The Bloodline System - Chapter 674 - First Fight Ends

Chapter 674 - First Fight Ends

Chapter 674 - First Fight Ends

Dash Mogul Vs. Dinetro


The instant the go-ahead was given, both opponents charged towards each other.

"Hyaaahhh!" Dinetro screamed out as he raised his hammer while dashing forward and brought it down, descending upon Dash Mogul's head.

Mogul paused her charge and jumped slightly to the side.


A loud sound of collision reverberated across the place as the hammer slammed onto the stage.

Mogul jumped towards the side, landing on the neck of the hammer before Dinetro could lift it back up.


A pillar of bright red flames burst forth from the ground where she had just leaped from.

Dinetro raised the hammer up along with Mogul, flinging her upwards.

Mogul didn't expect that Dintro had enough strength to still lift her along with the massive hammer, so she was taken by surprise as her body was flung into the air.

Dinetro raised his hammer high up again as he waited for a little for Mogul's body to descend before flinging the massive hammer upwards like he was throwing an uppercut.

Mogul descended with her katana stretched out as she proceeded to swirl in the air to give it more momentum while hacking towards Dinetro with it.



A loud sound of collision was made once again as her katana collided with his hammer, and her body trembled violently in mid-air before she was sent flying.

The immense force from the swing of the hammer was ridiculously higher than what Mogul had expected.

As she landed several feet away, her eyes widened as she quickly rolled towards the side after spotting the face of a massive hammer descending upon her.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

She kept rolling from side to side as Dinetro kept pounding downwards with his hammer, missing her body by a few inches each time.

If it wasn't for her speed, Mogul would have gotten turned into meat paste by now.

Landing another hit on the ground, Dash mogul suddenly spun across the ground while pushing her body up.


Her leg slammed into Dinetro's face, causing him to stagger backward, dropping the hammer.

She quickly made use of the opportunity to charge forward while swinging out her katana horizontally.

Dinetro tried to dodge by his chest was soon marked by bleeding plus sign as Mogul struck twice.

"Kiarrrh," He screamed out in pain as he tried moving away.

On the third swing, he swerved to the side and grabbed her hand before pulling her forward.


His head slammed into hers, causing her to stagger backward as she felt everything turning white.


Her katana fell to the stage floor as she found herself being lifted into the air due to her spinning line of sight.

Dinetro proceeded to slam Mogul into the ground, causing her to blackout.

"Hmph," He exclaimed as he stared at his blood-soaked chest and proceeded to move forward to grab his hammer.

At this point, lots of people who were tunning in were already chanting his name.


"Finish her!"

Dinetro grabbed his massive hammer on the ground and turned around to walk back towards Mogul's position on the ground.

"Ah bullocks, and I bet on her,"

"What a disappointment,"

Within the rooms where the rich and powerful were watching the battle, those who bet on Mogul were disappointed as they saw Dinetro shadow looming over her along with his hammer, which was raised up.

Just as Dinetro was about to slam down with his hammer, Mogul suddenly opened her eyes and did a flip roll on the floor.


Just as the hammer landed on the ground just a few inches in front of her, she tapped a button on the side of her chest.


Small blueish turbo flames shot out from the back of her boots as she suddenly dashed towards the side.


A pillar of flames jetted out of the ground the instant she moved away from her initial location again.

Dinetro, who had thought she was out cold, was shocked, but before he could react, a katana was already slicing towards his head.

He couldn't raise the hammer fast enough to block it, so he raised his hand instead.


Unsurprisingly the katana cut through his elbow and the rest of his hand and kept travelling towards his face till it divided it into two halves.


The sound of meat slicing apart along with brain matter reverberated across the place.

Blood spilled across the air as Dinetro's body fell limply towards the ground.

The fiery boots powered down as she arrived twenty feet ahead of the corpse and swung her katana towards the side to get rid of the blood on its blade.

Her forehead was bleeding, and she could feel that some of her ribs were shattered from the impact of Dinetro's slam, but she was in a much better state than him.

Dash Mogul Wins

The loud robotic voice of an AI announced her as the winner as she sheath her katana and moved towards the exit.

Everyone was still in shock as some watching cheered while the rich and powerful here who bet on her had smiling faces.

"Haha, Minu, didn't I tell you to bet on her," One of the men in Gustav's room voiced out.

"Until a while ago, you were regretting your choice and telling me you wished you had listened to me,"

"Tch, I was sure she was faking it, so I had to as well,"

The men in the room argued, but Gustav was unconcerned about their bets. He wanted to go find Sir ZiL to inform him about the situation at hand and how he could stop the match.

However, he stopped himself for several reasons. There were up to fifty rooms, and he probably wouldn't be allowed to enter without using force if they were all filled up.

Telling Sir ZiL about the situation might not help because what exactly could he do to stop the match that didn't go against the rule of the place.. He would be dragging him into an unsavory situation.