall as he struggled to pull himself out while gritting his teeth.


He held onto his left side which was making sizzling sounds with dark fumes coming out as well as blood.

[Toxin Immunity Has Been Activated]

[Clearing Toxins]

[Toxin Has Been Deemed Too Strong]

[Toxin Immunity Has Been Overridden]

The notifications appeared in Gustav's line of sight and disappeared in a few moments.

'As expected of a Kilo rank... The toxin is more powerful than my current level of toxin immunity,' Gustav said internally as he pulled himself out of the hole.

"You did a good job of holding on for this long but it ends now," The same voice as before echoed across the place.

Garou figure could be seen up ahead, charging forward with speed.

Gustav quickly ran towards, Boss Danzo and Charisas, who were stabilizing themselves after the fall.

They both had bruises but were overall still okay.

"Take this... The portal will open up for you both," Gustav passed a red card to both of them which displayed a small glow at the middle.

"The portal is close by, run and keep running. Don't look back," Gustav said to boss Danzo and Charisas.

"But what about you?" Boss Danzo asked with a worried expression.

"I'll hold them back, just go," Gustav voiced out with a strong tone.

He could still see the hesitation in their eyes so he quickly voiced out again, "You two will only hold me back and get us all killed if you don't move now. Trust me,"

Both of them decided to do as told at this point and began running forward while Gustav turned around to face the opponents, headed for him from up ahead.

[Partial Kilapisole form activated]

Gustav's body bloated as he turned green, and he proceeded to stomp on the ground.


A wall began forming behind him after Boss Danzo and Charisas got a few feet away.

Icicle-like rocks shot out of the ground at a quick pace, joining together and spreading out from wall to wall across the seventy feet wide tunnelway.

At this point, Garou arrived right in front of Gustav while slashing out before he was done completing the wall.

Gustav remained in position as an icicle-shaped rock shot out of the ground in front of him.


A violent collision rang out as the metallic blade-like fins slammed into the icicle-shaped rock, causing blasts of winds to spread across the place.

Cracks appeared on the rock that protected Gustav from the attack, but this one second of obstruction was enough for Gustav to finish constructing a sturdy wall behind him.

Gustav rolled to the side as his body transformed back to normal, while the rock that protected him blasted into pieces with Garou's blade-like fin slashing forward.

'Add ten attribute points to strength,' Gustav said internally, as his body increased in size.

[+10 Attribute Points added to strength]

His arms turned brownish red and thorns protruded from several parts of his body, along with two bull-like horns.

"Oh, so you have the ability of transformation?" Garou voiced out with a fascinated tone.

Just as dashed forward, Gustav sensed the dark force around him again.

Without being told, he already knew what this meant.

[Fiery Core Bloodline Activated]


Blueish flames instantly burst forth from his figure, spreading across the entire vicinity.

Garou jumped backward as the flames consumed everywhere around Gustav, spreading across more than seven hundred feet radius.

As the vicinity lit up, the dark force Gustav sensed disappeared.

A figure phased out of Garou's massive shadow and moved to his side, staring at the glaring flames.

This person had a slim figure with blueish worm-like hair that kept wriggling in the air.

"It would seem this person has more than a single bloodline," Biden voiced out as he stood side by side with Garou.

"Hmph, flames like this are of no consequence to my toughness," Garou voiced out with a deep masculine tone.

"I shall refrain for now. My dark travel will not work unless the flames are put out," Biden voiced out in response.

"I will deal with him on my own," Biden said before dashing forward and swinging out both his arms in an 'X' format.


A big part of the flames was instantly cleared up, revealing Gustav within the sea of flames.

He seemed to be prepared for this already as he shot out an elongated and massive fist towards Biden.

Biden reacted by swinging his arm forward as well to meet Gustav's attack.


Massive shockwaves instantly spread across the place as the tunnelway violently trembled once again.