The Bloodline System - Chapter 671 - Ring Lord Vanisher

Chapter 671 - Ring Lord Vanisher

Chapter 671 - Ring Lord Vanisher

He said exposure to the killings will tamper my thoughts and prepare me for what is to come, making my mental state stronger and all that.

Also, he's pushing me to understand that the world beyond this isn't all rainbows and sunshine,"

Gustav understood this method of thinking, but he still felt it was a bit rash for Sir ZiL to make such a decision for his fifteen-year-old grandchild.

Damien wanted to join the MBO and had even asked Gustav for some battle tips, but Gustav told him he would only offer some battle tips after he had found Boss Danzo and saved him from whatever ordeal was making him do this.

All his mind during the last three days was focused on research and making plans.

Damien's grandfather, Sir ZiL, was known as the best scientist within the city and was amongst the group of researchers that found a new use for the burning sands, so he also could be considered among the top influential people in the city. However, his power and riches still didn't come close to that of Mr. Vanisher.

Gustav knew the underground battles were illegal, but he had no real intention of stopping it since that wasn't what he was here for.

Besides, according to what he had gathered, no one was forced to battle against their will, and many normal people tried to get in since it paid a bunch to fight there.

Besides all this, Mr. Vanisher was quite the powerhouse, so going against him would be quite difficult. Gustav wasn't scared of him, but he also hoped Mr. Vanisher wasn't an enemy.

He was literally here on vacation and could get kicked out of the city at any time if he caused trouble.

Stirring the hornet's nest would not be wise unless he was ready to throw law and order out the window.

Gustav spent the rest of the day finishing his daily tasks and research on Mr. Vanisher as well as the rest of the other two Ring Lords.

He also had information on all the three hundred fighters at the back of his mind. A number that would clearly be shaved down after they went against each other and half of them get exterminated.

The deaths were the reason why the illegal underground battle dungeon kept recruiting new fighters almost daily.


Close to eight pm, Gustav arrived in front of Greyscale Pharmaceuticals, where a luxurious-looking jeep like hovercar was waiting by the side.

He went straight for it, and the doors opened for him to step in.

"Big brother Gustav," Damien was the first to greet from the side.

"Welcome. Are you ready to go?" Sir ZiL voiced out from the seat in front.

"Sure," Gustav responded with a nod.

The pilot started the engine and zoomed off into the distance.


They drove along the road towards one of the fiery checkpoints in the middle of the district.

As the hovercar approached the checkpoint, Gustav could see the circular attracting fiery ball of light. They drove straight towards it like some other vehicles in the area, and immediately contact was made; the car was covered with a bright red light for an instant.


In the next instant, they arrived at the western edge of the city.

Taking an alternate route that led further towards the edge, the road seemed deserted, like they were driving towards the dead end.

And truly, they were...

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated God Eyes and saw far towards the end of the road, which led to a small wasteland before the wall barricading the city.

Gustav didn't say a word because, according to everything he had learned so far, the battle wasn't holding in the city. He was only intrigued about how they would get to the location from here.

The driver kept moving till they were off the road and floating above the small wasteland.

He got to a point and stopped the car.

"Damien," Sir ZiL called out to Damien from ahead.

Damien nodded and got off the car. A red card appeared in his hand as he walked forward and arrived in front of the car.

Beep! Beep!

The red card made a beeping sound and glowed as Damien moved further ahead.


A small reddish portal opened up a few feet away from them, which was big enough for the car to fit in.

Damien turned around to return back to the car after this happened.


The driver drove straight in, and the portal disappeared after they phased through, along with any traces of it ever appearing there.

Arriving under what seemed like a tunnel way, the driver kept driving along the route that seemed a bit left curved.

Gustav was a bit intrigued as to where they were at the moment, so he asked.

"Where exactly is this?"

"We're currently traveling underneath the burning sands," Sir ZiL answered.

"How is underground not hot enough to shatter the walls and melt the car?" Gustav felt this didn't make sense.

Knowing how hot the burning sands were, according to research, it should even be hotter underground.

"That's because the flames don't burn that deep. The golden sands are reacting to the oxygen in the air, which keeps them burning forever. But oxygen cannot reach deep into the earth. At a certain point, it's obstructed," Sir ZiL explained.

"I see," Gustav now understood based on Sir ZiL's explanation.

He never knew the Burning Sands were reacting to oxygen. He thought it was just an unexplainable phenomenon. Sir ZiL was a scientist, after all, so he'd know more about this than others.

Anyways, Gustav felt things made sense now as he activated God Eyes.

Looking up, his sight went through the car's roofing and through the roofing of the tunnelway as well.

Sand components could already be seen as it kept traveling for more than one thousand five hundred feet before arriving at the surface where he could see the flames like they were right in front of him.

Gustav felt his eyesight affected and retracted it.

"We're here,"

The instant he deactivated God Eyes, Damien voiced out.