The Bloodline System - Chapter 66 - Finding Gustav

Chapter 66 - Finding Gustav

Chapter 66 - Finding Gustav

"This young lady is disturbing the peace of surroundings! She keeps asking to go in without an identification," The guard said to the lady in red that had just arrived.

"Please I need to see her, it's urgent, the more time we spend here the more dangerous it becomes!" Angy shouted out again.

The guard turned around to grab Angy again after she shouted that out.

"Falco wait!" The lady in red commanded.

She walked towards them and stood in front of Angy.

"Who is this person you're referring to?" She asked.

"Maybe I can help you pass the message across," She proposed with a friendly look.

"She's a teacher here... Her name is miss Aimee!" Angy responded to the lady.

The guards' eyes slightly widened.

'She's looking for young miss?' The guards were surprised by this revelation.

Angy noticed the reactions of everyone around her were a little bizarre including the lady who was staring at her with a contemplative gaze like she was trying to figure out whether they had met before.

"Hmm, tell me kiddo... Why are you looking for me?"

Angy heard the female ask her this and her mouth hung open in surprise.

"You're miss Aimee?" Angy asked.


A few minutes later Angy had finished explaining everything that happened to miss Aimee.

Miss Aimee's expression was surprisingly looking bright after hearing that.

She had a smile hung on her face as she stared at Angy.

The guards felt a chill run down their spine when they saw the smile.

Everyone knew that she wasn't the type to smile unless something disastrous was about to go down.

"Angy... That's your name right?" Miss Aimee asked.

"Hnm," Angy nodded in affirmation.

"What are we going to do miss?" She inquired.

"Not we..." Miss Aimee answered.

Suddenly a chill spread through the air as miss Aimee's smile grew broader which made Angy looked confused.

She wondered why miss Aimee would be smiling but she could undeniably feel the chill spreading across the place.

"Go home, I'll take care of this!" Miss Aimee said and walked forward.

The ice-cold tone at which miss Aimee spoke left no room for debate.

Although Angy was still worried she had no choice but to comply.

She stared at Miss Aimee's back which was currently getting farther and farther away.

"Miss Aimee will he be alright?" Angy shouted this out subconsciously.

Miss Aimee paused in front of her hoverbike before tilting her head towards the left to stare at Angy.

"I don't know but... For the sake of the captives, he better be alright!" Miss Aimee answered.

The amount of bloodlust her words exuded caused the guards along with the people in the vicinity to shiver subconsciously.

Miss Aimee sat on her bike and started the engine before zooming off.


A few minutes later miss Aimee arrived in front of a well-secured and barricaded area.

This place seemed to be swarming with different kinds of security operatives that moved around the vicinity.

Most of them were laced in armor like uniforms.

The space within the walls that barricaded this environment was as wide as a small City.

The tallest building in Plankton city happened to be located inside this well-guarded stronghold.

Miss Aimee stared at the rocket-shaped building up ahead that happened to be so tall that its top couldn't be seen.

She sighed in dissatisfaction before moving towards the entrance of the stronghold where tons of guards clad in intimidating looking sci-fi like armors could be seen.


Inside the darkroom where Gustav was kept captive.

Edan stood in front of Gustav who had just finished speaking.

"Is that all?" He asked.

"Yes, that was everything that happened during the time I was within that forest," Gustav's eyes still had a listless look as he spoke.

"Hmm, now we know everything that happened," Edan said with a low tone.


Miss Aimee stood in front of a large room filled with holographic computers and a multitude of technological pieces of equipment.

A group of people in orange uniforms could be seen moving from place to place within this room. Some were handling the computer devices which showed the state of different places in the planet.

Beside miss Aimee was a man clad in dark orange uniform with black stripes.

He sported light green hair and was pretty short in height. Around 4'5 in height.

"To what do I owe this visit... Aimee!" He said with a playful tone while chuckling.

"I don't have time to mess around, I need you to use the Orion satellite to track someone for me!" Miss Aimee stated without extending any greetings.

"So sharp, so straight to the point... But seeing your urgent looks, hahaha, I have to use this to my advantage and make a deal with you first," The man smiled sheepishly as he spoke.

Miss Aimee kept glared daggers at him before answering.



"It's time to get this kid back before that woman figures out anything... We'll decide what to do next after giving Young master Yung feedback about his narrative," Edan said while pulling off the helmet from Gustav's head.

"Canfur, take him back to his apartment," Edan called out to the other man.

The man nodded and started unhooking the metallic holds strapping Gustav to the chair.

After he completed that he tapped Gustav, "Get up kid!" He demanded but there was no answer.

"Hey kid get up!"

He called out again but there was no response once again.

The man stared at Gustav's face in confusion and noticed that his eyes were the same as before.


"Boss Edan I think this one is gone," Canfur said while raising his hand and placing it in front of Gustav's face.

He waved his hand repeatedly, looking for signs that Gustav had regained his normal consciousness but there was no reaction whatsoever.

He grabbed Guatav's arm raised it and dropped it.

The arm dropped back towards Gustav's side like he was dead.

"He's underaged so it's normal for this to happen, just get him out of here!" Edan said with a slightly annoyed tone.

The man nodded and lifted Gustav upon his right shoulder before walking out the exit.


Inside the technology room miss Aimee was still speaking to the short man.

"Accepted, just find him for me," Miss Aimee said to the man who showed a shocked expression on his face.

"You accepted without even listening to my demand first?" The man said that with a dumbfounded look.

"What if I make unreasonable demands?" He questioned.

"Do not waste my time, Zach, find him for me, or do you wish to die?" Miss Aimee face darkened as she threatened him.