The Bloodline System - Chapter 672 - He Was Here I Swear

Chapter 672 - He Was Here I Swear

Chapter 672 - He Was Here I Swear

"We're here,"

The instant he deactivated God Eyes, Damien voiced out.

Gustav looked forward and could see a few cars lined up ahead and a massive opening which looked like the mouth of a monster.

Another hovercar was coming from behind them, and some hovercars seemed to be coming from the other routes that led to this particular location.

The hovercar was parked somewhere by the side as Gustav, Sir ZiL, and Damien got off.

Other people were also getting off their vehicles and moving towards the massive monster structured opening, which had several guards standing in front.

Everyone getting off cars had luxurious clothing, mostly expensive-looking suits and shoes, while for the women, dresses that sparkled. Gustav and Damien were the only ones dressed in casual outfits.

Even Sir ZiL was dressed in a white suit with small diamond-like stones embedded in different parts.

Sir ZiL had to worry about appearance since he was a prestigious figure in the city.

Those who were on good terms with each other exchanged pleasantries as they moved into the venue.

Sir ZiL was a bit delayed as he came into contact with several figures and had to exchange a few words with them.

Meanwhile, Gustav and Damien walked through the entrance.

The guards eyed Gustav a little since they couldn't recognize him from the previous fights but seeing him walking side by side with Damien, they decided to keep their mouths shut.

"Damien, Damien," A feminine voice called out to him from behind while they were walking into the underground facility.

"Ugh," Damien showed a disgusted expression as he heard the familiar voice.

"Big brother Gustav, let's walk faster," Damien whispered to Gustav.

Gustav got the memo and truly walked faster along with Damien like they didn't hear the voice.

However, this person seemed unrelenting as Gustav heard the sound of footsteps turned into running.

'Uh oh,' He said Internally.


"Damien," The person to whom this voice belonged tapped onto Damien's shoulder from behind and voiced out.

Damien had no choice but to stop walking at this point as his face repeatedly twitched with disgust.

"Heh, Miranda," Damien forced a smile as he turned around to stare at the girl.

It was a teenage girl who looked to be around the same age as Damien, with two pigtails by the sides of her head and very fair skin.

She looked quite pretty, and for someone of a young age, her body developed crazy fast as well because she was having busts bigger than that of adults.

"Damien, I thought you said you wouldn't be attending?" She questioned the moment he turned around.

"Yeah, I initially wasn't but changed my mind," Damien said while scratching his head.

"Oh, did you change it because of me?" Her eyes widened with excitement, and her face turned red as she questioned.

'I need to ditch her. Oh yeah, I could use Big brother Gustav's presence to my advantage,' Damien thought.

"No, actually, I'm here because of big brother Gustav. I have to make sure he's..." While Damien was speaking, he turned to the side to gesture at Gustav, but the instant he did, he froze up.

Gustav was nowhere to be found.

"Big brother, who now?" Miranda asked with a confused expression while also looking around.

"Where did he go?" Damien felt like punching air right now.

"No need to be shy, Damien. Let's go in together," She said while grabbing hold of Damien's hand and pulling him along with her.

"Wait, no, he was here, I swear, I need to find him," Damien kept voicing out while being pulled powerlessly by Miranda.

He felt like bashing his head against the wall right now, but he had no choice but to follow her, hoping to ditch her later after he sighted Gustav.


Currently, Gustav had arrived in the large facility, which had rooms where everyone present could watch from.

Some rooms could contain up to ten people, while some contained lesser. There was a glass panel up in front where they could see the stage from, which was a bit low since the rooms were exalted.

The rooms were structured around the massive fighting stage in the middle, so everyone could watch from different angles without any obstructions.

The room acted as a form of protection to prevent any fighter from attacking the spectators or any unexpected incident. The glass in front, which gave the spectators their view of the fighting stage, was also very sturdy and laced with protective energy to prevent any breakage.

Since the stage was a few feet lower, it meant the spectators would have to look down from their exalted platform.

Gustav was still moving around the circular corridor, looking for the best room. He spotted one that could only contain about four people and moved towards it to go in.

Flashing the red card he was given by Sir ZiL, the door slid open for him, and he went in.

The sign, which displayed '3/4', changed to '4/4' The instant he went in as the door behind him closed up.

Three other men in good-looking outfits were seated on three out of the four seats positioned in front of the massive see-through glass up ahead.

They all turned to stare at Gustav with slightly surprised expressions like they were trying to read him.

They just assumed he was some kid with a rich background or something and went back to discussing amongst themselves like he wasn't there.

Gustav sat on the seat on the far right and stared at the circular stage beyond the see-through glass.

Without even activating God Eyes, he could tell that the see-through glass was quite strong. This was the best room to be in since it had a small number compared to the others, just in case he wanted to try anything.

Gustav spotted the small opening by the west side of the stage, which he was obviously where the fighters would come out from.