The Bloodline System - Chapter 682 - Escaping The Underground Battle Site

Chapter 682 - Escaping The Underground Battle Site

Chapter 682 - Escaping The Underground Battle Site

"Get on my back we're leaving," He voiced out to the girl.

She shrank back as she saw Gustav's eyes glowing blue color and his right arm thrice the size of his normal arm with blueish veins.

"Don't worry, do as he says," Boss Danzo comforted her.

"One moment," Gustav said and moved towards the three men by the sides who were shrinking back to the wall.

"It was you right..." Gustav voiced out as he pointed at the man wearing a blue turban on his head.

The man shrank back in fear, wondering what Gustav was talking about, till his back kissed the wall.

Gustav conjured up an atomic blade in his left hand and threw it forward without wasting any more time.

Shrrreeevvv~ plop!

The sound of tissue being cut through echoed in the room as the blade pierced into his forehead.

Blood flowed down his face as his eyes rolled to the back and he was sent to the afterlife.

The others shivered with looks of fright, sincerely scared for their life as they stared at Gustav.

However, Gustav knew there was no time to waste so, he quickly picked Boss Danzo up as the girl jumped onto his back.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

He bolted out of the room with speed, leaving behind a blast of wind that blew across the room.


"Garou, Biden, catch the escapers,"

In a part of the facility above the room area of the spectators, a man voiced out as he stood in front of two people.

One was a buff man with ram horns and blade-like fins on the sides of his arms. The other was a slim-looking guy with blue worm-like hair and a black dotted white skin.

The wormy hair glowed and began wriggling as it rose.

"I can see him. He's fast," Biden voiced out as his worm-like hair continuously wriggled.

"Let's get him before he leaves," Garou voiced out as turned around to head towards the exit. His massive body bulged intensely, causing his clothes to squeeze tightly to his body displaying the immensely muscular frame.

"Just to be clear, we can use any means at our disposal to catch them?" Biden asked as he slowly walked to catch up with Garou.

"Yes, just make sure you catch them. The person helping them is another matter. It is of no consequence if you kill that one," The man in the background voiced out.

A grin appeared on Garou's face after hearing that as they moved.

"Let's go," Biden grabbed hold of him before pulling him into the shadows.

Both of them disappeared into the shadow completely.



Gustav blasted across the place with speed, heading towards the exit point.

Several guards already arrived to block him but with his speed, he was able to dodge every single attack and even ran across the wall to dodge some of them.

He could already see the entry area in the distance, which was structured to look like the opened mouth of a beast.

More guards were stationed there and Gustav could see the mouth closing up. They were trying to trap them here.

Speeding up and jumping across the walls in a zig-zag format, Gustav was able to avoid most of the guards.

Zweeei! Zweeei! Zweei! Boom! Boom!

Sounds of blasts rang out as Gustav spun across the air while leaping to another part of the wall.

He rebounded off that wall speedily as several attacks came flying towards him and headed straight for one of the guards on the ground.


His knee slammed into the guard's face, sending him flying with blood spilling out of his nose, eyes, and mouth.

The guards by the side saw this as an opportunity to attack and both threw out powered attacks.

One a spinning force of white energy and the other several icicles flying towards him.

Gustav swerved towards the side, first dodging one as he threw out his leg in response, hitting one of the guards in the chest.

He jumped backward to dodge the icicle before dashing forward once again and grabbing hold of the second guard with his left arm.


He slammed him into the wall and spun around to throw him towards the guards approaching from behind.

Gustav was holding onto Boss Danzo with his right hand like he was a baby while Charisas was on his back, holding onto him tightly hoping she wouldn't get thrown off.

Both of them did not wish to be dead weight, but they had no choice but to just get strung along with the way Gustav was moving with so much speed and agility.

All this was done with very quick speed, but even with that, the mouth of the opening up ahead was only a few feet away from closing up.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

Bolting forward with immense speed, Gustav sped through the small opening left in the entry point, just before it closed up.

After his body sped through, a loud sound of collision was heard behind.


The mouth had closed up, trapping the other guards behind that were chasing after him.

The entry point area was clear of guards, but Gustav knew that the control still lay in their hands since they only needed to push a button to have it opened up again.

They were still underground and this was a structured space with walls so Gustav dashed towards the side after deactivating Combination.

His right arm which was still glowing and bulging with blue energy arched back as he arrived in front of the wall by the side.


Gustav voiced out as he gathered the force of all the energy he had absorbed from the glass earlier into his fist.

Right before Boss Danzo's and Charisas' eyes, they saw the blue on his arms move towards his fist area.

Gustav threw his fist forward with force.


It sounded like an explosion went off as his fist slammed into the wall and a blue blast of energy burst forth.