The Bloodline System - Chapter 681 - Let's Go!

Chapter 681 - Let's Go!

Chapter 681 - Let's Go!

He and Charisas had been dating secretly until the mom realized her son had fallen in love with an ordinary maid, contrary to her plans for his future love life.

Marshal could only hope that Charisas would be able to come out on top here. But with the looks of things that was close to impossible as he recalled Eldorado fights with past opponents.

They watched as Charisas was pushed back, slowly dominated by Boss Danzo's attacks. Multiple injuries began to appear on her body as the fight continues.

'When will he use the ten hits combo?' This was the thought on everyone's mind as they hungered to see the finishing move once again.

They knew he was just taking his time and the battle would definitely end the moment he decided to unleash his finishing move.

Gustav stared at the battle from his position as he calculated how much was left.

'Ninety-eight percent... Only a few more seconds,' He said internally as he kept sucking the energy from the glass.


Within a control room, an alarm went off as a holographic image displayed a part of the facility. A part of the image displayed a red blinking light, alarming the staff within.

"What's going on? Why is it losing power?" One of them asked with a look of confusion.

"No idea... It looks like its integrity will soon turn zero," another one voiced out.

"Doesn't that mean it will turn completely weak and easy to break through?" The other staff voiced out.

"Yes," another staff there answered.

"We have to alert the boss immediately."


'Ninety-nine percent... Done,' Gustav's eyes suddenly crackled with blue energy as he said internally.

His right arm was glowing with blue color at the moment and was extremely bloated. It was three times larger than its original size and vein outlines could be seen all over.

Gustav placed his left palm on the glass, and brought down his thumb finger, displaying only four fingers.

His fingers glowed a fiery bright light, causing attention to be drawn to himself from the stage area.

The three in the same room with him also witnessed his glowing fingers but had no idea what was happening.

Boss Danzo had already spotted this and held onto his hat, pushing it up and down twice.

Charisas, who was bleeding from her forehead at this time, raised her hand.

Fwwhii! Fwwhii! Fwwhii! Fwwhii!

All the daggers strawn across the place lifted up into the air and started flying in her direction.

Boss Danzo dodged them as she called them back to her, and they all floated around her.

He moved to the side, backing the area where Gustav's spectating room was located.

Making a hand sign, everyone focused back on him.

"He's about to use it," These were the thoughts in their heads and some of them voiced it out in excitement as they watched.

Fwwhii! Fwwhii! Fwwhii! Fwhhi!

Charisas flung out all the daggers surrounding her towards Boss Danzo which he dodged swiftly while traveling towards her.

The daggers stabbed into the wall up ahead, all making a kind of line across the wall in an upwards format.

After dodging them all, Boss Danzo arrived in front of her, and several blade-like objects shot out of his finger as he spun around while swinging his hand out.

Everyone had looks of excitement as they watched his fingers pierce towards the jaw of the girl.

Suddenly, he stopped his fingers a few centimeters away from her face and reached to grab her arm.

"Let's go," He voiced out to her hearing before turning around and running towards the wall area where the daggers were stabbed into.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Everyone was in disbelief and confusion as they saw the two opponents running side by side towards the wall up ahead.

Boss Danzo grabbed onto her left arm tightly as he tapped a button on his shoulder area, causing his boots to make a weird sound.


He jumped upwards with the girl in his grasp, elevating a few feet high and landing on one of the daggers stabbed into the wall.

He kept holding onto her while stabilizing his footing and jumping a few feet upwards once again.

Landing on the last dagger which was up to twenty feet high up, there was still up to seven feet of space left between Boss Danzo and the glass area where Gustav was situated.

It was at this point that everyone seemed to realize what was going on.

At the same time, this was happening, the staff in the control room were reporting the situation of the glass that had lost all its protective energy.

While the higher-ups were receiving that information they spotted what was happening on the stage from the holographic projection within the room.

"They're trying to escape! Stop them now!"

A loud shout was heard and every guard within the place armed up and began moving towards the room area where Gustav was situated.

Boss Danzo leaped up once again with the girl in his grasp, ascending a few feet upwards but he was unable to reach the desired height.

His eyes widened as his body reached the point where it started to descend right beneath the glass.

Bang! Krrryhh!

A loud sound of glass blasting to pieces rang out in the next second and before Boss Danzo knew what was happening, a hand reached out speedily and grabbed onto his.

Gustav had blasted the glass to pieces with a single punch and reached out to grab hold of Boss Danzo before he fell back to the stage.

He easily pulled Boss Danzo and the girl up together, bringing them into the same room with him.

The three in the room were terrified as they saw what was happening.

"What are you doing!?" One of them shouted out but Gustav ignored him.

Even though Gustav was currently using another identity, Boss Danzo had seen him before so he knew it was Gustav.

"Get on my back we're leaving," He voiced out to the girl.