The Bloodline System - Chapter 67 - Punishment

Chapter 67 - Punishment

Chapter 67 - Punishment

The smile on the man's face disappeared as he noticed her glare.

"Ahem, give me his life signs..." Zach demanded.

"His life signs..." Before miss Aimee could complete her statement she heard a ring.

Tring! Tring! Tring!

Miss Aimee took a small button from her sleeves area and placed it on the left side of her head.

Miss Aimee's eyes slightly widened in astonishment as a masculine voice drifted into her mind.

"Gustav? Are you alright?" She voiced out with a worried tone.


"Good, where are you?" She replied with a tone of relief.

Zach watched from the side with a confused look. He could already guess that she was communicating with the person she came to search for which had him wondering what exactly happened in the first place.

"Alright, I'm coming!" Miss Aimee said and removed the button from the side of her head before turning around.

"The deal is off Zach!" She said and walked out of the room.

Zach stared at her back and sighed.

'So much for getting my hopes up... I thought I could finally get her to do something for me,'


Edan stood at the left corner of the darkroom.

He was speaking to someone with a communication button glued to the side of his head.

These days, easy communication was possible with the use of these technological buttons.

Calls could be answered with a thought so there was no need to bring out the device.

It was mostly used on the battlefield for communication. A person could be fighting battles and receiving instructions at the same time.

Also in this age where bloodline abilities existed, some mixed-bloods could listen to people talk from afar but with this, it would be impossible for someone to eavesdrop on your conversation since the voice of the person on the other end was going directly into your mind and not your ears.

"Yes, young master Yung we just finished interrogating him using the brain tweak helmet,"

"Yes, he recounted the whole train of events,"

"Yes... Yes... I was surprised also,"

"Everything adds up now,"

"Yes, young master Yung... I will give you the full details once I return,"

Edan's voice could be heard multiple times.

'Should I also inform him about how that kid happened to use a speed that was on par with a serial ranked mixed-blood... According to the information gathered, he's only an F-grade, how would he be able to use such power...?'

Edan wanted to ask Gustav about this but there was no time for that.

'well he's now a vegetable, this practically spells the end for him so I don't think master Yung needs to know,' Edan concluded.

"Alright Young master Yung, I will be leaving the facility in a few,"


He voiced out before the call ended.

After the call ended Edan walked towards the bed-like chair that Gustav was strapped on before.

He arrived before it and reached out his hand to grab the helmet when...


The wall behind him blasted apart.

"Huh?" Edan turned around in shock to look behind him but he saw nothing.

He suddenly felt wary.

"Who's there?" He shouted out while looking left and right.

"Show yourself!" He shouted out again as his arm suddenly turned shadowy and he raised it.

"I will kill you if you don't reveal yourself before me!" He started walking forward slowly with a look of caution while looking left and rights severally.

Sometimes he would even rotate just to check behind him but even after doing that for more than one minute, he still didn't see anyone.

"What is going on? There's no way the wall just exploded on its own..." He could see the bright corridor from the space within the broken wall up ahead but he couldn't understand how the wall could explode by itself.

"It didn't explode by itself, I'm responsible for that!"

He suddenly heard a cold feminine voice whisper into his left ear.

"Who are..." He quickly turned around while speaking only for him to notice a fist headed for his face.


A loud bone-cracking sound rang out upon collision causing Edan's face to cave in as the fist buried itself two inches deep into his face before throwing him backward.


The half-green mask on his face broke to pieces revealing a half-burnt face.


Part of his face cracked open as blood came spilling out of his face while he was being catapulted backward in mid-air.

He couldn't even scream in pain due to the destruction of his face.


His body slammed into the wall and broke through it.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

His body kept crashing through the walls in a straight line until it finally came to a stop, several hundred feet ahead.

From within the darkroom, the body-shaped holes within the walls could be seen.


A red figure dashed through the holes with Intense speed causing more parts of the walls to break and expanding the size of the holes.

The figure came to a stop before the body of Edan which was laying on the floor with a sunk-in face.

A fountain of blood was spilling from his face and head.

The figure who happened to be, miss Aimee raised her foot and stomped down upon his face again.


The sound of flesh being mangled and hard skull cracking, resounded across the place as blood spilled across the floor.

"You really have guts! For you to lay hands on my student!" Miss Aimee's voice was cold as ice.

"How dare you?"


"How dare you?"


"How dare you?"



This time she raised her foot very high and stomped on his chest.


Her foot crushed his sternum and down to down his lungs, causing another splatter of blood.

Miss Aimee raised her blood-soaked foot and placed them on the floor back. Her blue shoe was soaked in blood.

She noticed the man was no longer moving and squatted to pick him up.

She held onto his head that was battered beyond recognition and raised it.

She picked a pill out from her storage device and looked for his mouth which was almost missing due to the disastrous way his face looked.

She placed the pill in his mouth.

"You're not dying on me yet... You still have a lot of pain to go through at my hands!" Miss Aimee voiced out while dragging him by the hair, towards the darkroom where Gustav was held captive.

Edan's face was slowly recovering, along with his chest and lungs.

His body was healing up at a very fast rate as it would seem Miss Aimee gave him a very high-graded healing medicine.

Miss Aimee dragged him back into the room and lifted him.

"You will tell me who you work for and why you came after him!" Miss Aimee stated with a threatening tone.

Edan was starting to regain consciousness after the initial beating.

He shivered upon seeing her face.

Ash-colored hair, beautiful but very cold looks. It reminded him of Young master Yung.

'It's her... I'm finished!' A cold stream of sweats ran down his bloody back.

"Before you tell me what I want to hear..."

Miss Aimee said while dashing towards the wall on the right and holding onto his hair.


She arrived before the wall and paused her movement before smashing his face into it.