The Bloodline System - Chapter 677 - Limited Time

Chapter 677 - Limited Time

Chapter 677 - Limited Time

"Does that mean you're here alone without any help?" Boss Danzo asked.

"Yes, I came by myself. What exactly is going on?" Gustav responded and proceeded to ask with a look of curiosity.

"This will be too dangerous for you to handle by yourself," Boss Danzo became worried after finding out that Gustav was here all by himself.

"Tell me about the situation, so I know how to properly process it. I came to the city and found out that you've been engaged in illegal-related activities. still don't understand what is happening?" Gustav voiced out.

"There's no time for me to explain everything but I promise there's a good reason why I'm here right now. I will tell you everything after we find a way to get out of here," Boss Danzo said with a slightly remorseful look.

Gustav didn't and wouldn't doubt him. He could still see the look of kindness in Boss Danzo's eyes, similar to what he remembered. What Gustav didn't know was, no one else had seen this side of Boss Danzo. He had been disguising himself since he became a part of the illegal underground fights.

"I saw that you're up against a kid, I thought the age qualification to be a part of this was higher?" Gustav questioned.

"That is exactly why I called. I wanted to deal with everything on my own since I brought this mess upon myself but I'm sorry my boy, I had to involve you because I can't take the life of an innocent kid," Boss Danzo looked down as he voiced out.

"It doesn't change the fact that I am a murderer but this one is something I can't do," He added.

Gustav placed his hand on boss Danzo's right shoulder before speaking, "I know about everything and can't blame you since it was needed for survival. Besides, they were all criminals and murderers so their deaths mean one less scum on the earth but I still need to understand what's going on,"

"Let me explain the predicament surrounding the kid I'm meant to battle today," Boss Danzo voiced out before he began narrating.


A few minutes later boss Danzo had finished narrating and Gustav was busy digesting the information while also asking a few questions.

"She agreed to participate?" Gustav asked.

"Yes. Kids make rash decisions based on feelings so I can't blame her," Boss Danzo responded.

Gustav turned to the wall and activated God Eyes.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

His sight phased through the wall and he spotted the girl, Chrisas.

The girl still happened to be training with several daggers in her possession. She had a fierce look of determination on her face as she swung them around repeatedly.

"Let me go talk to her," Gustav voiced out while preparing to stand.


Boss Danzo grabbed his arm before he could stand and voiced out, "Don't bother,"


"Her room is secured with a keycard. She won't be able to open it up from the inside as I did with you. The ring lords don't trust her to stay within so they kept her there and it will only be opened when it's time for our match," Boss Danzo explained.

"Those bastards... Setting up a sixteen-year-old like this," Gustav had no doubt now that they were all rotten to the core.

This whole entire organization was already an illegal entity and since he was an MBO officer he should be planning to bring them down. However, there was no mixedblood related activity going on here so this duty fell more on the police than the MBO.

The MBO barely ever got in involved in normal humans and Slarkovs activities.

"I want to break you out," Gustav stated his intentions.

"I can't leave the girl by herself. She would be grouped with someone else after my disappearance and when that happens, her death would be certified," Boss Danzo stated.

"Also, alarms will be triggered if you try to get me out of here and we might end up being trapped since we're currently underground," He added with a contemplative look.

"Do you mean they're preventive measures set up for this kind of scenario?" Gustav asked.

"Exactly that. It's easier for us to get trapped here right now since we're further underground than the spectators," Boss Danzo added.

"Hmm," Gustav thought about it and it really did make sense.

He would be trying to escape with two people so being further underground was even more dangerous.

"I have an idea," Gustav said as he squinted his eyes.

"But you must be able to convince her before you walk up to that stage," Gustav said with a tone of caution.

"There is no way to talk to her before the match," Boss Danzo stated.

Gustav proceeded to stand to his feet and turn to the wall.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

His index finger lit up with a milky-colored glow as he proceeded to stab it into the wall.

"This will take some time, so I'll explain to you what you have to do in the meantime," Gustav said as his finger slowly drilled through the wall.


Minutes later Gustav was already walking back towards his seat within the spectators' room he stayed in earlier.

He had managed to avoid most of the staff he saw on the way and only one of them stared at him with a suspicious look.

He had told Boss Danzo exactly what he had to do and the only real hurdle he saw at the moment was convincing the young girl to play along.

At this point, the fourth match just ended and the fighters for the fifth match were already making their way to the stage.

Boss Danzo's match would be next, so he had very limited time in convincing a girl that was fully determined to go up against him with the thought of receiving freedom to be with her lover after winning.

In the meantime, Gustav also had his part to play so he quickly arrived back in the room he stayed in earlier.

-"I have lost three bets today,"

-"Kazzim is such a good fighter, I knew he wouldn't disappoint,"

-"My fortune is good this night,"

The voices of the three men he met within the room earlier filled up the place as he walked in.