The Bloodline System - Chapter 679 - And So It Begins

Chapter 679 - And So It Begins

Chapter 679 - And So It Begins

Her fingers and legs kept trembling as she tried to lock her grip on the gun and stand.

She wanted to finish the job but due to weakness from injuries, she was delayed. Her face was smeared in blood and her outfit was stained red as well. She could feel she had internal injuries as well.

While she was struggling to get it together and finish the job, the plus-sized lady who had been laying on the ground for the past few seconds moved.

Making use of her one functional arm, she pushed herself up, standing to her feet, and stared at her left shoulder, which was bleeding and void of an arm.

Her face lit up in pain and anguish as she moved towards where her staff was laying on the floor and picked it up.

"Hyaaahhh!" She threw it like a javelin towards the slim lady.


It slammed into her forehead, knocking her out in an instant as she dropped the gun subconsciously.


This caused the trigger to be pulled once again, shooting out a beam that obliterated the plus-sized black woman's right leg in the next instant.

Another scream of pain was heard as she fell to the floor of the stage. She was bleeding from her right knee area profusely, which was missing the rest of the leg.

She groaned in pain profusely as she had now lost her left arm and her right leg. She couldn't get to her opponent who had now passed out at this time.

Everyone was stunned watching from within the facility and other locations online.

This battle had gone in an unexpected route. Now nobody knew who would win. Both were still alive, however, incapacitated and passed out.

The battle would not end unless someone was dead and the situation just made things complicated.

While everyone was debating on how this would end, Gustav was secretly rejoicing, as this would waste more time and give him the chance to absorb more of the energy from the glass before Boss Danzo's match came on.

'Hopefully, he'll be able to convince her,' Gustav said inwardly, while still focusing on absorbing the energy.

In the next few minutes, there was still no movement on stage and the higher-ups were beginning to think of a plan to take care of the current situation.

Just as they were about to send someone over there, the slim brown-haired lady opened her eyes.

Everywhere seemed blurry to her as she tried to recall where she was, "I'm not dead?" She was surprised she wasn't killed yet.

Then she spotted the plus-sized black woman up ahead laying on the stage and trying to pull herself forward with one hand.

This was where the battle came to an end.

The slim brown-haired lady made use of her last strength to pick up her gun and fired twice at her opponent, blasting her body apart.

Bang! Bang!

Blood and body parts splattered across the stage bringing the fifth battle to an end.

'Seventy percent...' Gustav said inwardly as he noticed that the battle had ended.

'Boss Danzo will have to hold on for a while and put on a good show till I'm done,' Gustav said internally.

Trezilla Wins

The robotic voice of an AI announced.

There were cheers all across the locations connecting to the battle online. They couldn't believe that Trezilla still managed to win even when all odds were against her.

The staff moved towards the stage and cleared out the winner as well as the corpse remains of the loser.

Trezilla had passed out again after winning, but it didn't matter, since she already won. All that was left was for her to receive treatment.

Mr. Eldorado Vs Charisas

The AI announced as everyone spotted Boss Danzo walking into the fight arena with a black apron tied to his body and a black hat.

On his fingers, four claw-like rings could be seen.

There were cheers from even within the facility as he arrived on stage with his head down. Gustav could not help but admit that he looked quite badass at the moment.

Boss Danzo touched the tip of his hat and nodded like it was a signature act.

Unknown to those at the original location, the viewers were already cheering loudly as he arrived.

'His opponent is already dead.' Everyone had this in mind as well as the question, "Who is Charisas?"

They had never heard of this fighter before so they assumed it must be a new one which made them intrigued.

'Eighty percent,' Gustav said internally as he spotted the new figure approaching the stage.

It was a 5'3 tall girl, dressed in shorts and a sleeveless green top. She had a kind of small cloak wrapped around her head to her waist which hid the daggers strapped to her waist.

"Hmm is that the Charisas?" No one could see her face properly due to the cover-up.

All they noticed was she was short and she looked a bit young based on what was revealed but they had no idea that she was actually a kid because a lot was covered up.

Boss Danzo and Charisas stared at each other with intensity as they stood several feet opposite themselves.

Boss Danzo stared at the glasses up ahead, covering the rooms of the spectators from the corner of his eyes like he was looking for something.

After a brief moment, he held his hat and turned it sideways twice.


The instant the go-ahead was given, both of them darted at each other fiercely.

Fwwhiii~ Thrrrruhhhhh~

Charisas spread her cloak with both hands, causing four daggers to fly up from her figure.

Boss Danzo arched his right arm back as the claw-like rings grew longer, covering four of his fingers up and growing longer, making his fingers look like actual claws as he slashed forward.

Charisas spun as she grabbed hold of two daggers in mid-air, slicing towards Boss Danzo as well.

Clank! Clank!

Sounds of metallic collision reverberated across the place.