The Bloodline System - Chapter 680 - The Rel Family

Chapter 680 - The Rel Family

Chapter 680 - The Rel Family

Clank! Clank!

Sounds of metallic collision reverberated across the place.

Both of them engaged each other in battle, clashing repeatedly.

Each of Boss Danzo's attacks caused Charisas to stagger backward as the sheer strength from each clash was higher than hers.

The spectators were already cheering loudly as they saw Boss Danzo's attacks pushing the girl back.

However, they were quite astonished to see how skilled she was since she managed to parry every attack that had been dished out so far.

Now that Gustav was watching Boss Danzo fight in person he had to admit that Boss Danzo had very good moves.

This had him wondering how Boss Danzo became so good at fighting. He looked like a veteran fighter with his moves.

The maid girl Chrisas was also good with her moves. Even though she wasn't as strong as Boss Danzo neither did her skills seem sharpened enough, she was quite fast.

Dodging one of Boss Danzo's slashes, she jumped upwards and threw her leg towards his face.


He grabbed hold of it and flung her towards the back.


She slammed face down onto the stage behind. Boss Danzo stood in place and touched the tip of his hat with a cool look like he could hear the cheers of the audience all across the world.

Everyone knew how he fought, he wouldn't be the crowd favourite if his battles weren't done with a bit of style.

The girl slowly pulled herself upwards and started taking steps backward while Boss Danzo walked towards her with a cool look.

She gritted her teeth as she brought out a dagger and threw it forward.


Boss Danzo slightly twisted his body towards the left, causing the blade to slice past his face with only a few centimeters gap from making contact.

He turned his body to normal as a loud slicing sound was heard from behind. The dagger that was thrown out had turned around mid-air and started flying back to where it came from.

It spun across the air with speed, slicing towards the back of Boss Danzo's head before anyone could react.


His fingers, which were covered in claw-like rings, grabbed hold of the dagger a few inches before it made contact with the back of his head.

Boss Danzo brought the dagger to his front and stared at it for an instant. Just as he wanted to fling it out it beep a red light twice...


A small explosion sent boss Danzo flying as the dagger disintegrated into dust.

His apron flapped as he landed on his feet and slid backward by a few more feet with a trail of black smoke left in his wake.

His black apron glowed a low dark light as coughed twice before raising his hand and catching his hat that got blasted off his head as well.

The instant he stopped sliding and placed it back on his head, four more daggers tore through the small cloud of black smoke up ahead, flying straight at him.

He quickly jumped to the side and rolled away.

The daggers stabbed into the wall up ahead and exploded upon contact.

They barely caused any damage to the wall since it was very tough and self-repairable.

Boss Danzo began charging towards her again as she gathered three more daggers in her hands and flung them out.

Boss Danzo made use of the claw-like covering on his fingers and slashed out quickly.

Slapping the daggers away before they could explode.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three more small explosions rang out by the sides as Boss Danzo kept dashing forward to engage her.

She stared at the daggers strapped to her waist and noticed that only two were left, while one more was in her left grasp.

She pulled out one more, holding two daggers in both her hands as he charged forward as well.


Within one of the small spectating rooms, four people sat on luxurious-looking chairs with tables positioned in front of them like they were in a dining hall.

There were different delicacies served there as this group of four watched the ongoing battle with keen eyes.

One was a woman with blonde hair and buxom features. She had black lipstick on and looked like she was around thirty years of age.

Two out of the four were men dressed in luxurious-looking purple suits. One was bald and the other had black short hair with a slightly feminine facial look but stern eyes.

While the last person was a teenage boy with black hair and patches of blonde with very fair skin. He looked extremely feminine, with tender lips and a weak-looking countenance.

"The girl seems to be more than we expected," the blonde woman voiced out.

"It would seem that way. However, Eldorado won't lose to her," The Bald man voiced out.

"He must just have been surprised like we were and underestimated the kid," the feminine-looking man stated.

"She will win," the boy voiced out with a confident tone.

"Son, I admire your love for this lower life, but you will have to let go of her. Mr. Eldorado will cut her to pieces this night," the woman voiced out with a merciless tone.

"No mom, she will win I trust Charisas. She will prove you all wrong and we will be together," The feminine-looking teenage boy said and proceeded to bite his lower lip with an anxious look.

"I guess we shall see. Although it would be quite pitiful to lose such an able worker, she brought this upon herself," The blonde woman voiced out while scoffing.

'Charisas, you can do this,' The feminine-looking teenage boy clenched his fist in his seating position while saying inwardly.

These were the main members of the Rel family which was an influential family in Burning Sands village.

The blonde woman was Mrs. Triss Rel and the feminine-looking man was her husband Mr. Piltrea Rel who was also the head of the household.

The bald man was his brother and the kid was their only son, Marshal Rel who was the reason for the current predicament with Charisas.


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