The Bloodline System - Chapter 683 - Trapping The Pursuers

Chapter 683 - Trapping The Pursuers

Chapter 683 - Trapping The Pursuers

The entire tunnelway began trembling violently as they blasted a massive crater into the area where Gustav punched.

Which, in turn, created cracks that spread across the entire place.

Gustav quickly turned around at that point and dashed forward, away from that area along with both of them.

Krrryhh~ Bam! Bam! Bam!

All across the vicinity parts of the wall structure within the tunnelway way fell crazily.

And in a manner of moments, these chunks of rocks had blocked completely the entry area behind.

The rocks are still up ahead, covering more parts and making the obstruction even thicker.

Gustav felt bad about Sir ZiL and Damien, in particular, being trapped there, but he had no choice.

It would take a lot of time before they could get the obstructing rocks out of the way which would give Gustav the chance to escape with Boss Danzo and Charisas.

Gustav sped past the affected area which was over two hundred feet of space, similar to a football pitch range.

This was how much the tunnelway was affected by his punch and even the burning sands began to leak from above after the underground structure in this area was badly affected.

Fortunately, it was well structured so, besides the area Gustav aimed for, the other parts would not cave in.

The spectators and everyone on the other side were still very much okay.


While Gustav was speeding away with both of them, two figures phased out of the shadows in front of the affected area of piles of rocks.

These two were the same people to who the man within the facility was talking earlier, Biden and Garou.

"This gives me a lot to work with," Biden voiced out as his worm-like hair wriggled mildly.

There was an intersection right in front of the affected area which led to three different paths.

He turned towards the one on the far left.

"This way Garou," He voiced out while moving forward.

Garou caught up to him as they moved in that direction. He proceeded to touch Garou's shoulder and the instant he did that, they phased into the shadows again.


-"What is going on?"

-"Did those two truly just escape?"

-"This is unbelievable,"

The voices of the spectators could be heard from all over as the trembling of the facility caused panic to spread.

They had heard the sounds of multiple explosions before this which were sounds of Gustav battling with the guards.

There were actually a lot of guards in this facility but Gustav was very fast so he was able to avoid most of them before they arrived at his location.

Now that he had left and blocked the exit, many of them were trying to get through but it was proving impossible.

The spectators had gathered close to the entry area, questioning the officials and trying to get through.

"Tell us what is going on," One of them voiced out again.

"Please remain calm. The situation is under control, we shall proceed with the next match now," One of the staff was trying to regulate the situation.

However, the spectators did not seem to want to listen as they remained in their position.

Damien walked through the crowd of spectators looking for his grandfather.

He later spotted him somewhere by the side speaking with a staff member.

"Grandfather," He called out to him as he squeezed out of the crowd.

"Hmm alright then, it seems we have no choice," Sir ZiL said to the staff before turning around to face Damien.

The staff member turned to leave after their brief discussion as well.

"Grandfather, what is going on?" Damien asked.

"It would seem we are trapped here for the time being," Sir ZiL said with a look of suspicion.

"Trapped?" Damien voiced out with a tone of surprise.

"The battles ongoing earlier caused a part of the tunnelway in front of the exit to collapse. It will take some time for them to get it out of the way," Sir ZiL explained.

"So they truly managed to escape then," Damien said with a tone of realization.

"Hmmm," Sir ZiL's eyes squinted as he mumbled.

"Also, one of the spectators, Mal Ali was murdered," Sir ZiL added.

Damien already heard about this and even saw the corpse being moved a while earlier. No one could link the escape with this murder, which made things more confusing.

"Grandfather, you know I can get out of here if I use my bloodline abilities," Damien stated with a proposing tone.

"No, don't even think about it. We don't even know what we're dealing with yet and what do you intend to do the moment you get out of here?" Sir ZiL said with a strong tone of disapproval.

"I couldn't find Big brother Gustav even when I checked everywhere... I'm sure this has something to do with him," Damien stated.

"We can't be so sure. You could have missed him or something and keep your voice down. If this truly has something to do with him we don't want anyone knowing," Sir ZiL voiced out with a logical tone.

Sir Zil also shared similar thoughts with Damien seeing as Gustav had completely disappeared and only came here because of Eldorado in the first place. It didn't seem like a coincidence.

The looks of the person responsible for the incident were displayed to all the guards who arrived late and he caught a glimpse.

This person had white hair and an oblong-shaped face. He had no idea that Gustav had a shape-shifting ability so he was having a hard time connecting him to the incident.


Within a brightly lit tunnelway, whooshing sounds reverberated across the place as a red streak blazed through with speed.

Wind spread across the place as Gustav ran through the tunnelway.

His perception was spread far and wide across the place so he knew he only had to run for about one minute more before he arrived at the part of the tunnelway where the portal back to the city would be generated.

"Huh?" Gustav suddenly sensed something and turned his head to the side.