The Bloodline System - Chapter 669 - From CooK To Killer

Chapter 669 - From CooK To Killer

Chapter 669 - From CooK To Killer

"He's your grandfather?" Gustav voiced out with a tone of confusion as he stared at Sir Zil.

"Yes, this is my grandfather, the great scientist Zil," Damien voiced out with a proud tone.

"Oh," Gustav was a bit surprised as he also walked forward.

He couldn't believe that this man who looked no older than thirty years of age was actually a grandfather. Thinking more about it, Damien mentioned his grandfather owned the place, and Gustav happened to meet Sir Zil in the morning.

The manner in which Sir ZiL spoke made him believe he had a high authority in this organization, but he never would have thought Sir ZiL was the actual owner due to looking this young, and now it all made sense.

"Gustav Crimson, we meet again," Sir ZiL stated while stretching out his hand for a handshake.

"Hmm," Gustav mumbled and shook the hand in return.

"Looks like you honored your word of us meeting another time," Sir ZiL said with a smile as they separated hands.

"Not really. I'm here for another reason," Gustav responded.

"Well, what matters is, you're here," Sir ZiL responded with another smile.

The truth was, he probably wouldn't have come back here if Damien wasn't related to sir ZiL.

"You both have met?" Damien was surprised as he heard the dialogue.

"Mr. Crimson visited in the morning. According to his words, he stumbled into the facility," Sir ZiL stated.

"Yeah... We only met by coincidence," Gustav said with a low tone.

'Coincidence... Hmm, this whole situation just feels a bit weird,' Gustav said internally, hoping the system would chip something in, but there was no response.

"Interesting, maybe Big brother Gustav was looking for me," Damien said with a light chuckle.

"I really appreciate you saving my grandkids the other day," Sir ZiL said with an appreciative tone before Gustav could reply to Damien's Statement.

"It's not a big deal... Wait... Grandkids?" Gustav raised one eyebrow up as he voiced out.

"Yeah, Damien and Ciri said you helped them at the hotel reception the other day," Sir ZiL said.

"That wasn't your girlfriend?" Gustav turned to the side to ask Damien.

"No, Ciri is my little sister," Damien clarified with a hint of confusion on his face.

It would seem Gustav and many other people who witnessed the scenario had made the mistake of thinking the siblings were dating, not knowing they were actually related by blood.

"Oh," An awkward silence ensued as Gustav exclaimed.

"I'll get going now, sir," The man by the side who looked like he could father Sir ZiL voiced out.

"Alright, Parker, we'll continue our discussion later," Sir ZiL nodded at the man who proceeded to walk towards the exit of the corridor.

"Alright, let's get down to the business of why you're here in my office," Sir ZiL said with a hospitable tone and gestured for Gustav to follow him.


Minutes later, within a luxurious and comfortable-looking office that had a wide view of the city, Gustav could be seen sitting on one of the sofas.

Sir ZiL sat on the opposite end with Damien right beside him.

"I see, so you're here to find Mr. Eldorado," Sir ZiL said with a contemplative look.

Damien and Gustav seemed to have explained the situation to him.

"Originally, we top holders who are given the location for every event are supposed to keep it to ourselves, but I owe you for helping my grandkids, so I don't mind revealing information to you," Sir ZiL voiced out lengthily.

"But can you tell me your relationship with Mr. Eldorado? You also know him by a different name, Boss Danzo hmm," Sir ZiL had a tone of curiosity as he added.

"He's family to me," Gustav responded bluntly.

'He's like the father I never had,' Gustav said Internally as he stared at Sir ZiL.

"So, how can I find him?" Gustav asked again.

"The information is yours, but can you promise we'll meet again?" Sir ZiL requested with a polite tone.

"That's not a problem," Gustav replied immediately.

"Alright then," Sir ZiL smiled in response.


By night which was still daytime in Burning Sands City, Gustav sat within the penthouse with a red thick looking card in his grasp.

The card had a blood-colored emblem in the middle.

"Three days from now, eh?" Gustav muttered as he kept the card within his storage device.

Apparently, Sir ZiL had given him information on when Boss Danzo's next match would be and also access to the location.

Gustav felt he would probably still be able to find Boss Danzo on his own earlier if he checked around the city.

However, after the disclosure of information from Sir ZiL, he realized how wrong he was.

It turned out that the battles didn't happen in Burning Sands city exactly, but very close to it.

How such a thing was possible was beyond him since the outskirts of the city was covered in miles of burning sands.

He realized that boss Danzo must have called him when he had the chance to be in the city or something since there was a high probability that he wasn't here at the moment.

This brought him to the question of what exactly was going on and why Boss Danzo was a part of an illegal underground operation.

From what he knew so far, only normal people with no abilities were allowed to participate because, according to the crowd, it made things more interesting since they were weaker than mixedbloods.

However, they could still use technological-based weapons.

It was obvious that something must have happened for Boss Danzo to be in such a situation.

"From cook to a killer... This doesn't make any sense," Gustav mumbled with a sigh.

He had decided to get to the bottom of this, and the only way was by asking Boss Danzo directly since no one knew how he arrived there or became a part of the fighters.

Thinking to this point, Gustav began making plans for the next three days.


Within a small dark room, a short, stout man stood in the middle of a round table where several powerful figures were seated.

"Eldorado, are you prepared?"