The Bloodline System - Chapter 673 - Figuring Things Out

Chapter 673 - Figuring Things Out

Chapter 673 - Figuring Things Out

The stage was dark brown, and a small projection was displayed several feet high up, showing the list of fighters that would be battling this night.

Gustav looked at the list, which was stopped at number twelve, which meant twenty-four fighters would be stepping on the stage this night.

Gustav spotted the name Eldorado at number six.

"Mr. Eldorado Vs. Charisas," He muttered underneath his breath with a slightly confused expression.

'This Charisas was not among the list of fighters I searched for... A new fighter?' Gustav thought with a suspicious look.

'No, they don't recruit till another two days. Among the list of previously recruited fighters, this Charisas wasn't mentioned,' Gustav couldn't understand where this Charisas suddenly appeared from, but at the moment, the fight already looked suspicious to him.

However, at the moment, there was nothing he could do except wait and try one more thing out.

[God Eyes Have Been Activated]

Gustav's eyes turned crimson and green with a gold dot in the middle as he stared at the entrance area of the stage.


His sight instantly went through the see-through glass and kept phasing forward till it went through the corridor.

As it kept traveling forward, he could see some people moving about and door to rooms by the sides of the corridor, which was most likely where the fighters were settling in.

The first match would start by 8pm, which was only a few minutes away, and it would be streamed online for everyone to see, so right now, the fighters were waiting, and some were loitering about.

Gustav scanned through the rooms one after the other, from left to right and from right to left again.

The fighters seemed to be practicing in some rooms, while some were just sitting around waiting. Every room had a weapon stand, and from the look of things, the fighters seemed to be well equipped.

Gustav's eyes squinted as his sight arrived at the second to the last room by the left. The person he had been looking for all this time was seated on what looked like a bench linked to the wall.

'Boss Danzo,' Gustav said internally as he noticed the look of anxiety on his face.

Boss Danzo had his hands in front of his face, joined together as he leaned his chin against them. He seemed to be in deep thought.

Gustav looked around the room and could see weapons as well.

'If only there was a way to talk to him before the match,' Gustav thought.

First Fight: Dash Mogul Vs. Dinetro

A loud announcement was made by an AI who also mentioned that the first match would start in the next two minutes and the fighters should prepare themselves.

There was no way Gustav could speak with Boss Danzo before the match and even Sir ZiL, who had promised to help him get the chance to speak with Boss Danzo after the match, said it would be impossible to speak with him before unless Gustav wanted to try something silly which would cause problems for both himself, Sir ZiL, Damien and even Boss Danzo.

Gustav was about to retract his eyesight when he spotted something in the next room by mistake.

'Isn't that... A kid?' Gustav's eyes widened slightly as he spotted a teenage girl in the next room.

This girl was around 5'3 with, dressed in shorts and a sleeveless green top. She was waving around two glowing daggers with a look of determination. She struck, slashed, and hacked sideways repeatedly.

It seemed she was training. Her face twitched twice as she suddenly stopped waving the daggers around and turned to stare in Gustav's sight direction.

Gustav was a bit startled as it looked like they were staring at each other, but this was impossible since Gustav was very far away at the moment.

After a few moments, she turned away and kept the daggers before moving forward to take some of the long-range weapons stacked on the weapon rack.

'Why is a kid preparing to battle here?' Gustav said internally with a repressed look as he retracted his eyesight.

Gustav had checked, so he knew nobody less than nineteen years of age was allowed to join the fighters here, and he also hadn't seen any information on this kid before.

Gustav quickly put two and two together as his face lit up with an expression of realisation.

"She's Charisas..." Gustav muttered, "Boss Danzo's opponent is a kid,"

Gustav realized this was more twisted than he thought.

'I need to find a way to stop this match,' The instant he thought of this, a small cheer was heard in the facility.

It was eight pm already, and one of the fighters seemed to be approaching the stage already.

The people who watched the illegal underground fights from their homes had already tuned in. A holographic projection of a log displayed the number of people tuned in all across the world, and it was already bordering on a million.

In the next few moments, both fighters could be seen standing in the middle of the underground arena, ready to battle.

One was a buxom-looking young woman dressed in tight-fitted red pants and top. She had a scar that looked like an arrow tip on her forehead and a mischievous look.

The other was a muscular man who immediately tore his shirt open as he arrived on stage carrying a massive six-foot-long hammer.

"Hehe, I hope you're ready to meet your maker, Mogul," He voiced out with a deep voice as he lifted the hammer and placed it on his left shoulder.

"Tsk tsk tsk Dinetro, all that build and you're still small in the place that matters the most, disappointing," She said with a light chuckle while unsheathing a katana from her back.

"I hope you won't change words after receiving a pounding from my hammer," He said with a look of anguish while raising his hammer.

Dash Mogul Vs. Dinetro


The instant the go-ahead was given, both opponents charged towards each other.