The Bloodline System - Chapter 676 - Meeting Boss Danzo

Chapter 676 - Meeting Boss Danzo

Chapter 676 - Meeting Boss Danzo

The three walked along the circular corridor without suspecting that someone infiltrated before the opening closed back up.

Gustav walked down the stairway which wasn't too long. Before he reached the bottom, the time of invisibility ran out and he became visible again.

However, he still did not de-activate Cognitive Concealment as this really helped to hide his presence. Unless they saw him with their eyes, it would be impossible for normal people and most mixedbloods to sense his presence.

Gustav finally arrived at the bottom of the stairs, reaching an intersection.

Turning to look at the path that led left, it kept going for quite a while before twisting towards the right at an end and that was as far as normal eyes could see.

The path which led right came to an end only a few feet away, with a small opening that led to what seemed like another corridor.

Gustav activated God Eyes and stared at the right side first.

His eyes squinted as he deactivated God Eyes while muttering underneath his breath, 'Finally,'

He could see a few people moving about that corridor, but he felt there would be no need to use another invisibility button since that was the corridor of the waiting room.

Gustav did not even bother checking what was on the left or where it led to because this was no time to play detective. His goal was to get to Boss Danzo as soon as possible.

At this moment the third fight was already reaching a stage where it could end at any moment.

Gustav walked quickly and arrived at the opening on the right pathway before going through it.

He had waited for a little, so some of the people moving around could lessen a bit.

He hung his head down as he turned right again after arriving at the corridor. The path left led to the fighting stage and Gustav for a moment spotted both opponents grabbing onto each other's throat and pummeling the other's face.

He only glanced at that area for less than a second and he had captured the details of everything happening. The blood oozing down their faces and injuries were since the battle began.

A staff passed by Gustav's side but didn't suspect anything. Their thought was, anyone here was either a fighter or a staff.

Arriving at the second to the last door on the left, Gustav turned around and stood in front of it.

He could sense the living being within, breathing and moving around anxiously.

Gustav raised his hand and proceeded to knock.

Kom! Kom!

He sensed that the prancing around stopped the moment he knocked.

"Is it time?" He heard Boss Danzo's tough voice from within.

Gustav was instantly hit with a wave of emotions as he heard his voice.

A smile appeared on his face as he proceeded to knock again.

Kom! Kom!

"Alright, I'll be out in a bit," Boss Danzo voiced out again.

Kom! Kom!

Gustav knocked yet again causing Boss Danzo to speak once more, "I said I'll be out in a bit, give me a second,"

Kom! Kom!

"Hey what's..." Boss Danzo voiced with a frustrated tone as...


The door slid open.

The familiar yet older and slightly disheveled face of Boss Danzo appeared in his line of sight.

"I said give me a min..." He noticed that something was off about the person standing in front of him, so he paused his speech.

"Who are..." Before he could ask Gustav suddenly pushed him in and closed the door behind.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Boss Danzo asked with a slightly annoyed tone as he tried to stabilize himself after staggering backward.

He could see the Six-foot tall kid with an oblong-shaped face and white hair standing in front of the door. To him, this person didn't seem like a staff member and the person couldn't be one of the fighters since he knew everyone who was fighting tonight.

"It's me," Gustav voiced out with a smile.

"You who..? Wait that voice..." Boss Danzo was initially confused but then his eyes widened as he pictured a face.

A flesh wriggling sound could be heard next as Gustav's face transformed.

He returned to his original look. Dirty blonde hair well-chiseled jawline and an extremely charming face.

"Gustav... My boy, you're here," Boss Danzo couldn't believe his eyes as he voiced out while moving closer to Gustav.

"Yeah boss Danzo, it's me," Gustav smiled as he responded.

Boss Danzo proceeded to share a hug with Gustav, patting his back repeatedly as he laughed joyously.

His face glowed up with happiness at this moment as he separated from Gustav to scrutinize him from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

"You've grown so much," Boss Danzo voiced out with a tone of astonishment.

Gustav just chuckled lightly in response before voicing out, "You on the other hand seem to have gotten shorter,"

Both of them laughed lightly before moving towards the side to sit.

Boss Danzo still couldn't believe his eyes, seeing Gustav looking like a mountain compared to the last time he saw him.

He knew Gustav was growing very fast at that time when he was still a cook in Echelon Academy but he had not expected Gustav to reach up to six feet in just a year and a few months. It was a very irregular growth speed.

"How is everything going with the MBO, kid?" He asked.

"So much has happened, I have so much to tell you and you have a lot of catching up to do," Gustav responded.

"All in due time. Make sure to tell me everything later," Boss Danzo voiced out.

"I take this as you got my message?" He added.

"I didn't... There was a problem with the communication but I could tell that something was wrong, which is why I'm here," Gustav explained.

"There was a problem with the communication?" Boss Danzo voiced out with a tone of confusion.

"Yeah, static sounds... I could only hear one or two words," Gustav stated.

"That's...." Boss Danzo had a suspicious look as he mumbled.