The Bloodline System - Chapter 670 - Boss Danzo's Desperation

Chapter 670 - Boss Danzo's Desperation

Chapter 670 - Boss Danzo's Desperation

Within a small dark room, a short, stout man stood in the middle of a round table where several powerful figures were seated.

He had a small black hat on his head along with a black apron, making him look like he was a torturer of some kind.

"Eldorado, are you prepared?" One of the three figures seated around the table asked.

"I am," He responded with a tone of certainty.

"Mrs. Triss wants her brutally murdered in the worst way possible. Do not disappoint our expectations," Another one voiced out.

"I will not disappoint you all," The short man referred to as Eldorado responded with a slight bow.

"Good. After this, you only have six more fights to regain your freedom," The third one, which happened to be a feminine voice, spoke as well.

After the conclusion of this brief meeting, they released him, and he turned around to leave.

Eldorado, who was obviously boss Danzo looking fiercer and scarier, walked back to his shelter within this stronghold whilst in deep thought.

Christmas is a sixteen-year-old maid female from the house of Rel and an influential family in Burning Sands city. She was caught red-handed by the madam of the household, having an affair with her son.

They secretly sent her to the underground ring to be executed by one of the Fighters in a match.

Of course, they planned this in a way that the young girl agreed to their suggestion, claiming she would fight and defeat one of the fighters here if they could agree to leave her and the other kid alone to be with each other.

The mother wanted nothing more and promised to let the maid girl date her son if she could win here, which was obviously impossible, but the girl who was blinded by emotions and wanted nothing more than to prove that love was more powerful than any other thing in the world.

She would find out in the most gruesome way that love was truly nothing in the face of power.

Fortunately for her, she was placed against Boss Danzo, who was currently looking for a way to save the girl after finding out the real story behind everything.

However, even with this Boss, Danzo still hadn't figured out a way to save this sixteen-year-old who was drunk on fantasy.

'Children make decisions out of foolishness, and sometimes it can lead to destruction,' Boss Danzo sighed internally as he walked down the dark corridor.

'My boy, I really hope you got the message. I wish I didn't have to drag you into this mess, but I could use a miracle right now,' Boss Danzo said internally as he walked through a door on the left.

A small room with a stand of weapons arranged by the side could be seen, along with a bed placed against the far end of the wall.

Boss Danzo proceeded to move towards the bed area and sat on it with a worried expression.

'It's kill or be killed in the ring. I'm close to gaining back my freedom, but I can't let this kid die,' He proceeded to remain in that position for a long time, thinking of a way to handle the situation.


-Three Days Later

Three days had gone by in the blink of an eye, and Gustav had spent the rest of the time completing his daily tasks, training, and sourcing for information on Boss Danzo.

Truly he was known as Mr. Eldorado by the people of the city who secretly tuned in to watch the illegal underground fights.

However, this was as much as the watchers knew. Anything else relating to the personal life of the fighters was unknown.

Gustav was glad he didn't take Boss Danzo's picture to the cops, or it would have been a problem with him having to explain why he was looking for a criminal.

All the fighters were termed criminals and definitely wouldn't be seen lurking around the city unless they had ways to disguise themselves.

Boss Danzo probably had a way to disguise himself, and some of the corrupt powers within the city were involved in the illegal fights, so the fighters also had backing, which was why they couldn't be caught regardless.

However, they still exercised caution and refrained from being in public view.

Gustav still checked around the city during these three days and confirmed that Boss Danzo truly wasn't within the city.

Wherever they were hiding out was close to the city but wasn't within. This made Gustav intrigued about how they did it since only burning sands existed around the city.

One couldn't find any structure for miles, neither could any structure exist on them.

All of his questions will be answered today by nightfall.

He had communicated with Sir ZiL today, and he would be meeting up with him and Damien in front of the pharmaceuticals so they could leave together when the time came.

During the last three days, Damien helped him gather information on the Ring Lord Boss Danzo was under.

Apparently, he was quite influential in the city for being one of the best businessmen, and nothing could link him to the illegal underground battles even though he was one of the three creators.

Gustav learned about the whereabouts of his businesses and the supposed seventeen abodes within the city.

The Ring Lord, who was known as Vanisher, was said to move around a lot, so pinpointing his precise location at a particular point in time was very challenging. Especially when he had seventeen different houses scattered across the city.

He was said to be very rich and powerful and also had deep roots within every law enforcement agency within the city. This was one of the reasons why he was able to get away with committing unlawful acts.

Gustav had asked Damien during these times why his grandfather allowed him to watch the fights privately.

His response was, "Grandfather said I need to get used to seeing deaths since I have to join the MBO one day.