The Bloodline System - Chapter 678 - Absorption Process

Chapter 678 - Absorption Process

Chapter 678 - Absorption Process

The voices of the three men he met within the room earlier filled up the place as he walked in.

One of them was mentioning how he had already made over a hundred million, while another one was mentioning how he had lost so much this night.

They only seemed to care about the bet.

As Gustav walked in they stared at him for a few moments again before returning to their conversations.

A few ladies in skimpy outfits walked in later on to serve drinks and food items.

"Oh, this one looks good," One of the men voiced out as he grabbed the butt of one of the ladies and pulled her to sit on his laps.

She made a low shrieking sound as he ran his hands through her face.

While this was going on by the side, Gustav had shifted his seat forward and was only a few inches away from the glass.

He proceeded to place his right hand on it.

[Gravitational Energy Container Bloodline Has Been Activated]

Unbeknownst to them by the side, Gustav had begun absorbing the energy attached to the glass.

He would have conjured an orb to send the energy there, but that would warrant suspicions if it was seen. Currently, he was absorbing the energy into his right arm.

It kept bulging as he continued to absorb the energy.

On the stage, the two opponents currently battling were women.

One was a slim and tall lady with brown short hair. She had what looked like a reddish-colored shotgun in her grasp and kept firing out explosive blasts at her opponent.

The other was a massive plus-sized black woman with white hair and a six feet long metal pole in her grasp.

Fwwiihh~ Fwwhii~

She spun the pole around while moving from side to side, parrying the red blasts.

Swinging out the metallic-looking pole, a crescent-shaped florescent colored energy shot out of it.

The other slim woman rolled to the side, dodging the attack while also shooting out as her body rolled across the stage.

The battle still seemed to be in a stalemate, as neither of them got the advantage yet.

All fighters were equipped with a good piece of fighting technology, which was why every weapon had its perks.

They were all normal humans or slarkovs, but the fight was fiercer because of the attacks being thrown around.

As the battle turned fiercer, Gustav focused on the energy he was drawing out from the glass.

One of the men in the room with him was still busy messing around with the serving girls while the others laughed and took bites out of the food they were served.

One of the girls walked towards Gustav on the side and offered food.

"I'm okay, thanks," Gustav answered while his hand was still placed on the glass.

The lady nodded with a smile and moved towards the side, thinking Gustav was probably more interested in the fight.

'At least this one is not a creep like the others,' She said internally while shaking her head in pity as she stared at her colleague being molested by the side.

Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about it. This was part of the bargain when they were asked to work here but on the bright side, the creepy men could not go beyond this

Eventually, the girl was able to get away from them and all three girls moved out of the room quickly.

"That one is pretty good, I will ask Thormin to give her to me," the man at the far edge voiced out with a perverse tone.

"Didn't you get one last week?" Another one of the three men asked.

"I did, but I'm tired of her now. I've been going at her all week. I need fresh meat and this one qualifies," He responded and broke into a light laughter.

"Oh, remember there's a kid here we shouldn't be too loud,"

"But even the kid will be just like us one day so it doesn't matter,"

Gustav could hear everything from the side but he didn't pay them any heed.

'Thirty percent absorbed...' Gustav said in his mind as he continued absorbing the energy from the glass.

At this point, the battle within the ring was no longer at a stalemate. One of the fighters seemed to be seriously injured.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The plus-sized black woman pummeled the slim brown-haired lady with her fist.

Her massive behind pressed the lady to the ground, slowly crushing her internals while her face was being disfigured with punches as well.

The slim lady groaned in pain as she tried pulling herself from the pin but it was all to no avail, her nose had been dislocated and her left eye had already closed up. Her face was smeared in blood and she was close to passing out.

"Hyyyaaahh!" The black plus-sized woman raised both of her fists up, interlocking them and she gathered all her strength there in preparation to end the fight with this one last strike.

"Pppffffflll!" The slim lady spat a mouthful of blood out into her eyes causing her to close her eyes and try to clean them up.

Using this opportunity, the slim lady elbowed the plus-sized black woman to her face, causing her to stagger towards the side.

She was free and made use of this opportunity to roll to the side even though her whole body was hurting and grabbed hold of her weapon.

The plus-sized black woman also regained her stability at this point and tried moving as quickly as possible to the side before the slim brown-haired lady pulled the trigger.


"Kiiiarrhhh!" The dark-skinned plus-sized woman screamed out as her left arm was blasted into smithereens while she slid across the stage, staining it with thick red liquid.

The slim lady broke down after firing that shot.. Her body wasn't couldn't respond properly to her commands due to the severe injuries she had received.