The Bloodline System - Chapter 675 - Loitering Around In Disguise

Chapter 675 - Loitering Around In Disguise

Chapter 675 - Loitering Around In Disguise

Thinking about all this, Gustav felt dealing with the situation himself would be the best course of action.

Since he was here alone, he could also pretend not to have any ties with Sir ZiL and Damien when he finally decided on what to do.

They had helped him to this point, so he didn't want his actions to put them in trouble. If the situation didn't look bad, he would have waited till after the match, but then he couldn't sit by and watch a kid getting slaughtered.

Especially after finding out that so far, all the enemies that boss Danzo had battled were ex-convicts who were involved in one kind of crime or multiple.

This made him feel a bit better about Boss Danzo murdering them, seeing as they weren't the innocent type anyways, but this didn't mean he had disputed the fact that Boss Danzo was now a different person.

He still had a lot of questions for him.

Gustav was glad the room was slightly darkened with only a dim red light placed within. However, the stage was very bright to give them a clear view.

The men in the room paid him no heed, so Gustav was sure they hadn't properly taken a good look at his face.


He slowly transformed, turning his face longer and thinner while his hair also changed into a white color.

Gustav now had a different look from behind.

While he made a plan, the next battle had already begun. After this one, only three more would be left before it was boss Danzo's turn.

Gustav activated God Eyes again and stared at the glass up ahead.

'With the amount of reading I'm getting from the protective energy around the glass, it would take at least twenty-six full-powered attacks for me to shatter it. This would take too much time, which gives them the chance to send guards after me before I'm done,' Gustav thought.

'Two more options... One, I absorb the energy into one of my orbs, so when the time comes, it would be easy for me to shatter the glass, but the absorption period would also take time since the energy is a bit complicated. I may or may not be done before the boss Danzo fight begins. The second option is I find the waiting room and get boss Danzo out of here before the fight begins,'

The second option looked more appealing to Gustav, but it didn't change that it would still be tough to get to the waiting room talk more of breaking boss Danzo out.

Also, he still hadn't figured out what would happen with the kid. There was so much he didn't know at the moment.

After thinking about it a few more times, Gustav decided he would find a way to visit the waiting room before Boss Danzo's fight began.

Thinking up to this point, he proceeded to stand to his feet and walked out of the room.


A few minutes later, Gustav approached the bathroom area after asking the staff around.

He approached the west area of the facility and arrived at a small corridor that led to the bathroom.

Gustav went in and stood in one of the cubicles before activating God Eyes.

His sight instantly went through the bathroom and straight towards the first room up ahead, which had about ten people within.

Gustav turned his eyes to the sides, looking for any route or entry point that led downwards towards where the fighters were waiting their turn.

At this point, the second battle had just finished.

Lahyim Wins

A blue armored man stood in the middle of the stage with both his hands raised as the crowd cheered. By the side, a corpse of another man could be seen with his eyes gouged out and a hole in the middle of his belly region.

Some staff came towards the stage to take the corpse away as the victorious fighter moved towards the exit.

The facility was massive so, Gustav was still checking for the right direction to head in while the third battle began. At this point, only two battles were left before it would be Boss Danzo's turn.

After a few more minutes, Gustav spotted something on the southeast side of the circular structure.

A small stairway beyond the wall that led downwards. The problem was this was beyond the wall, which meant the access way was something that closed and opened.

Activating it was something only the staff probably knew.

Even with this, Gustav decided to walk out of the bathroom and began heading towards that area. In a few minutes of walking, he arrived right in front of the area where there was a stairway beyond the wall. There was no sign that this place led somewhere else in the slightest.

Gustav proceeded to place his hand on it as he thought of whether he should destroy it or not.

'There will definitely be alarms triggered,' While Gustav thought, he sensed footsteps from up ahead.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]

Gustav's presence disappeared as he moved towards the side and took out a button-sized object from his storage ring.


As it appeared in his hand, he placed it on his forehead and tapped on its surface.


He instantly turned invisible.

'I only have two of these left, so I have to use it wisely,' He thought as he leaned against the wall by the side.


A small rumbling sound rang out as the wall shifted a little inside before sliding towards the side.

-"His guts were scattered all over the place,"

-"At least this cleanup isn't as bad as the last battle,"

-"I've gotten used to it anyway,"

The three figures coming through the door spoke with each other as they carried items out. Two of them had a bodybag which each person held from the side, while the third one seemed to be carrying cleaning pieces of equipment.

Gustav quickly moved towards the opening on the wall and darted in before it closed up.

The three walked along the circular corridor without suspecting that someone infiltrated before the opening closed back up.