The Bloodline System - Chapter 684 - Garou And Biden Strikes

Chapter 684 - Garou And Biden Strikes

Chapter 684 - Garou And Biden Strikes

"Huh?" Gustav suddenly sensed something and turned his head to the side.


A figure suddenly phased out of the rectangular-shaped shadow by the left of a small pole hanging from the ceiling area of the tunnelway way.


The instant Gustav spotted the figure, he sensed a strong force headed for him.


He instantly leaped into the air and did a backflip. A sharp-looking crescent-shaped dark blade passed right underneath his ascending body.

It was so massive; it reached both sides of the walls of the tunnelway, cutting long lines across them.


Gustav landed on the ground and turned around with speed, only to see that the figure had disappeared.

"What was that?" Charisas voiced out with a tone of confusion.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he looked around him, trying to find the culprit. Even though he could see anyone in the vicinity, he could still sense a dark presence.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Just as he activated God Eyes a figure phased out of his shadow, striking towards his neck instantly.

Gustav's eyes widened as he quickly bent his neck towards the side, causing the dark-looking strike to tear open the left side of his neck.


Blood spilled out from his neck as he dashed towards the side and struck out, only for the figure to disappear again.

"My boy, are you okay?"

"You're bleeding,"

Boss Danzo and Charisas voiced out at the same time as blood oozed down Gustav's neck.

"I'm fine," Gustav said with a calm tone, ignoring the injury.

"You are truly fast, but I thought we would be dealing with a stronger opponent," A masculine voice echoed across the tunnelway.

It was impossible to pinpoint the location of the owner of this voice, since it seemed like it was coming from every direction.

'We?' Just as this thought appeared in Gustav's head, a figure shot out from a shadow on the wall towards Gustav.

Gustav jumped backward quickly again to avoid the fist thrown out at him.


The fist collided with the ground, causing a loud blast to ring out as cracks appeared all over and shockwaves were sent forth across the place, forcing Gustav further backward.

As the dust cleared up, Gustav could see a massive nine-foot-tall man with ram horns and an immense muscular build.

He had metallic fin-like outlines, protruding out the sides of his arms.


His muscles bulged, even more, ripping his upper clothes as he began walking towards Gustav.

This was one of the two told to get Boss Danzo and the girl back, Garou.

'Must be one of the guards... A kilo ranked?' Gustav was instantly able to sense his strength was similar to that of Miss Aimee when sealed.

It was similar, but he could tell this one was weaker. However, even with that, a weak Kilo ranked would still defeat five Falcon ranked mixedbloods any day and anytime.

'The situation seems dire... There must be another one since the voice said we,' Gustav thought.

Figuring all this out, the next step that came to mind was, 'Run,'

[Sprint Has Been Activated]


He instantly sped forward, running across the left wall to dodge Garou.

Garou's eyes turned to the side, following Gustav's speed and he proceeded to jump towards the wall by the side while Gustav was running across it.


He swung out his arm, making use of the metallic fins to slash at Gustav's figure.

Gustav was able to dodge as he leaped forward, escaping the slash by a few inches.


The entire place quaked again as the fin created a seventeen feet deep gash across the walls along with cracks spreading.

Gustav continued speeding forward after landing back on the ground, as Garou turned around to chase after him.

Gbam! Gbam! Gbaam!

It sounded like giants were running across the tunnelway way as Garou chased after Gustav, slashing repeatedly at him from behind.

Fwwoosshh! Swerve! Fwwoosshh! Swerve!

Gustav would occasionally swerve from side to side and even jump at times to dodge the slash, which sent sharp shockwaves towards him.

Sounds of collision would occasionally reverberate across the place as the entire tunnelway way shook violently from his attacks.

Gustav was only a little faster than Garou was while using sprint. Garou also didn't have to make contact to attack from behind, he only had to swing his arms, which showed just how powerful a Kilo ranked Mixedblood was.

Gustav already knew that he would lose badly if he was to face a kilo ranked Mixedblood with his current strength level. He would at most be able to hold out for some time, but he knew defeat would be at hand, so he chose to escape this time.

He still had two people in his grasp, so escaping was the main focus right now.

He was already starting to leave a big gap between him and Garou, so he knew it was only a matter of time before he became completely out of sight.

Garou was unable to touch him with any of those attacks even though they caused chunks of rocks to fall from the ceiling at times. He was able to successfully maneuver his way around them and avoid getting hit so far.

[Emergency Quest: Successfully Escape From Guards: Garou and Biden]

A notification suddenly appeared in his line of sight.

'So they truly are two of them,' This confirmed things for Gustav, seeing the notification.

'Then, where is the second one?' the instant this thought came to mind, Gustav sensed a presence around him again and swerved to the side.

Just like before he was a tad too slow causing the strike aimed at the back of his neck to slash the right side of his neck causing blood to ooze down.

The figure had disappeared right after landing the attack before Gustav could retaliate.

Gustav already knew earlier that this person was making use of the shadows, but even with that information, they were just too fast to be dealt with.